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Built Upon the Rock

This program is a tribute to home and family, and the blessings that come into our homes from loving the Lord. The music is comprised of solos and duets, with the exception of the group number at the end. (There are no chorals.)

As we performed this program for the first time in the fall of 2002, the question, “Are these people real?” came up rather frequently. The answer is… yes and no. The family depicted in this simple script is a composite of many wonderful, real people whom I have admired and loved. My children’s grandmother wrote letters to several of her grandchildren that were of great comfort during a time of trouble. Meg resembles two very dear friends. My husband’s grandparents always kept cookies on top of the fridge, and lived in the same little house for 50 years. Now, don’t get me wrong–my purpose in this program is not to discourage the building of dream homes, but rather to stress the greater importance of love, companionship and dedication to God. Without these things, the most elaborate house is a hollow shell. With them, the humblest of homes becomes a mansion.

The program contains several references and incidents that are specific to LDS culture. If you are not LDS and would like to use this script you may want to alter those passages. (For example, Brian could deliver a graduation address, rather than leaving to serve a mission.) Feel free to adapt it to fit your needs.


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