SSATB: Born to Wear a Crown

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  1. Sister Deborah Bush

    Hi Sally,

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your beautiful compositions! We have used many of them through the years, in Portland, Oregon.

    My husband and I are currently serving a Welfare Mission in Athens, Greece, where we have a wonderful LDS Charities Friendship Centre for the refugees. (Check out our Facebook page!)

    Two of our missionaries and a wonderful young refugee from Congo would like to sing “Born to Wear a Crown.” However both the SSA and SSATB are a little low.

    Would it be possible to transpose Born to Wear a Crown for TBB? We wanted to sing it for Sacrament Meeting December 23.

    I wasn’t sure how much extra it would take – but certainly understand if its a lengthy process.

    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas!


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