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Staff Paper (blank)

Staff paper in various configurations.  These don’t include key or time signatures, barlines, or clefs.

I previously listed another site for free staff paper, but they have changed the interface, and it’s no longer user-friendly or as configurable.  🙁  Since that’s the case,  I’ll probably add more here.  If you have suggestions for layouts you’d like to see, just leave a comment.

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  1. Katherine Cowan

    I’m looking for staff paper for satb choir and piano in the following configuration: sop & alto top line treble clef, tenor and bass 2nd line bass clef, connected treble and bass clef lines for piano, so a total of 4 connected staff lines; treble, bass, treble, bass. I know this must be available somewhere so I must be searching with the wrong terminology. Can you help?

  2. James Sampson

    Hello Sally,

    I’ve been singing many of your solos for at least 10 years and they’re always emminently singable and well-received.
    As I was doing research for another solo in your ouevre, I wondered if having a searchable category for “text” or “lyrics” could be useful (i.e., “spirit”, “Holy Spirit”, “peace”, “forgiveness”, “believe”, etc.) Maybe your site does have that, but I’m not finding it.
    Anyway, thanks again for your gifts offered to all! –Jim Sampson

  3. Leigh Ann Martin

    Hi Sally,
    I really love your website and all of your beautiful music! I was wondering if you could arrange/compose some flute and cello and flute duet music appropriate for sacrament meetings.
    Thanks for always sharing your wonderful talents!

    Leigh Ann Martin

  4. John L Wilson

    Thank you!


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