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Frequently Asked Questions

Ahhh, the questions of life and the universe and everything… insistent and never-ending. The tiny little subset of them that actually relates to this site is covered here, and 42 is generally not the answer. This page is your best bet for help and answers to the questions people ask most.

Please read through the information below before sending e-mail. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Here’s a quick version of answers to the most frequent questions I see:

  • You are welcome to use these songs, scores, recordings, accompaniments, and/or commentary/song descriptions/blog posts in any/all of the following, or anything like unto them: live broadcasts of Church services; Facebook live; YouTube videos; Zoom meetings; virtual concerts; Christmas cards; … hmmm… what am I missing? CDBaby will probably slap a copyright claim on it eventually since they publish my music. You can just ignore it.
  • If there is a recording missing, it’s because I haven’t managed to get it re-uploaded yet. Be patient. It will most likely be back.
  • If you need a song transposed, you are welcome to use the Personal Composer Demo to transpose it. I simply cannot do transpositions on demand. Various ranges will return to the site as I have the time and energy to get them done.
  • If there is no download link for a particular MP3, it’s because I cannot make a free download available. There are a (very) few of these.
  • Last but not least… if you don’t see it on the site, it’s not currently available.

If that doesn’t help you out, read on…

For the sake of this poor beleaguered composer, please read through this FAQ before sending questions.

There are a few somewhat interesting or amusing things buried in all Qs and As, so if, after reading all this, you’re not better informed, I hope at least that you’ve been entertained.

Happy reading!

Where did that recording/score go?????

Some of my older recordings have been removed from the site — some temporarily, some permanently. The old recordings will reappear or be replaced as I have the time to get them uploaded.  (If you need to know why… it’s because they were hosted at Soundclick, a service which has parked itself firmly in the dark ages of online music delivery, and I am no longer willing to pay for their service.) Until the Soundclick account is deleted, you *may* be able to find the tracks you’re looking for there.

Some scores have also been removed — some temporarily, some permanently. The various ranges for songs will reappear as I have time to do them. In the meantime, you are welcome to transpose them to your desired key using the Personal Composer demo and the files provided.

Some scores that annoyed me have been removed for remodeling.  They’ll be back when I get to them.

If I’m ever going to finish all of the above, I am, unfortunately, going to have to ignore requests for specific songs for now.  Please be patient. This stuff really does take forever.

Recordings and scores do change here occasionally, so if there’s something you want to keep, I really, truly, strongly recommend that you download it. 🙂



How can I transpose or resize the music?

Sometimes a song isn’t in the right key for you. When that happens, you can transpose the song using the provided Personal Composer files. See this article for complete, step by step instructions:  

Transposing Scores Using the Personal Composer Demo

Because I do need to sleep sometime,

I cannot do transpostions on demand.


If you would like the music bigger or smaller, see this article for complete instructions:

Resizing Scores Using the Personal Composer Demo  

Update List: Unsubscribe or Change Address
  • To unsubscribe from all updates, just use the “Modify my subscription options” link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive.
Finding translations here is easy. See this article. If you have a translation you would like to submit, I’d love to have it. Just contact me using the link at the bottom of the page. And thank you!
Downloading .pc files

If the .pc file opens on your screen as gibberish:

This happens when your browser tries to open the file as something it isn’t. Your best bet is to RIGHT click the link, and choose “Save target as…” or “Save file as…” or “Save link as…” (the exact wording depends on your browser) and save the file to your local drive that way.

Which brings us to the next issue…

If your browser tries to save the .pc file as an html file:

Edge users have complained about this one.  Your best bet is to use a different browser.  Chrome works for me, as does Firefox.  (I’m not recommending any Mac browsers here, because .pc files won’t work on a Mac anyway.)

What do I do about PDF display/printing issues?

I wish I had a magic answer for you, but I don’t. The files offered here work on my computer, and, as far as I can tell, millions of other computers too, so the file is probably not at fault.

If your PDF looks odd or prints strangely, try using your RIGHT mouse button, and save the file to your own computer.  Then open it and print it from there.  This usually takes care of graphic glitches.

My only other suggestion is a technique I use myself, quite often: kick the tires. Er… restart the computer.  Mine sometimes just ties itself into logical knots, and a reboot can work wonders.

Can I e-mail you? Will you respond?

Yes and yes.

For quite a while I tried to answer every e-mail I received. I never dreamed it would get to the point where I just couldn’t answer them all, but it has. So here are the details:

If you just want to say hello, or share stories or experiences, and you don’t require a response, go to the contact link at the bottom of the page. You don’t need to read through the whole FAQ, or pass GO! or collect $200. These are the kinds of things that keep me motivated. Your stories and experiences are invaluable to me (yes, I read them all!), and I don’t want you to hesitate to send them.

If you would like a response, please indicate that in your e-mail. Just so you know, sometimes I answer e-mails rather quickly–especially if you happen to catch me online when you send your note. Sometimes it takes days…weeks… months. It just depends on what’s happening in my life, how much e-mail is in my inbox, and how deep the swamp is. So be patient with me please?

If you have a question, please read this FAQ first, since your answer is probably here. Because answering questions is very time-consuming, if your question is answered in the FAQ, I won’t respond to it. Check the FAQ again if you find that it’s been awhile and you haven’t gotten an answer.

Can you e-mail me the scores?

Short answer: nope.

Long answer: Still nope.

Here’s why: In a typical month, my site serves up about a million downloads. It takes about 5 minutes to read an e-mail, respond and attach requested files. Which doesn’t seem like a lot. However, if just .1% (that’s .001) of those downloads were to turn into requests for e-mail attachments… well, let’s do the math: 1,000,000 X .001 = 1,000 X the 5 minutes it takes to respond = 5,000 minutes, or 83 hours. So, as much as I’d like to, I just can’t do it. 🙁

Do you accept user submissions?

If you would like to translate any of the songs on this site into a non-English language, feel free. If you e-mail me your translation I can make it available to other site users.

I don’t accept scores for publication. I’m not a publisher, and I just don’t have the time to offer feedback on original music. Please do not send me scores for publishing, arranging, voicing or notation, or for critique or feedback.

How do I send you an attachment?

If you have a file you’d like to send to me, drop me an e-mail using the contact link at the bottom of the page, and let me know what kind of file you would like to send. I’ll reply from the e-mail address you can use to send your file.

(By the way, just as a general rule, it’s always a good idea to know when attachments are coming your way. If you open unexpected attachments, you’re asking for trouble!)

Can you recommend a song for me?

Not a chance. I don’t know your voice(s), I don’t know your skills, I don’t know your occasion… a whole host of details I don’t know. And here’s a sad little fact: if I were to know every one of these details, I’d simply open up my website, click on the song list, and search it for something that might work. That’s because I’ve written wayyyy too much music and I can’t come up with a list right off the top of my head.

Since you can certainly do such a search much better than I can (considering you know all the details I don’t know)… no recommendations.

Can I send you a request?

If there’s something you would like to request, I’ll be happy to hear about it.

The bad news is… this is my hobby, not my paid profession.

I’ll add requests to my “good ideas” folder (yes, I really do keep one), and hope to get to them some time during this millenium, or possibly the next. Please bear in mind that I rarely arrange music that is still under copyright, for which I have to obtain permission and pay royalties. (Many of the hymns in the LDS hymnbook are still under copyright.)

If you’re requesting a specific voicing or harmonization for any of the music on this site, I’ll also be happy to hear about it. However, (maybe that should be “HOWEVER“…) it isn’t likely that I will get to it in a hurry, so don’t depend on it if you have a deadline.

If I send you my lyrics will you write the music for me?

The short answer: No.

The long answer: No, sorry.

No, seriously… here’s the long answer: I just don’t have the time to do it. You only get so many hours in so many days and years, and you have to pick the things on which you spend them. I currently can’t work on anything but trying to keep up with my own compositions and the occasional intrusion of real life.

Occasionally people ask if I can arrange their melodies (no, sorry) or produce a written score for them from an audio (a chore rather akin to cultivating your garden with a teaspoon), or write words for their melodies. I just don’t have enough hours to add those things to my list at this point. Perhaps if I were the kind of genius who could write The Messiah in 7 days (or 14 or 33 or whatever the currently accepted number is) I’d be able to work it in, but… no.

Do I have to be a member of your church to sing your music?

Nope. You are welcome to use anything on the site regardless of your religious affiliation–or lack of it.

People from many Christian denominations use this material in their homes and worship services. You should read the lyrics carefully to be sure they say what you want to express, and then feel free to make use of whatever works for you.

The recordings on this site are provided by many talented musicians. Some are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, some are not. What they all have in common is that their renditions are heartfelt and sincere, which is all that I ask of them. Have a listen… they’re wonderful.

Can I sing demos for your site?

Most of the demos I use are done by local talent (Colorado Springs area), and are recorded in my home studio. Singers outside this area need to have access to studio facilities or high-quality home recording facilities. A couple of things you should know:

  • I can’t possibly use every singer who sends me a demo–that doesn’t mean you’re not talented!
  • There is no profit involved in this. Singers on this site do it for the love of the Lord, and a little exposure along the way.

If you’re not deterred by any of the above, drop me a note using the contact link at the bottom of the page. I’ll let you know how you can send me a demo.

Can I record your music?

If you would like to make recordings of these songs for your own personal use, and for limited distribution to family and friends, feel free. (Send me a copy! I’d love to hear you.) You’re welcome to use the accompaniment tracks provided if you wish.

If you are an amateur artist and you’d like to make recordings of these songs for wider distribution but not for commercial sale, this is the arrangement I prefer: You may use my material royalty-free, and in return you agree to allow me, should I choose to do so, to post your recording(s) to my website as streaming-only demo material for site users, and to include your recording on demo CDs. (Not every recording submitted will be used.) Your name will appear as the performer, and will be linked to your website (if you have one). You will need to send a finished recording to me, either as a physical CD or 320Kbps MP3 file. This usually works out well for both of us–my site users get good quality demo material, and you get some extra publicity for your project. If that arrangement doesn’t work well for you, contact me and we’ll do the standard royalty arrangement.

Note: Yes, the above paragraph is for real, and you don’t need further permission as far as my side of things goes. If your studio needs a license to proceed, contact me using the e-mail link at the bottom of the page, and include the name that should appear on the license and the tracks being recorded.

If you would like to record my material for sale, contact me using the link at the bottom of the page and tell me about your project.

Can I copy and share your recordings?

If you would like to copy and share the free MP3 recordings with family and friends, go right ahead. Most songs have 128Kbps MP3 recordings that are freely downloadable.

If you would like to copy and distribute these recordings on a larger scale than just family and friends, please use the high quality files offered for purchase on each song’s page. Purchase of these files includes a license to copy and distribute in unlimited quantities on any physical medium (CD, DVD, etc.) for non-commercial use, unless otherwise noted. (If it says, “This file may not be distributed,” on the song page …well, it can’t be distributed. ? )

The purchased files (and resultant disks) may not be re-sold or included for download on websites. The purchased files may be burned to CD and used for bulk distribution, e.g., gifts for classes or choirs, Christmas cards, Mother’s/Father’s-day gifts, etc. Purchased files may also be shared by e-mail. (<–That’s the way I do my Christmas cards!)

Why is there a charge for some MP3 files?

You’ll notice that a few songs don’t have free MP3 downloads.  That’s because either… 1) The song was recorded as part of a licensed project and I don’t own the rights to the recording; or 2) There’s some copyright restriction on the arrangement and I have to pay for each copy downloaded. (Paying royalties for something you don’t get paid for yourself is reeeeeally bad for the budget. 🙂 )

Who do I contact about a problem with my CD order?

My CDs are currently manufactured and shipped by Kunaki.com, and yes, they occasionally goof. So far, I’m pleased with their over-all service… knock on wood!  

If there is any problem with your order, contact them directly at CustomerService@kunaki.com. (If you contact me about it, I’ll forward your message on to them, but it will add an extra step… which means extra delay.) Be sure to include your order number.

The only way I will know how they perform is from your feedback, so I’d certainly appreciate hearing your comments on them.

Hmmm…. I guess that really should be “Whom do I contact…” Ah well.

What can and can't I do with this music?

Some things you may do with this music: 

  • You may make as many copies of the scores as you need provided you are not reselling them.
  • You may share the downloadable MP3 files with family and friends, unless otherwise stated in the download area.
  • You may download the MP3s and burn CDs for personal use unless otherwise stated in the download area. (If you wish to use the MP3 files for mass distribution to classes, organizations, Christmas cards, etc., please use purchased files.)
  • You may include the lyrics on printed programs.
  • You may reprint the music on printed programs for congregational singing.
  • You may use the accompaniment tracks to produce your own recordings for personal use unless there is no free accompaniment track available. (That means there are copyright issues, and using the track for your own recordings is not permitted.)
  • You may perform this music royalty-free for church, school, or community events, including those for which there is an admission charge.
  • You may use the scores for music lessons, provided the only charge to students for the scores is the cost of printing or copying.
  • You may use the recordings provided to produce videos that will be posted on YouTube and/or other video streaming websites, provided you do not monetize the videos without obtaining a license.
  • You may record your own version of the songs on this site and post videos to YouTube and/or other video streaming websites, provided you do not monetize the videos without obtaining a license..

Some things you may not do with this music:  

  • You may not print copies for commercial sale.
  • You may not burn or copy CDs for commercial sale.
  • You may not alter the lyrics, except as noted in the “Can I arrange your music? Alter your lyrics?” section below.
  • You may not alter or arrange the music, except as noted in the “Can I arrange your music? Alter your lyrics?” section below.
  • You may not produce commercial recordings for public sale of this music without permission. See the “Questions About Recordings” section for further information.
Can I arrange your music? Alter your lyrics?

Unless specifically noted on the download page for a particular song or program, I do not permit arranging of the music, or altering or modification of the lyrics (including adding additional verses), with one exception:

If you would like to modify voice parts to fit your particular group of singers or instrumentalists (e.g., change SSA to SATB, etc., or score the music for instruments), you may do so provided you do not distribute the modified copies beyond your performers.

When it comes to changing my lyrics, just don’t ask. (And just so you know, any e-mail I get that includes the phrase “I know you said not to ask, but…” may be pinned to my dartboard, but will not be answered.) My lyrics are sometimes less-than-masterful poetry, but they are… mine. My children… my babies… hmmm… if they were real babies I might let you change them. ?

Note: Due to the proliferation of holes in the wall around my dartboard, I have changed my policy. E-mails that include the phrase “I know you said not to ask, but…” will no longer be pinned to my dartboard. They will henceforth be summarily squashed into little balls and rolled across the floor for the amusement of my janitorial staff.

What software do you recommend?

Here’s a short rundown on some of the software I use:  

Music Notation: The notation program used for most of the scores on this site is Personal Composer. Alas, the company closed its doors in 2014. A pity. I will continue to use it, since it’s the one I like best. I’m not big on Finale. Though I do own it, I use it only reluctantly.  I find it rather awkward. I tried Forte Notation at their request, and it’s quite good. It doesn’t cut it for what I do here, but it might work for you. Read the review here. Those are the only ones I know much about.

PDF Creation: Try the Cute PDF Writer. It’s free. Free is good.

HTML Editors: No idea any more.  I use WordPress, and it’s been so long since I used a stand-alone HTML editor, I wouldn’t know what to recommend.

Browsers: At the moment I like Chrome. In the world of browsers, you never know when they’re going to ruin your fav, but for now, Chrome is good for me.

Recording/Sequencing: I’m using Steinberg’s Cubase. It’s pricey, but nowhere near the price of ProTools, and it does exactly what I want so I’m happy.

Do you have (fill in the blank)??

…scores not listed here on the site?
…a score in a different format?
…recordings not posted here?
…MIDI files?
…etc. etc. etc.

The short answer: No.

The long answer: Everything I have ready for public consumption is available here on the website. If it’s not here, it’s not available. I always have a few things in the works, and they’ll be posted when they’ve been subjected to sufficient worry, husbandly critique, editing and proofreading. I tend to be a perfectionist (though I never hit perfection) and I fuss over things for quite awhile before they’re ready to post.

I also find that some of the older recordings or scores here have become dated, or the quality isn’t up to today’s standards.  If that’s the case, I may remove or replace them. The long and short of it: If you don’t find it here on the site, it’s not available.

Where can I find... (fill in the blank)?

**sigh** The not-so-omniscient composer’s dilemma: if I admit to not knowing everything, my kids will find out. Ah well, it was bound to happen.

If you’re looking for sheet music by a particular composer, or a song sung by a particular singer, or a published song arranged for a particular voicing, or a song you once heard on the radio, or something your grandmother used to sing…  try Google. It’s precisely what I would have to do if I were to try to find what you’re looking for.

Do you want to know about mistakes in scores or web pages?

Short answer: Yes. Please.

Long answer: Yes, Pretty please.

Just use the contact link at the bottom of the page.  Please include as much specific information as you can about where you spotted the mistake.

How many people are on your staff?

Yes, people seriously ask that. For your edification, here’s a picture of my staff.

Tokio the cat

My Staff

In it you see my manager, my sound technician, my scheduler, my data entry clerk, my HR chief, and my janitorial crew. Her name is Tokio, and she belongs to my daughter. Anything involved in this composing/publishing/recording operation that she can’t do, I do myself.

How do I start a similar site of my own?

Short question… long answer. Grab a soda.

First, you’ll need to get your music into a format that is readable by the majority of web users. I use PDF because almost everyone has a PDF Reader, unless they’re still running a Compy 386. You’ll need either Adobe’s full-blown Acrobat program (a bit pricey) to produce the PDF files, or a freebie that works for you. Other formats can work as well–people have used .jpg files, Finale files (which have to be read with proprietary Finale software), Personal Composer files (for which you need the Personal Composer demo freebie), and various and sundry other formats.

After you have your music in a share-able (another made up word I think) format, you’ll need to concoct a web site to make it accessible to others. If you’re just starting out, you might want to search for a web host with a page builder that let’s you create your site without knowing HTML. Just Google “web hosts” or something similar, and you’ll get plenty of options.

That’s really all there is to the basic site. If you add audio files, you’ll also need to think about how to host those. If you use your web site host, audio files will chew up a lot of data transfer (the bytes your host sends to the users that click your links) and you could end up paying quite a bit for it. Soundcloud is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost audio host. There are plenty of other online music services out there–again, just Google it.

There are many other fun things that can be added to your site if you’re interested. By the way, if you want to see the Cadillac of sheet music download methods, check out the Interactive Music Player (hymn playback/transpose/print functions) at lds.org. Nice!

Can you give us some biographical information?

Briefly: I was born June 10, 1959 in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I have lived in Colorado Springs, CO, since 1988.

I have a wonderful husband, Dennis. I have four great kids–Jennifer Robin (who goes by her middle name), Holly, Amy, and Daniel. I have four amazing grandchildren–Damien, Lyric, Malachi and Killian.

I love to read anything I can get my hands on, provided it’s reasonably well-written. I am an avid BYU sports fan.

There’s more on the “About the Composer” page, but I’m afraid a lot of it is less than serious. I’m hopeless. (At any rate, when is the last time you sat through someone’s entire lifetime full of credentials and accomplishments without secretly wishing to just get on with the show?)

Where in Utah do you live?
  Colorado Springs. 🙂
Do you do firesides?

The short answer: Maybe. The long answer: As you may know, I have MS. (If you don’t know much about it, try this: MS Symptoms.)

I love coming to your events, and meeting all you wonderful people. I have to schedule carefully though, so if you want me, drop me a note (use the contact link at the bottom of the page) and we can discuss the whats and whens and wherefores and then decide.

How is this site funded?

Well, mostly out of my pocket, but I use the few dollars I make on audio CDs and HQ MP3s to subsidize my habit.

All proceeds from CD/MP3 sales are used to pay for hosting and bandwidth, and to produce more recordings. (I might have been tempted to use them for a nice, tropical vacation, but they’d only get me about five miles out to sea, and I’m a very bad swimmer. ? ) I do not solicit or accept donations.

I have posted some text-only advertising that may be of interest to my site users. I don’t do graphic ads because they slow the site down too much. The text ads I have included are things I feel are relevant to the needs of people who visit here.

As with the CD/MP3 sales, all proceeds are directed right back into material for the site. Might as well let advertisers pay for your free stuff. ?

Why do you give away music instead of selling it?

a. I’m insane
b. I’m already filthy rich
c. To spite my hard-working husband
d. I’m doing penance for the jawbreaker I shoplifted* when I was five

Okay, okay, it’s none of the above, although a. might well be true. I guess it’s just because I can.

The Lord has placed me in circumstances that currently don’t demand extra income, he has inspired the creators of technology to produce programs that I can use to publish the music without the assistance of typesetters, and he has given me a gift that I did nothing to earn. Sharing seems logical.

*And yes, I really did shoplift a jawbreaker when I was five. I took it from its place among its fellows, and held it clutched tightly in my hot little fist, intending to beg my grandmother for a nickel with which to buy it. But it fit so comfortably in my hand and felt so nice that I soon forgot it was there. By the time we left the shop it was also comfortably sticky and mutilated, and I ate it with enthusiasm, only remembering afterward that I had not paid for it. I cried for hours, but was too afraid to tell anyone and atone for my terrible misdeed. Ah, the trials of childhood.

Is there a story behind that picture up top?

Okay, no, people really don’t ask that. And no, no story. Just a dad joke.

When I was a kid, my dad used to repeat the old saying, “It’s hard to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ears in alligators.” (I think the word wasn’t actually “ears.” Whatever. He expected a laugh every time too. Dads.)

Hence the picture above. It’s a pretty good representation of what my e-mail inbox is like. Sometimes it chases me away from my computer and forces me to take refuge on top of large items of furniture. Sometimes I just fall asleep at the keyboard, and wake up with QWERTYUIOP imprinted on my forehead.

So let me ask… plead… beg… one more time…  please read through this FAQ before sending questions? (As you can see, the picture has been photoshopped… obviously… who puts their grand in a swamp with alligators? It also has a new hairdo shopped on to the old photo. That’s really my hair these days, but I didn’t want to re-take all the photos.)

Soooo…. what if your question isn’t answered here? If you’ve read the entries above, AND if your answer is not there, AND if the answer to your question would be of use to others, please post it below? That way everyone can benefit from your question. You need not include your name–if you’d rather be anonymous just make something up. If you’ve always wanted to be called “Cordelia,” now’s your chance. 

Posts will appear after approval, and may be edited. (Spammers, begone.)

If the answer to your question would not be of use to others, contact me by e-mail using the contact link at the bottom of the page. Again, please, please, please read through the topics above before writing. I could easily spend all my song-writing time reading and responding to e-mail, which wouldn’t make me happy–and presumably wouldn’t make you happy either. Because of this, I won’t respond to questions that are already answered above. If you send a question and don’t get a response, you might want to read through the FAQ again. 

Get Updates!

Enter your e-mail address in the box below and I\'ll send you updates! (They\'re free too. 😉 )

You should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly. If you don\'t, be sure to check your \"Spam\" box.

Handy info…

If you have questions, please check the FAQ
If you don't find your answer there, feel free to post your question here. 🙂


  1. Gary R Willden

    My favorite him is Did You Think to Pray. I have had one issue with it over the years. It needs a verse of gratitude. So I wrote one. Your arrangements are beautiful. Please think about doing one of this hymn. I am certain you could write a lyric better than the one I have written, but I include it here.

    Then whey you’ve received your answer, did you think to pray?
    When relieved of pain and anger, a burden lifted from your shoulders, because He heard you pray.
    He heard your prayer he heard your pleading, then He changed your night to day.
    So, thank the one who gives you healing. He loves to hear your pray.

  2. Jedel Butoy

    Hi Sally,

    Your music has been such a blessing to me over the years! I’ve been singing your songs for church since I was in high school. Now, I am graduating medical school and will be singing your song “Miracles” for our dedication service.

    Just wanted to ask: do you have sheet music for cello that could be played with the song (we’re doing it in the key of F major)? One of my classmates is playing the part written for flute. The other who is playing cello tried following the base part of the piano but its been a little challenging for him to improvise that way. We noticed that the recording of the song sounds like there are strings in the background. If you have sheet music for cello that you might be willing for us to use, that would be wonderful, but we totally understand if you do not at this time.

    We would truly appreciate hearing back from you either way!

    Thanks again for your ministry through music and God bless,

  3. Justin Conferido

    Hello Sally, I would like to sing one of your songs “He is There” for our event tomorrow at our church, I just want to have your permission so that I won’t be infringing any copyrights. Also I checked on Sites like ASCAP are Performance Rights Organizations (PRO) some of your songs are not listed there, that is why I ask for your permission. Thank you and God Bless in your ministry of Music!

  4. Ryan

    Hi Sally,

    I love your song “An Angel To Watch Over Me”. I am unable to find the medium-voice solo that was published in the key of F at the beginning. Do you have access to that at all?

    Thank you so much,

  5. Mitsuru Fujita

    I would like to play your “If I Listen With My Heart” at the stake conference.
    Your song is really great, but the organ accompaniment is too difficult for the accompanist to play.
    Can I arrange organ accompaniment for piano without changing the structure or chords?

  6. Wesley Tolliver

    I’m a novice ward choir director leading a novice ward choir and we love your music! It is wonderful that you have recordings of most of the solo arrangements. I know you don’t use Finale but does the software you use have the ability to isolate parts. Have you ever considered making practice tracks for ward choirs? I know, I know…..to borrow a line from an old Mary Chapin-Carpenter song “It’s too much to expect, but it’s not too much to ask.” Well, maybe in this case it’s even too much to ask, so let’s just call it a novice ward choir director’s heartfelt wish. 🙂

  7. Bob

    I might have missed reading it. If so, pardon me! What’s your church background? Noted your brief mention of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints musicians who played for you (and others too) in one of your responses.

    • Sally DeFord

      Hi Bob, I’m a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which I love dearly!

  8. Hazael Moreno

    I’m looking for a song – not sure what it’s called in English – called “Toda mi Gratitud”, it has a LDM church translation. I’ve tried using the search bar for “spanish” but I’m not able to find the song I’m looking for. Do you know which hymn this is? please & thank you!

    Love your music!!


    Cordial greeting. Do you have sheet music in Spanish?

  10. Oscar Valencia

    I don’t know how to look for the sheet music. How can I do it? Please tell me? It’s very confusing for me, because I only see comments everywhere but nothing else.

    • Sally DeFord

      Oscar, on each song page there is a tab near the top marked “Sheet Music Downloads. Just click on it.

  11. Marilyn Owens

    I just want you to know how much I admire your talent and how generous you are in sharing it. You are a household world among those of us who have been asked to do solos or direct choirs. What a blessing you have been to us! Thank you!

  12. Leung

    In your lovely chorus music “Born is the light of the world”, it is noted in bar 36 and bar 80 of the score that both tenor part and piano accompaniment pitch at “A natural”. Would it be correct for the soprano to also sing “A natural” from harmony point of view? I noted many performers in the recordings found in “Youtube” would sing “A flat” which formed audible exceptionally uncommon harmony. May I have your kind advice on the correct performing instruction?

    • Sally DeFord

      The Ab is correct as notated. Yes, it is uncommon harmony.

  13. Stephen Lucas

    Hi Sally,
    I’m very grateful to find you web site… great work!
    I have a simple question I hope you can answer.
    I’m using PC version
    Can you tell me how I can add a descant line with treble clef above my 4 part harmony please?
    Many thanks

    • Sally DeFord

      Stephen, message me through the link below and we’ll see if we can come up with something.

  14. Denise Drakulich

    How do I download an entire cantata? I only see option for downloading specific songs.

  15. Karina

    I just want to get on here and thank you, Sally, for sharing your talents with the world! For the last few years, I have used your piano/organ duets for my church congregation to sing Christmas songs each Sunday throughout December and have also included them in the Christmas music program. Many have expressed their gratitude regarding the opportunity to be a part of something so emotional and beautiful. Many tears are shed each year, and word is spreading around the neighborhood, resulting in more people attending the Sunday before Christmas, so they can witness and be a part of something so grand. I want you to know you have touched many souls. Many more than you could ever know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  16. Anne Humble

    What happened to your gorgeous piano/organ Christmas duets? I had copies of all of them, but in my move, they have disappeared. Thank you for all of your beautiful music over the years.

  17. Rosemary Olsen

    Have you retired the SATB “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks” from your website? I can’t find it. Our choir has sung it in the past and we’re singing it again this year. We love how buoyant and joyful it is. But I’d like to send the choir a recording of the SATB version. I’ve looked on YouTube, but only find the accompaniment track, or a soprano soloist.

    Do you have a recording you can send?

    Rosemary Olsen

  18. Kaylene Mangrum

    As I was playing through all my favorite Christmas piano solos today, it hit me how amazing it is that you just provide them all for free. Thank you so much. What a gift. Your arrangements are beautifully done and so fun for me to play. Thank you so much!

  19. Daisy Galon

    I would like to order your “Born to the the Light of the World” for piano and at least two voices. I cannot find an order form or where to order.

    • Sally DeFord

      That’s because you don’t need to order it. Just go to the song page and download it. No charge. I hope you find what you need. Happy singing!

  20. Shannon Richards

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I’ve been using your music for decades (yes, I know). There are many outstanding gems available. My current ward has 5-6 altos, a few baritones/basses and several instrumentalists. I’ve been re-voicing/adapting your music for these musicians with outstanding results.

    One thing that lies in the gray area of the permissions you’ve posted is whether the user can combine two of your arrangements of the same piece into a third variation. For example: He Sent His Son: the SSA (with 2 flutes) is different than the SATB (with violin obligato). On other pieces, the solo/duet accompaniments are often more elaborate than the piano for choir versions. And the obligatos for solos also work with the choral arrangements.

    Last December, I merged the two arrangements of He Sent His Son to create a SA(T)B version with a cello part (extracted from the violin obligato, the 2 flute parts, and other notes from the scores). It still sounds very much like a Sally DeFord arrangement.

    For Easter 2023, I took a solo version (A Place in His Arms) with an obligato part, and added some of the choral parts (from your SATB version) only in the closing phrase of each verse. The cellist played the obligato (plus other notes from the score – usually the lowest note in the accompaniment when not playing the obligato).

    I would be glad to share copies of these variations of your arrangements – especially to find out if you approve of this work or not. The pieces still sound just like your work.

    May I please have permission to continue to do this re-voicing/adapting of your work to my ward musicians?

    Thank you again for your generosity and support for choral music,
    Shannon Richards

  21. James Gebhard

    I am looking for the organ accompaniment for your 2006 version of “Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire”, which will be sung in stake conference. Can you direct me to where I can find it? I was told that the Tabernacle Choir sang this in General Conference with the organ accompaniment.

  22. Gloria

    Do you have any piano/organ duets for Christmas that could be played for prelude music?

  23. wendi sherman

    Not sure if it is too much of a hassle, but when I am looking for pieces that are specific to SA, SSAA, SAB, SATB, etc I would like to find pieces listed as such. A list by type, if you will. Quick at a glance.


  24. Kim David Winfield

    I plan on orchestrating On a Still and Starry Night. It is a beautiful piece. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. If you would like I will send you the finished orchestration. You can feel free to make it available on you site if you wish.

  25. Stephanie Nguyen

    Have you ever written orchestrations for your songs? I lead a Stake Youth Choir and Orchestra in Plano, TX and would love for us to do some of your arrangements as a whole group if something like that exists for your music. We have several violins, viola, cellos, double bass, two flutes, two clarinets, a horn, a trumpet, and sometimes a bassoon.

  26. Linda H

    Hi Sally,
    Our ward choir is going to be singing, And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful for our Christmas Program this year. I noticed that you have Violin Accomp for all the solo versions. Do you happen to have one for the SATB version or can the other versions be used? We have used many of your songs in our Sacrament Meetings and both the Choir and the Ward LOVE them. Thank you for all of your hard work in making these available to us.

  27. Sue Jones

    Among my expansive list of your songs, I found a copy of “I Thank Thee, Dear Father”, copyrighted in 1999. I looked on the Song List and was unable to find it there. I would love to use this arrangement at Thanksgiving, at some time. Would it be allowable for me to copy this song using the Musescore app that I have on my computer? I would copy it exactly (except for the flute part, unless you need me to keep it all) – words and piano part. I could photocopy the original copy that I have in my possession, but it is not in very good shape and may be difficult to read.
    Thank you for all you have done to improve the quality of music in our ward and stake, and for taking the time to read this request.
    Sue Jones

  28. Suna Chung

    Is it possible to stream the performance of the song during the Sunday service for the virtual church services?
    Thank you.

  29. Aubrey Lindblom

    Is it possible to get the arrangement of I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus/He Sent His Son that was sung by a youth choir in the October 2017 General Conference?

  30. Maggie Furtak

    Dear Ms. DeFord,
    Thank you so much for sharing your music with the world. We used “Come Unto Christ” as a duet for this morning’s service at the Congregational Church of Needham as part of our year of women composers initiative. If you’d like a phone quality MP3 recording for your files, let me know how best to get in touch and I can email it to you. The congregation really enjoyed it! Best, Maggie Furtak (Who is a woman composer herself)!

  31. Stephanie Balicanta

    Hi there!

    Do you have the music sheet for violin for the low voice version of Allyse Smith for The MAster’s Voice?

  32. John Craig

    How can I purchase an accompaniment CD of your beautiful song, Because He Lives?

  33. Faie Shoemaker

    God Bless You Sally for giving this music to us so freely. We have performed it for years, loved it, found it to be moving and faith promoting, and testimony building. I am from Arizona and now that I am serving a mission on the east coast I find that they also love and cherish your music. From coast to coast, Thank you again. Faie

  34. Dr. Renee Huff

    I am so impressed by your compositional style and lyric writing. I have a doctorate in musical arts and I am the Director of music at my church. I would like to buy a collection of your vocal music, If you have a song book of solos for Voice and piano, and a collection of your 4 part anthems. I performed Gethsemane as a solo yesterday and I am deeply grateful for your talent! Also, are you familiar with Montreat? You aught to get your music included in their retreat program. It is a Christian retreat in the mountains of NC. Thank you 🙏!

  35. Melanie Hoffman


    I also write hymn arrangements and am preparing to get my own website up and running. I need to approach some personal copyright owners for permission to use their work and I wondered what approach you have used? Do you have a standard letter that you send? I am struggling to know how to word such a request letter. Any suggestions?

  36. Katie Jackson

    Hi! I’ve been obsessed with your arrangements and I have sung some of the duet songs in church. I was wondering if you could recommend me to another composer who is similar. I love singing two-part equal-voice songs and want to sing more songs like yours.

    Singing really helps me connect with the Savior. I’m so glad I found this site because I can feel closer to Heavenly Father.
    Thank you for Composing Come Home, I Will Stand As A Witness of Christ and others.

  37. DeLyn Volmer

    Pleas, I found the Alto part soooo helpful in learning for last Christmas’ Cantata.
    Is there a SATB download for Beautiful Savior?

  38. Gail

    I am the Ward Choir Director and I am looking for something we could do in Sacrment Meeting with the Members of the choir and their Primary age children. Do you have any suggestions? ( Love Love your arrangements!)

  39. Frieda Voo


    We are a small christian choir from Sabah, Malaysia (Sabah Christian Festive Chorale), and we have recently recorded one of your songs, Child in a Manger which is due to premier on this Christmas Eve. Here’s the link https://youtu.be/mdyaGvLMl2I

    Thanks so much for such a lovely Christmas song.

  40. June Stevens

    I have enjoyed your music for many years. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent so freely with us!

  41. Catherine OConnor

    Dear Sally,
    I was wondering do you have the music sheet for “ on a still and starry night “ it’s a beautiful song and my daughter was hoping to sing it at a charity concert for Christmas .. and we need the music so she can be accompanied..
    I first herd this beautiful song when it was sung at my mothers funeral at Christmas time 2 years ago..& it was just beautiful ,
    I would be so grateful if it was possible for you to email it to me..
    Many thanks

    • Sally DeFord

      Catherine, if you go to the song page (https://defordmusic.com/song-list/on-a-still-and-starry-night/) and look at the tab marked “Sheet Music Downloads,” you’ll find what you are asking about. 🙂

  42. Delia Cabrera

    On Silent Night (full score), I don’t see the part for the organ. I searched the entire site and to no avail. It’s a different key from the Hymnbook and I want the congregation to join us on the last verse accompanied by the organ and piano. Do they play the same notes? I was hoping it’s the same key as the Hymnbook where the organ can pick up, using its own intro or your written interlude before the third verse. HELP!

    • Sally DeFord

      Take a look at page one of the full score. The organ plays the same parts the congregation sings. 🙂

  43. Lloyd S

    Good morning!
    I have downloaded and installed PC DEMO.
    It plays the included sample song Sonata just fine.
    I downloaded one of your files:
    but when I hit the play button, I get no sound.
    Is there another setting somewhere?

  44. Anne Healy

    I’d like to purchase an accompliment track but can’t do it on amazon and don’t have iTunes. Is there any other way?

  45. Beverly B Wilson

    You rock and I pray the Lord will bless you forevermore for all your hard work.
    Thank you a million times. I have used your music many times in my calling as Choir Director over the years.
    Last Christmas we had a double quartet of women sing “What Child is This” which brought such a sweet spirit.
    Thank you so much!

    I also love your sense of humor and think it awfully unfair that you have MS!

    I want the YM and Choir Men to sing: “Guard Him Joseph” – do you happen to have it in the bass clef already? If not – yes, I can do that.

  46. Elizabeth M Sharp

    I am looking for the vocal/piano/violin arrangement of “if the savior stood beside me” arranged by marvin goldstein that has the violin part in it? I cant seem to find it.

  47. John Whitney

    I have a collection of more than 50 electronic song idea files that were prepared in various versions of Personal Composer before the software was no longer supported and I shifted over to other notation tools. I had printouts of most of the completed songs I had noted in Personal Composer which I have since converted to Sibelius notation. It seems I may not have printed the idea files, although I thought I did. In any case, I can’t find them. I have install disks for Personal Composer (on old, 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 floppy disks). I don’t have a working floppy disk drive, though. I also have downloaded the Personal Composer demo, which runs on my computer and plays the Beethoven “Sonata” demo file fine. It won’t, however, open my old files. The file naming protocol I was using named them consecutively, songidea.A, songidea.B … songidea.AL, etc (without a .pc extension. I haven’t been successful in opening them after adding a .pc extension either. It may be that they are just not compatible. I do have cassette tape and converted MP3 audio files of most or all of them. Just working with those is my fallback plan. But I’m wondering, since seem to have a lot of experience with Personal Composer, if you have any suggestions? Thank you for any ideas you may have.

    • Sally DeFord

      Unfortunately, I have no clue. It seems to do just as it pleases where old files are concerned. Sorry I’m no help!

  48. Paul Joseph Keller

    Would you remind me of any copyright problems with your music? I wish to sing two of your songs in a Lutheran Church on July 24 and want to be sure I am not infringing on the copyright ‘rights’. I sang the same numbers before and you told me it was okay to use them but I am not aware if that has changed. Thanks.

    • Sally DeFord

      Absolutely no problem with using it for your church services anytime!

  49. Anastasiya Butov

    Can I buy rights to the accompaniments to record them in a studio and put them on different streaming music platforms?

  50. Jeannine Larsen

    Have you considered writing congregational accompaniments for Easter – He is Risen or Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today?

  51. Jeannine Larsen

    Love your Christmas congregational accompaniments! So many wards use them every year. Have you considered writing accompaniments for Easter – He is Risen or Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today?

  52. Charlyn Hanson

    Heard “Shards of Glass” first time in Sacrament meeting. So beautiful! Thank you for being so generous with your music & using your talent to bring us closer to Christ.

  53. Craig Davis, Reedy Creek Ward Choir Director

    Is the Violin Obligato for ‘Gethsemane’ compatible for the Solo as well as the SATB arrangements?

  54. Lilia Alarcon Margallo

    My daughter sings your songs well. We want to use it in an online christian ministry. Would we need permission to publish it on facebook live?

  55. Kathy Brock

    Is it possible to get JUST the violin part to print for “My Grateful Spirit Sings”?

  56. Josef Kurz

    Hi Sally,
    I’m from Austria (Europe) and I’m choirmaster of our local kath. parish church. About five years ago I fortunatelly found Your homepage when I was looking for new songs for my choir. From the first moment on I and my 36 singers loved Your music and in the meantime we have four of Your songs in our repertoire.
    Thank you very much for sharing Your music. Today we sang “Born Is the Light” – one of our favourites of Your songs. Some years ago I wrote a German text for it. Please tell me, if You would like to have it. It’s a PDF-file.
    At last I wish You a happy, healthy and successful new year with many new ideas.
    May God bless You

  57. Lynn

    Response requested.

    I once had my choir sing your arrangement of “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” with the lyrics for “O My Father.” I LOVE it! I’m very sorry that I didn’t take time to check if that was okay.

    May I have permission to do that again in the future?

    • Sally DeFord

      Like this? https://defordmusic.com/song-list/o-my-father/ Sure!

  58. Derek Saunders

    Is there an online recording of ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ as an SATB arrangement? It is simply beautiful.

  59. Shelley Allen

    Where can I find just music without vocals, for practicing purposes? What Child is This, specifically.

  60. Shelley Allen

    Andrew Cromwell, is When Mary Sang Her Lullaby the right one?

  61. Liz Evans

    Sally! I want to be friends forever! LOL! You are living my dream. I am sorry to hear of your MS. You are pushing through as I can see. A new star tonight is gorgeous. One that I can sing ( except for the last high note) . I used to be in the tabernacle choir and my esophagus closes off now. I have to have it stretched just to sing alto. You have saved my life once again . I got asked just last week to put together our ward sacrament meeting program. Yikes. And then, ” Oh yeah, I have Sally!” You shall be blessed!!! I’ve never met you , but I can truly say I love you. I can feel your heart in every song. Keep doing this remarkable miracle of yours. You truly are a blessed woman in Christ. Love Liz

  62. Victoria Mohutsky

    For those of us who read Lead Sheets, would you be open to putting letter chords on your music?

  63. Andrew Cromwell

    Please respond if you know the answer…..I was looking for a Christmas Song on your site that I sang years ago. After reading the FAQ’s it looks like it may have been removed. I just wanted to know if you know the name of the song so I can search it elsewhere in my files and others.

    It spoke more towards Mary and what she must have been thinking while holding the baby Jesus….Similar to “Mary did you know”. Sorry I don’t have more to go on, but if that rings a bell, please let me know the name of the song.

    Thank you, Andy

  64. Marisa Panah


    You are amazing for making your music so public. It’s literally shaping our whole Ward Christmas Program. I am hoping to do the congregational Hark the Harold Angels Sing and Away in a Manger. We have some very talented pianists who can play them but not an organist. Are those pieces feasible without the organ part?

    Thank you for your help,
    Marisa Panah

    • Sally DeFord

      Not really, since there would be no support for the congregational singing. You really do need an organist, if only on the manuals.

  65. Shari Lucas

    Hi Sally –
    No need to write back. I’m a keyboardist/choir director for a church. Just want to let you know that we are using your “What Child is This?” for our S/A group this season. This is our first time getting back to singing in person. They love the arrangement. Last year we used your “O Holy Night” arrangement and made it for solo S and T. It was a mother and son duet that they sang and recorded for our virtual services. Thank you for your beautiful writing and for making it available for free. Like so many churches I had to jump into the world of recording and posting videos on YouTube, without our church having any copyright licenses. So for a while while I had to stay home I downloaded lots of free piano music to record at home. So a big thank you for what you do. Your arrangements are beautiful.

  66. Victoria Mohutsky

    Hi. For those of us musicians that read mostly “lead sheets” would you ever offer your music in this form? Especially looking for Letter Chords on the music.

  67. Mary Johns

    Do you have solo for low alto for this beautiful piece? Thank you

  68. VivaVoce Cagayan de Oro

    We were invited to film a special yet simple music video to streamed during Episode 4 of “Hear Him through Music” on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Philippines page last December 19, 2020, at 6 PM.

    2020 has been a challenging year. But in spite of the hardships, the light of hope shines bright this Christmas season as we remember the birth of the Light of the World Himself, our Savior Jesus Christ. Like we always do, we from VivaVoce Cagayan de Oro would like to light the world this year’s Christmas celebration through music, too! Only this time, we will do it virtually. We hope that you will all feel the beautiful spirit of Christmas and lots of heavenly hugs from us as you listen to this rendition.
    (We recorded the song and our videos while strictly following COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols.)

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAWILJAOQJU&t=62s

  69. Lizzy Burt

    Hi Sally! I’m a huge fan of your music and you’ve inspired me to keep going with piano, flute, and singing! I’m a BYU student and one of the classes I’m taking is psychology of performance, so I was wondering if sometime you’d be willing to do a 15 minute interview about performing for a class assignment, maybe over phone or whatever you’re most comfortable with. Thank you!
    -Lizzy Burt 🙂

  70. Lynette Jacob

    Hi Sally, I’m from Sydney Australia and am a massive fan of your music. We’re preparing our Primary Presentation video and have been learning Search, Ponder & Pray/I think when I read that sweet story medley this year and I was wondering whether there would be any way to get the instrumental to this medley. I know you mentioned in the FAQ if it’s not posted, it’s not there, but just thought I’d ask whether there’s any other way! Can you please email me a response at your earliest convenience.
    Many Thanks Lynette

  71. Amy Jo Sawyer

    Do you have an arrangement for men (quartette) of “God Be With You Till We Meet Again?

  72. carol mccain

    So I did forward my name is Carol Mccain I seen your number 05 or 610 years ago in Kearns I think we sent you a copy of it it was beautiful but I have lost a copy of I stand all amazed the final section of it and I’d like to sing it in church in two weeks wonder if I could get another copy thank you

  73. Mary Helen McLachlan

    So appreciate your generosity in sharing your music that can be used without trying to wade through all the rules and restrictions of copyright …..especially as it applies to live streaming. I belong to a small congregation that does not have a large choir or professional organist so being able to access music from your site and use it freely is such blessing for our church. You definitely were blessed with a creative gift for music and as I mentioned at the beginning of this message … we thank you for sharing and providing such a wonderful website🙏


    iam having trouble printing page 6 of the song “Send ME”

  75. Jessica Slade

    I have gotten into music arrangements and am worried about copyright. I have no plans to make money with music but I don’t want to owe money if possible. But do I need to buy some kind of copyright license? I have been posting my music for free at sacred sheet music and don’t want to be in trouble. Also if I were in the future to make an album I would need to buy a copyright for them too?

    • Sally DeFord

      Jessica, if you are writing and publishing original music, the only copyright you need to worry about is your own. You can find information on securing your own copyright at https://www.copyright.gov/

      If you are arranging or recording music that you did not compose yourself and which was published later than 1925, you will need to get permission from the copyright owner.

  76. Bethany

    Can you please do a PDF of Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling? Thank you!


    Hi Sally,

    God bless you for the beautiful music of praises. I would like to ask your permission to sing He Is My All by our 2 young adults in the church. They will sing it as a muscial offering to God in one of our evangelistic meetings this week thru livestream. Your music is warmly embraced by our members because it helps understand more about God’s love. I am from Angeles Worship Center in Pampanga, Philippines. Thank you for the inspiration through music. God bless you.

  78. Steve

    Hi Sally. We love your arrangements – thank you so much for what you do. We used your arrangement of Kingsfold with the words of “I heard the voice of Jesus say” – I hope that’s OK. We loved how it turned out. I think the terms are that we’re supposed to send you a copy, which we would love to do – just tell me how. Thanks. Steve

  79. Karin Barth

    I recorded Be Still my Soul. I would like to use it associated with Civic Symphony of Green Bay. It would beposted on social media. Thank you your response.

  80. Paul Shon

    Dear sally, I am your Big Fan. I lead a small choir in Korea, I’d like to use your song ‘Gethemane’ for our Virtual Choir Program. and if you permitted, I’d like to translate it to Korean. thanks.

    Many Korean doesn’t understand that lyric on English. that’s why i want to translate it to Korean

    • Sally DeFord


  81. Susan Weinman

    Dear Ms. DeFord, My music director loves your version of “Be thou my vision. ” But we only have a very small SAB choir. Do you think perhaps at some point you would consider making an SAB version of your arrangement… or even an SSAB version. Thank you for your beautiful music. Susan, Philadelphia, PA

    Ps. If someone could kindly consider our request and eventually respond. Thank you!

  82. Marilyn Crandall

    I know you have piano duets appropriate for Sacrament Meeting. Where can I find a list of them?

  83. Hugh and Deb McDevitt

    Hi Sally, my wife and I did a video of your piece “When Mary Sang Her Lullaby” for the Zoom worship service at Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian Church in San Jose California. (My wife sang, and I played piano). What a lovely text and musical setting. We are fortunate that we are a musical couple and able to provide a music ministry for our church, even while we are still apart from the congregation. Thanks for the wonderful gift of music that you provide.

    Hugh and Deb McDevitt

  84. Joane Grubaugh

    I played your arrangement of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” at church today. I just LOVE your arrangement. It’s the most beautiful arrangement I have ever heard.

    I have used other arrangements of yours and I always get wonderful compliments.

  85. David Allen

    Sally, I am almost in tears at finding this site… your generosity and ministerial spirit are a rare find in the music world these days! I am putting together a very small Christmas video for my little Catholic School and your piece “Guard Him, Joseph” will be a faculty trio (voice, piano, cello). I was blown away to find all the parts I needed right here on your site… thank you!! May God bless you richly this Advent and Christmas seasons! Blessings and Peace, Deacon David Allen, Principal, St. Alphonsus Catholic School, Ocean Springs, MS

    • Sally DeFord

      You’re very welcome! Send me a link–I’d love to hear you!

  86. Gloria Lee

    Where is the Piano Duet, Hark The Herald Angel Sing? I know I downloaded it from your site years ago, but I can’t seem to find it.

  87. Linda

    With COVID-19 restrictions, our church is doing virtual services…..but we are restricted by the CCLI licensing. I would like to do one of you Christmas arrangements on my flute, but am worried about the permission level. Do I have permission to play your arrangement on my flute via Facebook Live?

    Thank you………

    • Sally DeFord


  88. Tina Brannon

    Our church is planning to have pre service music on Christmas Eve. It is a time we leave open for members to put their musical talents to work. One of our members is hoping to sing “When the Son of God was Born”, and we would like permission for him to do so. Please note that we will be live streaming this worship service. I hope to hear from you soon.


    • Sally DeFord

      Absolutely! 🙂

  89. Darcie B.

    I read the FAQ’s and If I am not sure if I exactly fit under recordi permission- I am the stake music chairperson and would like to permission to record your silent night for a virtual Christmas card in our stake to be distributed to stake members who may then share with their friends and family (reshare) I would like to have the first verse sung in Spanish and the rest in English. Would this be acceptable. I don’t know if a language change would be considered an alteration of lyrics. We just want to be inclusive of more of our members.

    • Sally DeFord

      Certainly! 🙂

  90. Carol Atherholt

    Your Christmas Piano Music selections are amazing! Please tell me you have other sacred piano music available to download!

  91. Casey Preston

    I would like to have a vocal/instrumental only CD of “This is How I Know”. How can I get one?

  92. Cheryl Richardson

    Since you have become too busy to arrange other people’s melodies/lyrics, can you recommend musicians (possibly newcomers who have your flair but not necessarily experience) that might be interested in arranging songs? (Response appreciated)

  93. Luisa

    Hi Sally
    I’m from Australia
    Would we be able to have your permission to sing “If the Saviour Stood Beside Me” for our online service next sunday 19/7/20 with your mp3 track to accompany us?

    • Sally DeFord

      Of course!

  94. Jerri Mendivel

    Dear Sally,

    I just want to say that you’re a remarkably gifted composer and incredibly generous to share your beautiful work with others for free. I’m the music director for a Lutheran church in California & we’ve used many of your compositions over the years. One detail I especially appreciate is that the piano accompaniment is as lovely as the vocal line and lyrics. Often the accompaniment takes a back seat in vocal arrangements, so it’s always a pleasure to play your pieces for my singers. Thank you so much, for your amazing gift of music and your willingness to share it. It has truly blessed hundreds of people just in my congregation alone. And now during this time of online services, being able to download the tracks has been an answered prayer.

    Wishing you brightest blessings as you continue this meaningful ministry!

  95. Alex Griffin

    Dear Sally,

    Due to government restrictions, we are temporarily providing only online church services at the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. We have a music streaming license which covers our usual in-person performance on Sundays. However, now during the pandemic, we would like to perform solos that have been previously recorded for the service. In this case, we would like to have our organist and soloist record a composition of yours to be used during our service for Sunday, July 12. The specific composition in question is “Everywhere I Go.”

    Do we need your permission in order to pre record this composition for the explicit purpose of using it during our streamed service? Our church service is streamable for 7 days only and is not downloadable. After 7 days it is taken down. We would also like to post the words online for the same length of time.

    Based on the comments below, it looks like this is probably acceptable, but I wanted to confirm before we move forward.

    Please let me know if we need to obtain a license from you for this composition to be performed as we have described.

    Thank you,


    • Sally DeFord

      Absolutely fine!

      • Alex Griffin

        Thank you! 🙂

  96. Sérgio Peixoto

    Dear Sally.
    I am Portuguese and director of the choir of the Portuguese Catholic University. I’ve been following your work for a few years and I really appreciate your compositions. In these times of confinement, we produced a film with the composition For the beauty of the earth. I would like to know if I can publish it on the University’s channels?
    Many thanks and wishes for many successes.

    • Sally DeFord

      Of course!

  97. GB Orbe

    Dear Sally,

    Our church here in the Philippines will be meeting live on Zoom or FB. I don’t know how many people will be watching. But for sure it’s non-profit and all for free. May we sing the song Make Us One next week? I think the lyrics of the song is relevant for the situation in our world today.

    Thank you for your music. It is really a blessing for everyone.
    God bless you

    • Sally DeFord

      Of course!

  98. Gwenda Johnson

    Dear Sally, After singing, playing, conducting, teaching and loving your songs and arrangements for many years, I simply want to thank you for sharing with me your marvelous gifts of composing and arranging music. The beauty, depth and spiritual radiance of your music have brought the spirit to my soul countless times. I originally learned of your song “To Those Who Came Before Me”; although I could not clearly express the gratitude and love I feel in my heart for my ancestors, your lyrics “nailed it,” and the musical setting for it was masterful.
    Since then I have been hooked on all of your works, and the times that your pieces have touched my heart and soul throughout the years are too numerous to count.
    As I was playing and singing one of your songs today, I felt I needed to let you know what a profound contribution you have made to my life, musically and spiritually. Thank you, dear Sister DeFord, for your talent and your generosity in sharing it. I am in awe! Love, Gwenda Johnson, Houston, Texas

  99. Dana Cranfill

    I’m looking for a piano/flute number. Do you have one?

  100. Laura Parker

    Good day,

    I am inquiring about the use of “Abide With Me” for worship. Since we are not allowed to have services due to Covid-19, we are recording worship for our congregation (to be posted – not live stream), and would like to include music. I am checking hymns (Public Domain) and anything else used…I did not see anything like this is the FAQs section. We are selling nothing – we are just trying to keep our congregants connected and provide a worship opportunity.

    What is needed to use your piece for this purpose?

    Thank you for your assistance.


    • Sally DeFord

      You’re more than welcome to use my material for that purpose. 🙂

  101. Robin Richards

    HI Sally,
    During these very difficult times we are trying to find ways to put music into our online church service. Your songs have been so comforting to our congregation I am wondering if I can get your permission to use your music during our services. We would never try to sell or profit off of your music or the recordings of them. We just want to be able to bring our people some comfort through music. Please write back and let me know if this is ok.

    • Sally DeFord

      Of course! Maybe I should post this… hmmm…. yup, I should.

  102. Dianne Cragg

    Any chance we can use some of your songs on a podcast during this crisis with Covid-19? We are canceling at least two Sundays of worship, and the pastor would love to add music before or after his sermon to make at-home worship more meaningful. Small congregation, less than 200 people…

    • Sally DeFord

      Of course!

  103. Rachelle

    Do you happen to have a duet version of “Come, thou fount of every blessing “ that a father and son could sing? Tenor/Baritone

  104. Jon Jensen


    Thank you very much for making your music and arrangements, publishing them online for all to use freely (at least all those I’ve seen!), and for making such a great contribution to our worship music.

    I’m a Latter-day Saint living in Teton Valley, Idaho, and we have used a few of your arrangements for ward choir and for our valley’s interfaith choir. It is such a huge blessing to not be burdened with cost & copyright compliance on top of all else that goes into these choirs!

    Also, I appreciated your Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 42 reference here. It’s great to see you having fun with this.

    Keep up the good work!


  105. Becky

    Can I make a request? I recently became aware of the hymn “My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me” by Charles Gabriel and William C Martin and I fell in love with the beautiful words. I am dying to sing this one but can’t find a good soprano solo arrangement. Since you’re the best I thought what have I got to lose by asking. God bless.

  106. David Nelson

    The most beautiful story that’s ever been told is a wonderful song and I cannot seem to find the guitar chords for it anywhere – any suggestions or referrals please?

  107. Ken Behrens

    We used “My Grateful Spirit Sings” for a community Thanksgiving service (Milford, DE). Adapted for resources available, snippets posted to my wife’s Facebook account. I have an mp3 file and a screenshot of the group extracted from an on-the-spot video recording if you’d like to have it.

  108. LaDawn V Moon

    I have searched your site and Google and my messy folder of sheet music and can not find your arrangement for Away in a Manger sung to the tune of Come Thou Fount!!! Is it still available? Please respond. Thank you.

  109. Rodrigo Canar

    Thank you Sally for your great music and for sharing your talent with all of us! I made a translation of your song Baby in a Manger to Spanish. Maybe you would like to publish it. I will use it with our Primary kids and ward choir this Christmas. Thanks again!

  110. Leah Wren

    I’m looking for your arrangement of O Come, O Come Emmanuel: a capella, SSAB. Please send a copy if you can.

  111. Rachel Rencher

    Thank you so much for this wonderful resource of beautiful music! As a flute player/flutist (I also strongly dislike the word flautist, even thought it is also technically correct, as I don’t play the flaut) I so appreciate your pieces with flute (or violin) obbligato. My husband is now the ward choir director. Would it be possible to have a designation in your list of works (possibly an asterisk or similar) to denote pieces with instrumental obbligato? Also, I’d like to echo those wishing for pieces for instrument and piano. Finding good arrangements of hymns (or other appropriate music) has been a lifetime of frustration for me. I’ve alway been happy to play musical numbers in sacrament meeting whenever asked, since it’s easy for me to do as performing is my profession, but finding good, appropriate music has always been quite a challenge. Luckily, I seem to move wards every 10 years or so, so I can use the same numbers again in the new wards! But if you ever feel inclined to adapt the pieces that have voice and an obbligato and combine them into instrumental pieces, those of us who play would be ever so grateful!!! Thanks again for all the beautiful music!

    • Sally DeFord

      Thanks, Rachel. In answer to your question, just go to the song list page and type “obbligato” in the search box just above the song list.

  112. Love Santos

    Hi Sis Sally, I am looking for “ Did You Think to pray” music piece. The one with arrangement. I’m wondering if I can get a copy of the song. Thank you.

    Sis Love Santos

  113. Jennifer Mohl

    I want to thank you for all the years I was blessed to sing in your contata performances in CS North Stake. Your love of Christ and passion for music were inspiring to my evolving testimony. The blessing of singing with your choirs helped to strengthen the roots of faith I was nurturing. I was baptized at 40 yrs. old. I first sang in your second year of blessing CS North Stake, followed by several more years. My daughter joined when she started high school. We loved practice Saturdays. Those early recordings might not have been professional, but they are loving memories. Due to my own health issues I didn’t get to sing in your last two years but enjoyed coming to the performances. I’m so grateful God brought my family to CS so that I would be blessed by your gift. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I am honored to have been taught by you through your devotion to bringing Christ’s message to the world through your music. Thank you for expecting excellence and helping all of us ordinary singers to become better. Your hard work has blessed hundreds of thousands beyond our stake.

    I’m sorry your abilities are hindered by your illness. We all appreciate that you continue to share your music with us.

    Your devoted admirer,
    Jennifer Mohl

    • Sally DeFord

      Awww… Thanks so much Jennifer! It’s good to hear from you. <3

  114. Connie Stauffer

    Sally – We spoke on the phone many years ago, and you encouraged me to create my own site. I’ll never be as prolific as you, but I’ve enjoyed sharing my music. You are still an amazing inspiration and I use your music frequently. No need to reply. I know you’re swamped. Such is the life of the very talented. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift and setting the bar for the rest of us.

    • Debbie Kuehne

      Hi Sally, let me just say you are awesome!!!
      Question: Guard Him, Joseph solo with optional cello – can I use the first two verses as written and then at the key change add the men’s part from the Guard Him, Joseph duet, using the piano part from the duet and keeping the cello part? Will it all sound good together?

  115. Leandro Madeiro

    Hi Sally…
    I live in Brazil and would like to submit translations that I made of some of your songs to Portuguese.
    Tell me how I can make this.


    • Sally DeFord

      Leandro, just use the “contact me” link at the bottom of the page, and I’ll send you the address you can use to send it. Thank you!

  116. James Dunne

    Dear Sally ~

    As a “Thank You!” to reciprocate for the smiles you’ve brought to me with your creativity over the years, I thought I’d share something new you might enjoy hearing about… a project that took me 25 years. I thought about you, as I had your nephew Dallin in my studio to audition for a vocal in the project last year. He’s a delightful fellow.

    In short, I set many of the voices of the Book of Mormon to music, using their own words… from Lehi to Moroni’s Farewell. Here’s the first public review so I don’t have to say any more myself.


    There’s a quick sampler link in the review so you can hear 17 voices and emotions through the Book of Mormon in less than 10 minutes. BTW… I love your cat staff story. I get it.

    I hope you have a smile on me. You bring them to others, often.


  117. Barbara Hansen

    Would you consider doing an arrangement of “Love At Home” for piano and strings? (cello and violin) I would love the help.

  118. Jennie Morris

    Dear Ms. DrFord,
    I have said this before that I absolutely love your music! My pianist and I share your music to our facilities we go to monthly and all of the patients and residents absolutely love your music too! I’ve recently been asked to post something on FB and I saw in your FAQ that you allow your recordings on social media as long as there is no monetary gain. First of all, THANK YOU! You are incredibly generous! I was wondering if I could sing your songs a capella and post them on my FB page? I have a sister from one of the wards here in Anchorage who asked me today why I don’t have a YouTube channel which was a huge compliment! She wants to start helping me with that which is awesome and I wanted to check w/you about my FB page. Thank you again for your incredible gift and heart!

    • sallydeford

      Of course! 🙂

      • Jennie Morris

        Thank you so much! I pray you have a blessed Good Friday and that the Holy weekend will be a truely amazing time with your family!

  119. Abigail Contreras

    I used to see your music divided into different voice. Soprano songs, Mezzo songs, Alto songs, Tenor songs, Bass songs, etc. But I don’t see that anymore. I’m wondering why you took that out? Because I can only sing Soprano, and to find a song for Sopranos is literally impossible. I go through every sing song you have, super lovely, and I just never find a song that I can sing that’s high enough. I go days looking, until I find 2 or 3. It’d be so much easier to put them in categories of voices. I LOVE LOVE ADORE YOUR WORK! Just had to throw it in here <3 <3

    • sallydeford

      Thanks, Abigail. It’s not that I’ve taken it out… it’s that I haven’t got around to putting it back in after the revamp of the entire site. Until I do, you can transpose anything on the site into your preferred range using the instructions found here: https://defordmusic.com/transposing-using-personal-composer/

  120. Diana Kubie

    I am the music chairman for the Topeka Kansas Stake. We are performing your “I Stand All Amazed” Cantata for Easter. The songs and music are so moving. We are thrilled to be doing this.
    Here is my question: Would it be objectionable to you if we put two large tv’s in the front of the chapel, one each side? We have a program with pictures of the Savior that go along with the songs as they are sung. We would put these pictures on the TV’s. The pictures are beautiful and very tasteful. i believe that they will enhance the message of each and every song. One of the people helping me objects strenuously to this saying that this is presentation is too sacred. So, I come to you.

    • sallydeford

      It sounds lovely! I wholeheartedly approve. 🙂

  121. Nirina Rajaonarisina

    Dear Sally,

    I have read your FAQ, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question. We’re a church choir in Madagascar and have found in your music a real Spirit of Grace that surely will make a big change in the hearts of Malagasy people. Reason why we ask you if we can translate specifically Gethsemane lyrics in Malagasy and make a video clip using the SATB version. We will arrange the accompaniement using your sheet music (piano + violin). We will mention your name as the composer of the music in the video.
    We thank God of your music that reflect the beauty and greatness of Him.

    Best regards,


    • sallydeford

      Of course! All the best with your project.

  122. Jean Erickson

    Do you ever write music for flute/piano duets? I’m looking for Easter music or any of the hymn arrangements that focus on the avior. My 19 yr old granddaughter was just asked to perform in her ward on Easter.

  123. Rachel Merkley

    First I want to thank you fro sharing your musical talents with all of us, these songs have such a powerful spirit and I really appreciate being able to use them for our ward choir and special musical numbers! I do have one slightly random question as I’m trying to piece together an Easter Fireside and am drawing from your Easter Cantata and a few other places. Is the song “Come and See” only available for SSA parts? We have a more men-heavy choir (NEVER experienced this issue before haha, but it’s pretty amazing!), and I’m wondering if there is a way to include them in that number? Any ideas for me to try? Thank you SO SO much again.

  124. Nancy

    I have looked for a compilation CD of your songs. Can’t seem to find one. Do you have an album/CD I can purchase?

    • sallydeford

      Thanks! All the CDs I currently have available are here: http://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=109980 You can also get the MP3s through Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, or just download them free via this Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/sally-deford-music

  125. Heinrich Jürling

    I need the guitar chords of the Christmas carol “On a still and starry night”. Can anyone help me?

  126. Francine Van Iperen

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful music, Sally! Our church choir has enjoyed sharing it on occasion. This coming Spring, we will be blessed (D.V.) with a group of strings players to accompany us. What is the chance that you might possibly, maybe, pretty please, also have strings parts available for your songs “In Him We Live” and possibly “In The Silent Garden” or “The Resurrection and the Life”? Thanks again!

  127. Lynette Squire

    On the freeldssheetmusic website it lists a TTBB arrangement of your piece, And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, but I cannot find it here on your website. Does that exist, or was it an error on the other website?

  128. Andre Slabbert

    Hi Sister DeFord

    We so enjoyed listening to your Easter Cantata and wish to thank you for such a magnificent presentation. Our hearts were touched with gratitude for our Savior. Your additional lyrics are so beautiful and we hope to see them included in the new hymnal the church is preparing for us.

    Our stake would like to sing “I Stand All Amazed” from your cantata for our Nov Stake Conference. We have the sheet music but would really appreciate the piano accompaniment, as our pianist is really struggling with this arrangement. We have searched for the accompaniment on your site but it doesn’t seem to be available. if it is at all possible that you can help us in this regard, we will much appreciate it.

    Many many thanks for all your beautiful music and arrangements and for making your sheet music freely available on your site.

  129. Henk

    Can you tell me how I can buy sheet music to five songs off “Choose Joy EFY”?

    The five songs are:
    1. This Season
    2. Light The Dark
    3. All I’ll ever Be
    4. Something Different
    5. Daughters of God

    Can you help with that?

  130. Janelle Blackham

    I have been searching your christmas choir selctions and felt like there were not as many in years past. In fact, i did in the bleak midwinter last year and it is currently NOT in that list. Sooo, I’m wondering if there are other Christmas SATB songs that are hiding somewhere? or what is the deal with that?

    • sallydeford

      Janelle, the only deal with that was a missing tag. 🙂 (There may be other tags missing… maintaining this site is an involved job.) Thanks for the heads-up!

  131. Alistair Faulkner

    Hello Sally
    I too have been using Personal Composer for many years and I know that the software is no longer supported; I think we Personal Composer users are a very small but select and happy band. I think over time there will be an inevitable demise of this system and it’s files; add to that a disaster for me caused by Microsoft’s last update to Windows 10 which has resulted in me buying a new HP PC.
    I wonder if:
    anyone has found a way of converting .pc files for use by any other notation software
    anyone has found a way of making windows 10 execute the pcwin.exe file (as an app).
    Any assistance would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Alistair Faulkner

    • sallydeford

      I haven’t found any way of exporting .pc files to another format. The program claims to *import* XML files, but it never had an export function. Windows 10 runs pcwin.exe for me just fine, although I have no idea why it works for me and not for you… **sigh** … progress…

      • Tara Arnesen

        It appears that PC-Pro has the ability to export MIDI and NIFF files, but less expensive versions do not, so it depends on which version of the software you own. (See here for documentation of this: https://web.archive.org/web/20131206102455/http://pcomposer.com/features.html) Unfortunately, I don’t own PC-Pro, so I can’t test this personally.

        I’ve been researching this issue because I’d like to add SATB voicing to one of the solo arrangements of “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” for my ward choir. (We have an amazing cellist, so I want to use the arrangement with the cello part.)

        I’ve been told by a friend that if I have a MIDI version of a file, I can import it into the freeware program Frescobaldi, which uses LilyPond as the engraving/programming function.

        Sally, do you use PC-Pro? If so, and if I could help you figure out how to export and convert files to Frescobaldi, would you be willing to send me a MIDI file so I can add SATB voicing for my ward choir?

    • Tara Arnesen

      Misinformation alert! I misunderstood my friend. Frescobaldi does not import MIDI files, but Cakewalk does. Frescobaldi puts out a superior end result, so my friend prefers it when starting from scratch, but Cakewalk may be an option for converting existing files, if you own/use PC-Pro.

  132. Kathy Free

    I just printed out the sheet music. Please ignore that part of my email. So sorry!

  133. Jeanie Pierson

    Almost 20 years of loving (and learning) from Sally DeFord. Two different wards and stakes. Took a couple of years away for a mission & a few years away serving in a temple presidency. What a joy to eventually get back to ward choir & lots of De Ford music. Last Sunday our choir of 50 plus was blessed to deliver “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth” for the umpteenth time. It is an all-around favorite. Best possible way to welcome the Savior’s love into each of our lives and prepare for Easter and General Conference
    I always make homemade cinnamon rolls for our choir following a big performance. Want me to send yours?
    We all marvel and are grateful for the power and depth of your soul. We are now preparing “Come Unto Christ” as a missionary fireside. You are loved and honored in Arkansas.

  134. Gustavo Sanchez Diaz

    Dear Sister Sally,

    Thanks for your great leagacy of love and music.

    Could you share a Gesu Bambino only Piano accompaniment without flutes? we would like to play live flute using your beautiful Piano track if possible,

    Regards from Mexico city

  135. Marilyn Price

    We used to live in Colorado and I loved to go to your special programs. I am now the Primary Chorister in Idaho and we are learning ” If the Savior stood beside me”. I love that song. Is it true that you wrote song that for your daughter’s baptism? If so, and If you are don’t mind, I would like to share that information with our Primary children. Thank you for sharing your talents so freely with so many people.

  136. Abigail

    Lovely Sally,

    I have a quick question.

    I go to the search for voicing category and I can see all of the songs for solos. But I only do soprano songs, I can’t sing any other low register songs, however there isn’t a category for just registers. Because it wouldn’t matter if its cantata, Christmas, piano, or solo, if its for a soprano, I want to sing it. It takes me hours, days, to find songs that I can sing.

    Is there anyway you could make categories for registers as well?
    I remember years ago you had it this way, for altos, sopranos, bass and all that, and it was a lot easier to find songs that way.

    Absolutely love your work. GOD BLESS!

  137. Shanna Smith

    I followed the instructions found in the FAQ section about why the PDF won’t print on my computer. I have NEVER had any problems printing from your site before. I am trying to print “It Was For Me” and it isn’t working. I need it as soon as possible, any suggestions?:) Thank you!

  138. Paul T Smith

    Years ago, when my wife and I were visiting the Jerusalem Branch on the Saturday Sabbath, they chose to sing”There is a Green Hill Far Away”–except they used the words, “There is a Green Hill Near At Hand.” It was very moving to contemplate. Some years later I returned to Israel with a film crew. We were given exclusive access to the Garden Tomb for an hour or so. Need I tell you . . . .? Many others have thanked you for sharing your incredible talent with the world. I now join with them! Blessings.

  139. Natalie Mol

    Dear Sally,

    I have read your FAQ, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question.
    I’m a choirmaster in Germany, and I am planning a concert with sacred music by woman composers.
    We’re not a church choir, so it’s not exactly a church event, though we will be performing in a church. We’re an amateur choir organized as a non profit/charitable organisation. We do charge entrance fees to cover the choir’s expenses, but, well, not for profit.
    Can we still use your music?
    And… are you member of a collecting society such as ASCAP? We do pay occurring collecting society fees, of course; but if you’re not a member of one, we would have to be able to prove so according to German law, so we would need your statement.

    Kind regards,

    – Natalie –

    • sallydeford

      Natalie, you are welcome to use the music as you specify. I don’t subscribe to any PROs. Since I do so few projects where royalties are collected, I handle them myself. In this case, you do not need to pay royalties to me. This answer will suffice as permission to use the music, unless your law requires something further. If so, e-mail me using the “Contact me” link at the bottom of the page and we can work it out.

      • Natalie Mol

        Thank you for replying so quickly!
        I will contact you the way you mentioned if need be.

        Best wishes,

        – Natalie –

  140. Stephanie

    I heard your arrangement of Silent Night for Choir, Organ, and Congregation at a Light the World Fireside by Garth Smith and immediately knew we needed to sing it as our closing song for our ward Christmas music program (I am ward music chair). We used a violin instead of the flute. So many members came up to after expressing how much they loved it and how it touched them. I haven’t been able to find other arrangements for piano, organ, flute, congregation on your site but I am also not sure how to such as it’s not a common instrumentation. If you have more please let me know!

  141. Austin-Sinclair Harris

    Hey Sally! I am interested in singing a demo or two for you!

  142. Michelle

    I’ve read through the FAQ’s and can’t seem to find an answer. I am making some CD’s to help the primary children learn the songs for the primary program. Your site says that to distribute them I’d have to purchase the HQ files. However, the songs I was looking for don’t have any HQ files. Can I use the free ones? Or would you rather me not use them.


    • sallydeford

      If you’re using them for Primary presentation practice, use anything that’s there. 🙂

  143. Becky Jones

    Love your music arrangements. HELP! I am singing in a choir Sunday Jan 7th. We are singing your arrangement of I Stand All Amazed. Do you have an mps that plays just arts. I sing Alto and need help!

  144. Karla H Briggs

    You are amazing! Many of your songs and arrangements are becoming favorites. It’s amazing to me that you can offer SO much!
    New music, arrangements for different groupings, songs available in more than 1 key and the list goes on and on. Besides the variety of offerings and the variety of songs the piano versions are fun to play! Your music touches hearts. You have blessed the lives of many, many people. No response needed– you are busy. Thank you and your family and those that help you keep up this amazing sight.

    Karla Briggs
    Boise Idaho

    • sallydeford

      Karla, you made my day so I had to pop in to say thanks! Merry Christmas!

  145. Janet

    I can’t find the cello accompaniment for “Would I know My Savior” in the key of E-flat. Is there one? My soloist is singing the high voice Solo. I would love the Cello accompaniment.

  146. Tamara Hancock

    I promise, I read the FAQ’s – but I’m not really seeing the answer – and our incredibly talented legally minded bishop wants the answer in black and white 🙂

    We are planning a lesson, a Christmas lesson focusing on the life of Christ, not merely his birth. We would love to use some of the MP3 recordings as part of our lesson – we are not making CD’s or distributing them, mostly just playing the song a few moments during the lesson. I assume it’s covered as part of your copyright, but I can’t tell for sure. Can you clear this up for me? Can we use the mp3 recordings in the playlist in our lesson?

    • sallydeford

      Of course! 🙂

      • Austin

        A follow up question to Tamara’s… those bishops seem to be few and far between. I was told that I was the only bishop that has ever cared about this! Anyway…
        Do you grant permission (single-occasion or blanket approval) to play the free-to-download mp3 recordings (songs and/or accompaniment) as background music for church activities without entrance fees?

        If more details are needed for a one time approval I can get you more details.

        • Sally DeFord

          You know, it’s really very good of you to care! And yes, you are welcome to use my tracks that way any time. 🙂

  147. Angela Bylund

    I have loved your music for years. Living in Kentucky doesn’t make for easy LDS music finding sometimes. You give so freely and I have loved using your music in various ways. I was wondering if you have ever considered making some of your duets geared more towards a younger teenage crowd? I’m currently trying to have my daughter play the primo part of I Am A Child of God (Beautiful arrangement!!!), but it’s proving more difficult for her to manage. I am trying to find ways for my kids to participate in musical numbers in sacrament meeting, but the piano arrangements are always a little too hard for my kids. I think it would be so neat to play duets together. Curious if you have ever thought about doing parent/child duets? Thanks again for all you do!

    • Sue Baird

      I love your work! What if I use one of your piano solos and orchestrate for different instrumentation? Is there anything I need to do to make that right with you? I certainly don’t want to tread on toes, but I didn’t think about it until now! And I want to make things right if I overstepped boundaries!

      Our little community has a Christmas Gala this year where our community chorus and orchestra performs, as well as other small numbers to add and make things interesting. Because I have a friend who plays the harp (and we had done a piece together in the fall concert), I asked her if we could do a duet for the Christmas program. I had also asked our other two flute players if they would like to do something together. To make a long story short, I used your piano solo, The First Noel to orchestrate a piece for 3 flutes and harp.

  148. Noni Davies

    Words are inadequate to express the joy your music has brought to me and many others who have enjoyed it with me in choirs and at home. I now have the sweet opportunity to assist with music in a Spanish ward..seems before I could search your site for music with Spanish translation. I can’t seem to find any now. Can you teach me how to search the new set up? Also, how would you feel about me having some of your pieces translated into Spanish by capable translators? Your music is so inspiring and uplifting, I would so much like our Spanish ward to be able to enjoy more of it. Thanks again for so willingly and generously sharing your gifts with us! Much love,

    • sallydeford

      It’s super easy, but I guess it’s not intuitive. Just go to the song list (https://defordmusic.com/song-list/). There’s a search box labeled “Refine this list” right below the text on the page.

      Just enter the language you’re looking for in the refine box, and the list will shrink to only those songs having translations in that language. Choose your song, open the link and go take a look at the translation to see if it works for you. (Helpful hint: if you open the song link in a new tab, you can close it when you’re done and quickly return to your sorted list.) The translation will be in the “Sheet Music Downloads” tab.

      (Hmmm… maybe this needs to be a boring blog post!)

  149. Neva Diklich

    First of all, I LOVE your music. I and my sister have shared/played at least 6 of your songs for funerals (for our father) and church services.
    I have noticed you have changed your website, and I miss the audio portion of the song if someone sang it. It sometimes helps to listen how it should be played or sung prior to printing. Am I missing a link?

    Bless you and keep creating, and I will keep practicing!

    • sallydeford

      Thanks, Neva! Every page that has audio files has a tab marked “Listen (and free 128kbps MP3 downloads).” Just click that. There are fewer MP3s than before currently available. As soon as I get them re-uploaded they’ll be back. 🙂

    • Mindi

      Sally, sorry this is being posted as a “reply”, it’s not. I couldn’t see any other way to post a question. I am looking for your arrangement of Stars Were Gleaming. I believe it features both choir and primary. We did it in our ward years ago and I am trying to resurrect it this year for our Christmas program. I was surprised not to find it on this website. Thank you for all of your beautiful service!!

      • sallydeford

        It was probably hard for you to find because it’s not called “Stars Were Gleaming” in this arrangement. 🙂


  150. Jessica

    I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how amazing you are at these arrangements!! I’ve been the choir pianist in almost every ward I’ve lived in, and I always love playing your arrangements the best. The piano builds with the music and the melody and piano are woven together so beautifully. I am so grateful for your talent and service!!! (And I would love to see more hymn arrangements for choir;) I can imagine wondering why write new arrangements of hymns that have been done so many times by others, but you truly bring such a unique and beautiful talent to each piece you arrange. I can’t say enough how much it blesses my life to play your music. Thank you! Thank you!

  151. Melissa Schlegel

    Just wanted to say thank-you! Over the past eight years I’ve performed most of your piano solos and duets in church. I LOVE hearing your testimony of Christ in your music. Every time I perform a song I always get lots of compliments – so this is just passing some of the compliments on to you. Thank-you so much! Thank-you, thank-you!

    ME – melissa

  152. Scott Thomas Adams

    Hi Sally,

    I first became aware of your music while playing the piano for the Stake Choir in Dublin, Ireland. I loved playing your arrangement of “Joy To The World” and have made it, along with “He Is Risen” at Easter, an annual event for choir and congregation.

    When my family and I moved to Houston, TX nearly 3 years ago, I once again proposed your arrangement of “Joy To The World” to be sung as the closing hymn. There is always such a wonderful, joyous response by all. The Gleannloch Farms Ward is blessed with several very musical young women and young men. They have enthusiastically participated in several numbers I have written and arranged for strings, harp, piano and organ. This past Christmas they expressed great interest in being able to play your arrangement of “Joy To The World” which I transcribed for them. We also did your arrangement of “He Is Risen” on Easter Sunday this year. I made sure not to change your arrangements, only enable the various string instruments to play your notes. I have posted video of rehearsal sessions on YouTube. Just go to my channel (Scott Thomas Adams) to view them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.

    Scott Adams

  153. Livvy

    Thank you a million times over for this labor of love. I have sung many of your compositions/ arrangements over the years and am so grateful for the spiritual enlightenment, bonding moments with my family, and doctrinal truths that have we have experienced as the result of your music. So appreciative!

  154. Mindy

    Thank you for your music and for sharing it for free! I have been the choir pianist for almost 2 years and probably 80% of our songs are written by you. It is beautiful music! I love that I can just keep downloading new songs to play! Thank you again for sharing your talents with us!

  155. D J Holt

    Dear Sister Deford,
    I just want to say “thank you”, “Thank you!” We have used your music when we served in the Philippines (4 different times). The members loved the music and we were/are so grateful that you offer it for free. We hope the Lord is blessing you abundantly for your great service. Delores

  156. JustAnotherBee

    I just want to express my thanks for your talents. I love the song ‘If The Savior Stood Beside Me”. I also love your croc&piano picture and your Go give spirit. Thank you. I’m Just Another Bee. In some celestial world I’ll create the music I hear in my heart, but for now Just Thank you! JustAnotherBee

  157. Rev. Melvin Ramoso

    Hi Sally DeFord i’m very grateful to the Lord for giving us a person like you, whose passion for music is indescribable. I’m the pastor for Liturgy & Music in UCCP Davao in the Philippines, you inspire me a lot through your music composition, especially “Because He Lives” and “He’s My All” were using it in our worship. Thank you for sharing your talent and music resources. God bless you. Shalom.

  158. melissa

    I just wanted to say how much I love your site and all the free sheet music! It’s my go-to when I need a song for church to sing and I love all the arrangements! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing such a wonderful resource that helps bless so many people! 🙂

  159. Randy

    Thank you for access to your wonderful site. I have used a number of your compositions/arrangements in my church work and private piano teaching. While I am not in the LDS church, I do have a number of friends who ARE, and a few of my piano students are/were. I have studied music and rubbed elbows with musicians far greater than I, and I can honestly evaluate your work as stellar. Thank you so much.
    Randy McConnell
    Minister of Music and Organist

  160. Nancy

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you sooo much for the free music, you are so special. I have used it in my ward. I don’t think your site is weird at all I love it because it feels like home. Also, I like your home studio.

    Thanks again,

  161. Rex

    Sally —

    I absolutely love your music and this website. It put a smile on my
    face to read that your wrote a song for each of your children, starting
    with an amazing daughter Holly.

    We have 8 children, and the oldest is an amazing daughter named
    Holly (who now has 6 kids, all adopted from drug abuse homes).
    We have 25 grandkids in total, and will have 27 by next September
    if all goes well.

    Unlike you, I am a slow-slow-slow music composer, and wrote
    one hymn for all of my 8 children, and it took me almost 10
    years to finish it, because I composed it while riding the bus
    after work on a 45 minute commute. I wanted my children to
    have a song from their Dad about the importance of preparing
    for the Second Coming of Christ, and with work and family
    responsibilities and Church responsibilities, the only time
    I set aside to compose was on the bus ride home.

    When I hear your music, I can feel that love of a parent
    for your children, and that your love for your children was
    one of your powerful motivators. Bless you for your devotion,
    because your music is simply sublime!

    Now that I am retired, I’m discovering that there are some
    amazing software tools that I am not aware of, for the
    production of video and inspirational music.

    Would you mind sharing which software you use for
    your video editing? Everything is so sharp and crisp,
    and this tool is so wonderful that it shows your complete
    mastery of images, text, effects to tell the story of
    each particular song.

    I’ve looked at quite a few LDS and Protestant religious
    videos, and your art and craft in presenting already-
    inspiring music simply lifts the inspiration of your
    music and lyrics one level higher.

    You have a gift!

    You also have technical savvy, and it’s nice to
    see you consecrate your gifts into your sublime

    Thank you for all the careful years you spent developing
    your gifts, and your willingness to share with others.

    Sally, you do not have a bigger fan that this Grandpa.

    Rex McBride

  162. Angela Page

    No request, just much gratitude for sharing your talent and love with us!! We sang a number of your Christmas arrangements in Sacrament meeting today. I was so grateful for you!! For so freely sharing your music that helps us express our love for our Savior and our testimonies of Him.Today while the congregation and Choir was singing Oh Holy Night, I felt the Savior’s presence and approval and love as our voices were unitedly raised in supplication, worship and adoration. Your song, Write Thy Name upon my Heart has become our ward favorite. As I have practiced and performed that song, I have been strengthened in my desire to be more like our Savior and it has given me way to express that feelings of my heart. Thank you, Sally. I appreciate you so very much!!!

    Angela Page
    Kaysville, UT

  163. Walter Jorgensen

    Hi Sally,

    I served as a missionary in the Germany Duesseldorf Mission with your husband. We served in Bonn together. In 1983, my friend Ken Weeks and I traveled to Albuquerque and we spent a couple of nights at your house and attended church there with you. We really appreciated the hospitality.

    Anyway, the reason I am writing pertains to your music. My daughter Lillie sings with the 7th Grade Choir at Sandridge Jr. High School in Roy, Utah. I attended their Christmas Concert last evening and one of the songs they performed in the concert was “Born is the Light of the World.” I was very pleased to see your name on the program and it was fun to share with my daughter that I had actually met the author of this song. The lyrics are truly beautiful, as is the message they convey.

    Please relay my best wishes to your husband. I’m sure he will remember the Bonn District made up of Bruder DeFord, Bruder Jorgensen, Bruder Weeks and Bruder Lindsey. I loved that group of Elders and I still have contact with them. Ken Weeks is a high school English, German and Drama school teacher living in Burley Idaho. Scott Lindsey is a Business Management Professor at Dixie State University in St. George. I work in the Incentives Department for Columbus Travel in Bountiful, Utah. I am married with 2 children. My wife, Angie is from London, England. We both married rather late in life. My children are 12 and 13.

    We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

    Please send my regards to Dennis and wish him a “Frohe Weihnacht” from Walter Jorgensen.

  164. krystalkeys

    I just want to say you are amazing! Thanks for doing so much work for free! My Ward Christmas Program was saved by you!

  165. David Foltz

    I just wanted to personally “THANK YOU” for all the beautiful music that you sent my way via YouTube. The music is so “inspiring”. When listening to your beautiful songs, I just want to give praise and worship to Our Lord! I look forward to your musical emails. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to express my sincere “THANKS”.

    “Blessings in Christ”,

    David Foltz

  166. Dora Bingham

    I just want to thank you for all the music that you allow us to use. I have used a lot of your music over the years and have recommended your site to others. At present I have a son serving in the Army in Kuwait. He has used your piano music to play for musical numbers in Sacrament Meeting. Thank you again for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated.

    Dora Bingham

  167. Lirpa

    How do you list your music for an LDS Sunday Program? I’m wondering if lyricist, composer, arranged by, as well as performer and pianist all need to be included? I see it done differently all the time and for the life of me I can’t seem to find a standard answer. I’d appreciate your thoughts!

    Many thanks!

    • Sally DeFord

      I see it done differently all the time too! My personal preference is that the program list the singer(s) and instrumentalists, and leave the composer/arranger/etc. off. It’s too much information, and people who are interested can always ask the performers. Just my .02 though. 🙂

  168. Marla

    I was just singing/playing one of your songs this morning and was feeling such gratitude for your music I thought I should send you a quick “Thank you” note (no need to respond). Your music really speaks to me, not only is it beautiful but the messages are an extension of my own testimony. Thank you for sharing freely. I also appreciate your free download to transpose your music which allows me to put the music in a key that’s more comfortable for my voice. THANKS AGAIN FOR FREELY SHARING YOUR TALENT!!

  169. Austin

    Hi Sally!
    My name is Austin Harris and I am a college freshman. I am a baritone singer and I plan on majoring in Music with a focus on Vocal Performance. I was looking for free solo sheet music and it is a pure blessing that I stumbled upon this website. Thank you for your beautiful arrangements of these songs. What better type of solo to sing than sacred! I plan on learning over fifty solos from this website, and I am sure that I will enjoy all of them! It would be nice to bless churches all around the area with songs like this. Thank you so much and God bless!

  170. Kayla Bond

    Thanks Sally. I really appreciate that you share your music with the world. It is so beautiful. For Easter we are singing your arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed” – just one of many I have used.

  171. Paul Heaton

    Hi Sally, I had downloaded a couple of your piano solos some time ago, and then they just got lost in my collection of music. We cleaned out everything today to arrange all my stuff (music) and I found your piano solos, so I went to the piano and tried them out. They are really beautiful arrangements. I went to your site today and downloaded a couple more. Will you be doing more piano solo arrangements in the future? I hope so.

  172. Pita

    Hi Sally, I have found your site and your music very heart- touching. I have used 2 songs of yours in my worship service at Wattana church, Bangkok, Thailand and feel that I should at least let you know. The song ‘I have not seen yet I believe’ ( http://youtu.be/uot8xEqWqvU ) and ‘I know my father loves me’ ( http://youtu.be/-_broo4q0ME ) have been performed. People love them and keep on asking where did I found them.

    I am also planning to do the ‘For me alone’ on this coming Good Friday. I would let you know again if you are interested to hear my amateur versions.

    Thank you for composing such great songs. Love them all and yes, love you, too! Keep on the good work.

    God bless you!

  173. Heather

    Sally, I just want to say thank you for all you do. What a blessing to have such an amazing resource for LDS music for free. Your arrangements have brought the Spirit into our meetings countless times. Thank you for sharing your talent and allowing others to use it. May the Lord bless you!!!

  174. Yvonne Allen

    Dear Sally,

    Pretend this is a thank you note on beautiful flowery stationary–maybe with a few blue birds among the flowers. Just want to thank you for your beautiful, inspiring music and your wonderful generosity in sharing it so freely. I’ve used it for piano students, in choirs and just for my own enjoyment. I think of you as a real person–but can’t imagine where you find the time to get all this writing done–so in that respect you are like a nymph–or maybe a good fairy–or maybe Mary Poppins–just a little magical.

    Thanks so much. No response needed. Just sending you love and gratitude. Yvonne Allen, Idaho

  175. Shawn Orton

    Hi. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your music and your generosity. I just finished a lovely Christmas season of listening to choir music at church, and recognized several as your pieces. It is probable that there were others that I didn’t know were yours. Thank you for sharing your talents and love of music with the world.

  176. Leah

    Sally, thank you so very, very much for sharing your beautiful music. I love it, and so does our choir here in New Zealand. Your music goes far and wide! We’ve just sung the Silent Night Christmas Cantata, and we’re now looking for music for Easter. Just love, love, love your music!! May you be abundantly blessed for sharing your blessed gift of music.

  177. Dori B. Wilkerson

    Ms. DeFord; I must add my comments to those already listed. We sang 4 of your arrangements for our Christmas Program & I can’t get ANY of them out of my head! “Born to Wear A Crown”; “Born is the Light of the World”; “And His Name shall be called” & “still Still still”; I’d never heard the first 3 before, but they shall remain some of my favorites!
    4 Yrs prior to this, we sang your Arrangement of “Oh Holy Night” every Christmas Program; it’s just the best.
    Thank you for so generously & freely sharing your most wonderful talent!

  178. Lana

    I just want to say , from my heart and through my tears, thank you , very much.

  179. Rod Peeks


    Thanks so much for the beautiful music you share with us through your website.

    I sang “Would I Know My Savior?” at a carol sing at our church last Wednesday. It was so well received and the message is profound.

    A friend and I are singing “Guard Him, Joseph” as a TB duet on January 5th. I think our congregation will love it.

    May God richly bless you and your work!

  180. Louisa

    I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. I’ve always thought you so kind to share your talent so freely with everyone. We have enjoyed your music in our family. My girls sang and my husband accompanied one of your arrangements today. it was beautiful. Thank you again for your amazing talent and kindness.


    God bless.

  181. Gloverboy6

    Hello Sally, I just wanted to tell you we’re singing your arrangement of “Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire” at our Stake Conference Dec 17th and I love it!

    • Gloverboy6

      Typo, it was today (NOVEMBER 17th not December), and everyone LOVED it! I could feel the Spirit so strong just singing it 🙂

  182. Tony Larson

    Sister DeFord,
    Just FYI, I have posted a video of the Tucson West Stake choir performing your beautiful “Come Unto Christ” cantata. The video may be found by searching for “Tucson West Stake Choir” on YouTube or accessed directly at http://youtu.be/cJKjH_5B72Y

  183. Christy Mann

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. I have been the choir director in more than one ward and have been singing your music for years! Many hearts have been touched, and many lives have been enriched because of the spirit your music brings. I watch the faces of my choir members and I can see when they are moved by the words and melodies they sing. Thank you thank you thank you!! Many blessings await you!
    Christy Mann, Mesa AZ

  184. Mike Hardy

    Sister DeFord,

    I don’t expect you remember us, but Cozette and I were privileged to live in your ward with our four children in 1999 – 2000. I had no idea at the time what a wonderful musician you were (and are.)

    Since that time I have enjoyed your music while participating in choir numbers of your authorship, and while playing the piano in Primary, my favorite church calling of all.

    As our current Primary pianist, I am enjoying again “If The Savior Stood Beside Me” and found myself with tears in my eyes – yet again – as the children practiced this song this morning. Its melody and touching lyrics are truly inspired.

    Thank you,

    Mike Hardy
    Salt Lake City

    • Sally DeFord

      Thanks Mike! Yeah, Primary pianist is the best. 🙂 You’re welcome to move back here any old time! 🙂

  185. Lorraine Wallace


    I direct a large multistake singles choir in Utah County. I just want to thank you for the wonderful gift you are giving to all of us — singers and audience. Your music is so beautiful! I have used many of your pieces over the five years I have directed this choir, and I can’t imagine a greater gift you can givet o the music world than to not only write such beautiful music but to be sp willing to share with everyone. You have blessed many lives! I pray that you are being blessed also.

    Thank you so much!
    Lorraine Wallace
    Provo, UT

  186. Bryan Adams

    It’s kind of funny, but I always get a little anxious when my choir director tells me that she has new music for me to learn. (I play the piano for the choir.) When I get the music and see your name at the top I instantly relax, because I can honestly say that I’ve loved every piece of yours that we’ve performed.

    Right now I find myself practicing three of your songs, two for choir, and one for Primary.

    Just thought I’d drop you a line and say how much I appreciate your talent! And your humor!! Also, I wonder how you make money off of this. I know it’s none of my business, but it seems that someone should be paying for your work. I know you make some $$ on CDs, but you should be rich, says this guy. I’d hope that some benefactor was involved.

    Regardless, thanks again.

    • Sally DeFord

      Thanks Bryan. That’s so kind of you! No worries… there is definitely a Benefactor involved in the business. 😉

  187. Joshua


    I haven’t looked at your site for a while, but just noticed a singer Jacosa Limutau, her voice is amazing! She actually made me listen to the song It was for me and made me search the site and i found I glory in my Jesus (don’t usually listen to the vocal recordings because i’m not a fan of too much vibrato), something about her voice made me drift away into a sacred, happy place. As she tells the story of the song through her sincere vocals, it makes me want to listen to more and more. As a musician I am very picky with my singers and Jacosa Limutau is truly gifted. Requesting if she could please record more of your songs or other singers with a similar tone as her. Thank you for sharing your musical talent with the world. Someday I hope to release a website with my own compositions besides just performing them at firesides.

    • Sally DeFord

      Jacosa is amazing, isn’t she? She’ll definitely be doing more if I have my way! 🙂

  188. donna gothe

    love what and how you share, your insight, heart and soul that is a life influence in all you do- thank you for the diference you make

  189. Jane

    Hi Sally,

    I just want to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music. I am a soloist in a Christian Science church and have enjoyed singing several of your pieces.



  190. Ingrid

    Dear Sally,

    I can’t pass up this chance to express how grateful I am to you for putting up all these wonderful songs. This site makes practicing a new song so much easier – the music sheets, the vocals along with its accompaniment, absolutely glorious!

    I sing in our church choir and there are times I’m made to sing solo and when that happens, the dilemma of choosing a song comes in. We’ve been singing the same old songs for many years now in my church (not that I’m complaining… they are beautiful), but I think it’s nice to sing new ones for a change… and this one right here comes to the rescue.

    I, along with many of my church-mates, use your songs for, frankly, they fit our church’s standard of music, by that I mean no drum parts and other percussion instruments for having those will make us cross over to another genre. We believe church music sets the mood for worship, stilling and calming the soul in preparation to commune with Him… and your songs do just that 🙂

    Thank you so much, and I can never say thank you enough for being so selfless, so generous in sharing all these wonderful pieces. You’re an angel.

    And by the way, your blogs are very entertaining. Keep them coming!

    Your admirer from the Philippines,

  191. Sheri Wille

    Hi Sally,

    Hope the fires haven’t gotten too close. I was just made the Stake Relief Society Secretary. We are trying to plan a Stake Relief Society Event for a Saturday in February 2014. I know it is far fetched, but do you ever keynote events like that for some place as far as Orem. I don’t know what our budget could cover as far as travel expenses, etc. This is only in my dreams and I haven’t mentioned it to anyone. Do you have any plans to be in the area sometime that we could snag you for something like that? Thanks, Sheri Wille

    • Sally DeFord

      Not too close… this year! 😉 I’ll e-mail you about the RS event.

  192. Julie Craig

    Dear Sally,
    Thank you so much for making your beautiful music available to everyone. You are a true artist! (Definition: unpaid and generous!) Our family will be singing “I Come to Him” on Father’s day Sunday when we gather to celebrate the 80th birthday of our family patriarch.

    Kind Regards,
    Julie Craig

  193. Stephanie Walker

    I was browsing your site a while ago (before these gorgeous changes) and found a song about the necessity of telling those you love that you DO love them. You had a little description of why you had written that song. It was about your teenage daughter and the two totally opposite ways the two of you viewed the same incident. I would love to point my son and daughter-in-law to be able to read that also, as they are struggling with a teenage daughter. Can you point me to where this might be?

    Stephanie Walker

    • Sally DeFord

      Stephanie, the song you’re after is called “Once Too Often,” and it’s found here: https://www.defordmusic.com/sheet-music/alphabetical-list/once-too-often/ 🙂

  194. V. Aisen

    Dear Ms. DeFord —
    Thank you for such beautiful music describing the power of Christ’s atonement! You were truly inspired! Thanks Again. V. Aisen

  195. Alessandro Maschio

    Just a short comment from Italy.
    I already have some of your pieces in the repertoir of my choir, but I decided to perform the cantata “In Him We Live” in its full score, because I think in Italy nobody did it in the past.
    My choir told me “Maestro, you are crazy, but we’ll follow you!!!”
    I’ll write you again to let you know how things are going.
    Alessandro Maschio

  196. Tom Burnett

    Just a note from an appreciative family choir. Thank you!

    • Sally DeFord

      Family choirs are the best!


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