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A Believer's PrayerSolo, duet or two-part, TTBBExample, Missionary, Service, YMYWYouth theme, Easy, men, YMYW, obbligato, flute, contest, submission, awards, winner, C instrument, Youth, faith, good works,
A Heaven on EarthSolo, SATBFamily, HomeEasy, Choir, fathers, mothers, parents
A Holy Child is BornSoloChristmas
A Manger Filled With LoveSolo, SATB, SSAChristmasFlute, Violin, Cello, Obbligato, German, Deutsch, Translations, Awards, winner, card, carol, Choir, C instrument, contest, submission
A Mother's Silent PrayerSolo, SATB, SAMothers, Family, HomeDuet, Women, High, Medium, Choir, Translations, Spanish, Español, Espanol
A Place in His ArmsChildren, SSATBJesus, Children,Flute, obbligato, C instrument, Awards, contest, submission, winner, easy
Abide With MeSolo, Duet or two-part choirJesus, Comfort, FaithIncludes obbligato for C instrument, violin, flute, easy, medium, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy
Above the Brightness of the SunSSAATTBRestoration, Joseph SmithFlute, Obbligato, first vision, missionary, contest, submission, awards, winner, prophets
All Creation Speaks His NameSolo, SABThanksgiving, Praise, GratitudeObbligato, violin, creation, nature, choir, medium, easy
Alleluia (Counterpoint to hymn #81)UnisonFaithPress Forward, Saints, YW, YMYW, Theme, Easy, Obbligato, Counterpoint, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy
An Angel to Watch Over MeSoloMothersIncludes flute obbligato, guitar chord chart, Spanish, translations, Portuguese, easy, Español, Espanol
An Instrument in Thy HandSoloMissionary, Service
And His Name Shall Be Called WonderfulSolo, SATBChristmasObbligato, violin, Kurt Bestor, easy, Swedish, Translations, choir
Angels We Have Heard on HighCongregational accompanimentChristmasInstrumental supplement to the standard hymn, flute, duet, four-hand, large
Anthem of PraiseSolo, SSAATBThanksgiving, Praise, GratitudeIncludes flute obbligato. Words adapted from "All Creatures of Our God and King." Translations, Spanish, difficult, large choir, awards, contest, submission, winner, Español, Espanol
Arise and Shine ForthSolo or Unison, Duet, SAB, SimplifiedExample, Missionary, Service, YMYWUnison includes optional harmonies for equal voices. Flute obbligato, Swedish, Portuguese, youth theme, mezzo, baritone, medium, easy mutual, YMYW, translations, good works, prophets
As Lately We WatchedPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate level
As Shepherds Kept Their Lonely VigilSATB (Also works well solo)ChristmasSolo, choir, easy, translations, French
As Sudden Angels Filled the NightSATB HymnChristmasHymn, Toni Thomas, translations, French
Away in a Manger (Congregation)Congregational accompanimentChristmaslarge, obbligato, c instrument, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Away in a Manger (Simple accompaniment)AccompanimentChristmassimple, easy, accompaniment, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, improv, Forte Notation, easy
Away in a Manger (Slane melody)Solo, SSAATBChristmasHymn arrangements, hymnal, hymnbook, violin, flute, c instrument, obbligato, card carol
Baby in a MangerChildren, Solo, SSAChristmasFlute, obbligato, c instrument, women, card carol, translations, Italian, easy
Be Still My SoulSoloComfort, FaithFlute, obbligato, c instrument, optional harmonies, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, testimony
Be Thou My VisionSolo, SSAATBTrust, Faithdevotion, comfort, choir, arrangements, violin, flute, c instrument, obbligato
Beautiful SaviorSATB, SSAJesus, worship, EasterPiano, Organ, flute, obbligato, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, translations, Filipino, choir, women, contest, submission, awards, winner
Because He LivesDuet, SATBJesus, Faith, Easterresurrection, life, choir, translations, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, awards, contest, submission, winner, Chinese, testimony, Español, Espanol
Because He Spoke to MeSolo, SSATBJesus, FaithObbligato, flute, cello, c instrument, choir,
Because You Prayed for MeSoloPrayer, Friendship, Supportc instrument, obbligato, violin, fire, evacuation, service, unity, brotherhood, sisterhood
Bless This LandSolo, HymnPatriotism, peaceAmerica, country, peace, Michael Moody
Born is the Light of the WorldSolo, SATB, HymnChristmasObbligato, violin, c instrument, Choir, Spanish, Translations, Español, Espanol
Born to Wear a CrownSSATB, SSA, DuetChristmasFlute, obbligato, choir, contest, submission awards, winner, translations, Indonesian
Bring a Torch, Jeanette, IsabellaPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, carol
Built Upon the RockSolo, DuetHome, Family, JesusSaxophone, translations, Portuguese, faith, testimony, fathers, mothers, parents
Built Upon the Rock (Program)VariousHome, Family, FaithProgram for 12 cast members, fathers, mothers, parents, grandparents
Cast Your Burden on the LordSolo, SATB, HymnFaith, Jesus, ComfortViolin, obbligato, choir, organ, awards, winner, submission contest, translations, dutch, testimony
Close as a Quiet PrayerSolo, ChildrenPrayer, Heavenly FatherCello, Violin, Viola, Obbligato, Prayer, submission awards, winner, easy,
Come HomeSolo, Unison or two-part equal voices, SATBFaith, Jesus, Family, FuneralObbligato, flutes, c instrument, choir, women, duet, easy
Come Unto ChristSolo, SATB, SSA, Unison or two-part equal voicesJesus, EasterObbligato, violin, cello, Choir, Women, two-part, translations, Spanish, awards, contest, submission, winner, Espanol, Español
Come Unto Christ: a Book of Mormon CantataVariousJesus, VariousObbligatos for some selections, Spanish, translations, Español, Espanol
Come, Follow MePiano SoloJesus, ObedienceIntermediate, hymn arrangement
Come, Lord JesusSSATB w/piano, organ and two flutesJesus, Second Coming, Easterorgan, flute, obbligato, choir, contest, submission, awards, winner
Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingSolo, SATB, TTBBJesus, Faithobbligato, violin, flute, c instrument, choir, men, Translations, Spanish, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy, Español, Espanol
Come, Thou Long-Expected JesusPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Created in His ImageSolo, SAIndividual worth, Heavenly Father, YMYWObbligato, flute, c instrument, harmony, translations, spanish, portuguese, YW, young women, youth, divine nature, easy, Español, Espanol
Deck the Halls (Piano Solo)Piano SoloChristmasEasy Jazz Piano
Everywhere I GoSolo, Duet or two-part chorusFaith, Courage, Guidance, YMYWYouth theme, YMYW, translations, Spanish, choir, Español, Espanol
Feast on the Word of the LordSATBJesus, ScripturesChoir, reading, Book of Mormon, easy
Fill the Well WithinSolo, Unison or SAInner strength, Servicewomen, contest, submission, awards, winner, knowledge, learning, easy
For Me AloneSoloJesus, Atonement, EasterObbligato, flute, violin, c instrument, contest, submission, awards, winner, Translations, German, Deutsch
For the Beauty of the EarthSAB, SSAPraise, ThanksgivingFlute, obbligato, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, choir, easy, translations, Spanish, family, parents, mother, father, brother, sister, Español, Espanol
Gently Raise the Sacred StrainSATBSabbath, SacramentChoir,Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy
Gesù, BambinoSolo, SATB, SSAChristmasObbligato, flutes, choir, women, arrangement
GethsemaneSolo, SATBJesus, Atonement, EasterViolin, obbligato, choir, translations, Finnish, Spanish, contest, submission, awards, winner, Portuguese, Español, Espanol
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Piano solo)Piano Solo (a bit jazzy)ChristmasIntermediate, jazz, carol, arrangement
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Vocal solo)SoloChristmasJazzy
God Will Provide a LambSATB, SoloJesus, Atonement, Repentance, EasterCello, flute, oboe, c instrument, choir
Good King WenceslasPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, arrangement
Guard Him, JosephSolo, Duet, SATB, Solo w/tenor harmonyChristmasObbligato, flute, cello, c instrument, choir, magazines, Ensign, easy
Hark! the Herald Angels SingCongregational accompaniment or piano/organ duetChristmasAccompaniment for congregational singing. Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
He is Born, the Child DivineSATB w/childrenChristmasFlute, bells, obbligato, choir, chorus, hymn arrangement, easy, Stars Were Gleaming
He is My AllSolo, DuetJesus
He is Risen from the DeadSATBJesus, Easter, ResurrectionFlute, obbligato
He is Risen!SATBJesus, Easter, ResurrectionHymn arrangement, easy, translations, Dutch
He is ThereSoloFaith, PrayerTestimony, comfort
He Sent His SonSSAJesus, , Easter, ChristmasObbligato, c instrument, flute, oboe, violin, conference, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, Michael Moody, Mabel Jones Gabbott, YW, General conference, women, easy
He Shall Feed His Flock/Come Unto HimSolo, SATBJesus, Messiah, EasterObbligato, violin, c instrument, choir, arrangement
Heaven's EmbraceSoloFaith, comfort
His Tears Were MineSoloJesus, Atonement, EasterObbligato, violin, c instrument
How Can I Do Anything but Love Him?SoloJesus, EasterViolin obbligato included
How Can I Keep From Singing?Solo, SATB, SSAA, TTBBHope, Jesus, Joy, FaithChoir, arrangement, women, men, James Loynes
How Gentle God's CommandsEasy to intermediate Piano SoloFaithEasy,intermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, instrumental
How Great is the MiracleDuet or two-part choirJesus, PraiseEasy, choir, chorus, alto, baritone, translations, Portuguese
How Great the Wisdom and the LoveSATB w/congregationJesus, Atonement, Sacrament, EasterHymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, choir, congregation, translations, Spanish, Español, Espanol
Hush the BabySoloChristmasEasy, Mary, Joseph,
Hymn of Grateful PraiseSolo, SSAATBBThanksgiving, gratitudeObbligato, violin, difficult, hard, scarborough fair, parents, father, mother, brother, sister,
I Am a Child of God (Accompaniment)AccompanimentHeavenly Father, Individual worthPiano, accompaniment, solo, children, congregation, choir, easy, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
I Am a Child of God (Piano Duet)Piano DuetHeavenly Father, Individual worthIntermediate, instrumental, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
I Come to HimSolo, SATB, SSAJesus, FaithViolin, obbligato, choir, translations, Portuguese, contest, submission, awards, winner
I Glory in My JesusSoloJesus, EasterObbligato, C instrument, violin, oboe, flute, easy,
I Have Not Seen, Yet I BelieveSolo, SATB, SSAJesus, Faith, EasterObbligato, cello, oboe, violin, Translations, Spanish, easy, choir, contest, submission, awards, winner, Español, Espanol
I Heard the Bells on Christmas DaySolo, SATBChristmasObbligato, flute, Spanish, Dutch, Translations, Choir, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, Español, Espanol
I Knew My Father KnewSolo, SSAA or Two-part womenFathers (or mothers!)Obbligato, violin, SA, Translations, Portuguese, contest, submission, awards, winner, parents
I Know My Father Loves MeChildren, Solo or Unison w/opt. harmonyHeavenly Father, FaithObbligato, flute, women, easy, contest, submission, awards, winner
I Need Thee Every HourSolo, SATBJesus, Faith, translations, FilipinoViolin, obbligato, c instrument, choir, translation, spanish, Filipino, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, Español, Espanol
I Stand All AmazedSATBJesus, Atonement, EasterViolin, obbligato, c instrument, choir, translations, Filipino, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
I Stand All Amazed (Cantata)VariousJesus, Atonement, Easter
I Stand All Amazed (Piano Solo)Piano SoloJesus, Atonement, EasterIntermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, piano, instrumental
I Will Stand as a Witness of ChristSolo, unison or two-part equal voicesExample, MissionaryYoung women, Translations, Russian, YW, YM, youth
If I Had Been in BethlehemChildren, Solo, SATBChristmasObbligato, flute, easy, translations, French, contest, awards, winner, submission, magazines, Friend
If I Have but a MomentSolo, unison or SAServiceWomen, easy, awards, contest, winner, submission relief society, unity, sisterhood, good works
If I Listen With My HeartChildren, Solo, SATBHoly Ghost, Jesus, peaceFlute, obbligato, c instrument, choir, MoTab, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Ryan Murphy, arrangement, Primary program, awards, contest, submission, winner, translations, magazines, Friend, Liahona, general conference
If I Planted a GardenChildren, SALaw of the harvesteasy, women, YW, young women, contest, awards, submission, winner, magazines, Friend, easy
If the Savior Stood Beside MeChildren (35 languages), Two-part choir, Unison, SA, Solo, DuetJesus, ChoicesWomen, Young Women, Relief Society, Choir, chorus, two-part, SA, treble, easy, flute, c instrument, duet, Albanian, translations, Swedish, Primary, program, sacrament meeting presentation, CSMP, Tabernacle Choir, Sam Cardon, winner, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Deutsch, YMYW, Youth, magazines, Friend, general conference, easy, Español, Espanol
Immanuel, ImmanuelSATB, SSAChristmasChoir, women, Translations, Portuguese, contest, submission, awards, winner
In a Manger BedSATBChristmasSolo, choir, easy,
In Him We LiveSSAATBJesus, Creation, Atonement, EasterChoir, flutes, organ, large, grand, powerful, contest, submission, awards, winner
In Him We Live (Cantata)VariousJesus, Easter
In Humility, Our SaviorPiano SoloJesus, Sacrament, EasterCome, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, intermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
In That Holy PlaceSolo, unison or SATemplesFlute, obbligato, women, YW, conference, young, YM, youth, family history, genealogy, heritage, ancestors, magazines, New Era, Liahona
In the Bleak MidwinterSSAA, SATBChristmasIncludes violin obbligato, arrangement
In the Silent GardenHymn, SSAATTBBJesus, Easter, ResurrectionObbligato, flute, choir, large, difficult
It Came Upon the Midnight ClearSATB, SoloChristmasObbligato, flute, c instrument, SSATBB, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, choir
It Was for MeSolo, SATBJesus, Atonement, EasterEasy, choir
Jesus, Lord, at Thy BirthSolo, SATBChristmasChoir
Jesus, Once of Humble BirthSATBJesus, Atonement, Second coming, EasterFlute, obbligato, c instrument, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (Cantata)VariousJesus, EasterObbligatos for C instrument included
Jesus, the Very Thought of TheeSATB, SoloJesus, FaithObbligato, flute, violin, C instrument, choir, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Jesus the Very Thought of Thee (Cantata)VariousJesus, EasterObbligatos for C instruments included
Joseph, Dearest Joseph MinePiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, arrangement
Joy to the WorldCongregational accompanimentChristmasPiano, organ, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Let Virtue Garnish All My Thoughts UnceasinglySolo, unison, or two-part equal voicesVirtue, YMYWObbligato, flute, c instrument, youth, theme, YMYW, translations, Spanish, Young, Español, Espanol
Lift Up Your HeartSolo, SATB, SSAFaith, Comfort, JesusViolin, obbligato, c instrument, choir, women, translations, Portuguese, contest, submission, awards, winner
Lo, How a Rose E'er BloomingPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, arrangement
Look On Him and LiveSolo, SSAAJesus, FaithObbligato, c instrument, violin, flute, women, submission, awards, contest, winner
Love at HomePiano soloHome, Family, LoveIntermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, mother, father, parents
Love Knows No BordersSATB Hymn, Solo/unison/two-part women, Solo/unison/two-part menChristmasSA, TB, choir, duet, unity, peace, love, tolerance
Lying in a MangerSolo, SSATTBB (or SATB)ChristmasObbligato, flute, choir
Make Us OneSolo, SA, SSA, SSAATB, TTBBUnity, Charity, StrengthObbligato, violin, general relief society broadcast, choir, women, men, conference, contest, submission, winner, awards, translations, Portuguese, brotherhood, sisterhood, peace, tolerance
Mid the Stillness of the NightHymnJesus, Atonement, EasterChoir, hymn, magazines, Ensign, contest, submission, awards, winner, easy
MiraclesSolo, SA, SSA, SATBService, LoveFlute, obbligato, c instrument, submission, contest, awards, winner, choir, women, translations, Spanish, YMYW, young women, youth, relief society, Español, Espanol
My All is ThineSolo, SATB, SSADevotion, Consecrationsubmission, contest, awards, winner, choir, women, translations, Spanish, German, Deutsch, Español, Espanol
My Father's Love for MeSoloFathersFamily, parents
My Gift, My OfferingSolo, SSAChristmasViolin, women, translations, German, Deutsch
My Grateful Spirit SingsSolo, SATBThanksgiving, GratitudeObbligato, violin, choir, c instrument, submission, contest, awards, winner,
My Heavenly Father Loves MePiano DuetHeavenly Father, GratitudeIntermediate, McMaster, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, children, submission, contest, awards, winner
My Sister's HandsSolo, SSASisterhood, AcceptanceWomen, submission, contest, awards, winner, easy, unity, service, good works
No Greater Love Than ThisHymnJesus, EasterChoir, submission, contest, awards, winner, easy
O Come, O Come EmmanuelSolo or TrioChristmasMen, Women arrangements
O Little Town of Bethlehem (Accompaniment)Congregational accompanimentChristmasfour-hand, piano, organ, duet, congregation, easy. Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
O My FatherSolo, SATBHeavenly FatherChoir, Eliza Snow, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown (Kingsfold melody)SATB (May be performed solo)Jesus, Atonement, EasterObbligato, violin, choir, submission, contest, awards, winner, easy, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Oh Holy NightSATB w/congregation, SoloChristmasObbligato, hymn arrangement, halfsheet, c instrument, translations, Spanish, Español, Espanol
Oh Strengthen MeTTBBFaith, StrengthMen
On a Christmas Long AgoSoloChristmas2016 Christmas Card Carol
On a Still and Starry NightSolo, Hymn, SATB, SSAChristmasObbligato, violin, April Moriarty, Card Carol 2014, choir, women
Once in Royal David's CityPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Once Too OftenSoloLove, AppreciationSax, daughter, Amy, Ryan Janus
Only LoveSoloLove, AcceptanceJosh Weed, contest, gay, tolerance, easy
Peace is Born on EarthSolo, SATB, SSAChristmasObbligato, flute, Women, Choir, Translations, Italian
Peace, Peace, PeaceSolo, SATBChristmasObbligato, flute, C instrument, choir
Poor and Quiet (Mizerna, Cicha)Piano SoloChristmasIntermediate level
Praise to the Lord (Cantata)VariousJesus, EasterObbligatos for flute, oboe and cello included
Prayer is the Soul's Sincere DesireSolo, SATB, SSAAPrayerObbligato, C instrument, violin, flute, choir, women, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, submission, contest, awards, winner,
Promised Savior, Promised KingSolo, SATBChristmasViolin, c instrument, choir, obbligato
Safe in Thy Loving ArmsSolo, DuetHome, Family, Parents, Childrenmother, father
Search Diligently, Pray AlwaysSolo, Unison, or SAScriptures, PrayerObbligato, C instrument, youth, women, YMYW, theme, knowledge
Search, Ponder and Pray/I Think When I Read That Sweet StoryChildren w/optional harmonyScriptures, JesusHymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, general conference
Shards of GlassSoloJesus, PotentialObbligato, cello, c instrument, YMYW, Young, Youth, individual worth, Kirtland Temple
Shepherd, Leave Thy SheepSABChristmasEasy, small choir
Shepherds' Cradle SongPiano SoloChristmasintermediate, arrangement
Silent Night (Choir & Congregation)SATB w/CongregationChristmasOrgan, piano, flute, Spanish, translations, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, Español, Espanol
Silent Night (Cantata)VariousChristmasObbligatos for C instrument included
Silent Night (Vocal Solo)SoloChristmasHymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
Star of WonderSoloChristmasObbligato, violin, c instrument, card carol 2013
Stay With Me, Lord Jesus, StaySolo, SATB w/soloJesusChoir
Take Time to Be HolySolo, SSAATBFaith, Obediencechoir, devotion, improvement, arrangements, violin, flute, c instrument, obbligato
The Angels Came to SingSolo, Simplified soloChristmasChristmas card carol, angels
The Cold December (El Desembre Congelat)Piano SoloChristmasCarol, arrangement, Catalonian
The First Noel - Voice/Flute DuetVoice/Flute DuetChristmasHymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
The First Noel (Congregation)Congregational AccompanimentChristmasAccompaniment includes organ and 4-hand piano, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy
The First Noel (Piano Solo)Piano SoloChristmaseasy, intermediate, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
The Greatest Among UsSolo, SATB w/soloJesus, Service, HumilityObbligato, violin, c instrument, choir
The Lesson That I Love BestYW/Leader DuetLove, Learning
The Lord is My ShepherdSolo, SSATBBJesus, ComfortViolin, obbligato, c instrument, choir, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
The Master's VoiceSolo, SSAATTBJesusViolin, obbligato, c instrument, translations, Spanish, contest, submission, awards, winner, Español, Espanol
The Most Beautiful Story That's Ever Been ToldSoloChristmasObbligato, violin, April Moriarty, translations, Spanish, Dutch, parents, family, Español, Espanol
The Painter's HandSoloPotential, Opposition, Trials, StrengthObbligato, cello, Valarie Olson, Megan Rieker, Translations, Spanish, Individual worth, young women, YMYW, youth, Español, Espanol
The ProdigalSolo, SATBLove, Service, ActivationObbligatos for violin and cello included, family, father, mother, parents, repentance
The Resurrection and the LifeSATBJesus, Easter, ResurrectionChoir, large, difficult
The Riches of My SoulSoloHome, Familyparents, father, mother,
The Rocking CarolPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, arrangement
The Shepherd of My SoulSoloJesusViolin, obbligato, C instrument
The Song of Our HeartsSolo, DuetPraise, Thanksgiving, GratitudeFamily
The Spirit of GodSSAARestorationObbligato, women, flutes, c instruments, general Relief Society broadcast, conference, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
The Star of BethlehemSolo, SATBChristmasChoir, Dickens, Scrooge,
There Is a Green Hill Far AwaySolo, SATBJesus, Atonement, EasterViolin, obbligato, choir, c instruments, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements, easy
There Within a StableSolo, SSAAChristmaswomen
This Is Holy GroundSolo, Unison, SATBJesus, Obedienceobbligato, oboe, c instrument, ymyw, young, youth, places
This is How I KnowSolo, DuetJesus, Testimony, Holy Ghost5/4, Easy, women, contest, submission, awards, winner
This is My Father's WorldSolo, SATBHeavenly Father, Jesus, Faith, Creationobbligato, violin, choir, c instrument, hymn arrangement
To Those Who Came Before MeSolo, SATB, SAAncestors, Pioneers, Temple Work, Gratitudeobbligato, choir, women, cello, c instrument, genealogy, family history, contest, submission, awards, winner, parents, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather,
Wagon Wheel RagPiano Solo (Ragtime)🙂Ragtime version of "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" hymn arrangement
What Child is This?Duet, two-part choir, SAChristmasChoir, easy, solo, traditional, carol, arrangement, translations, Spanish, Español, Espanol
What Child is This? (Congregation)Congregational accompanimentChristmasPiano, Organ, Flute, Obbligato, large, c instrument, arrangement
What I BelieveSoloExampleMissionary
What Sound Upon the Midnight Air?SSAATBChristmasChoir, Organ, large
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by NIghtSATBChristmasObbligato for flute included, c instrument, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements
When Hope Was BornSoloChristmasBuilt upon the rock, easy
When It RainsSolo w/opt. harmoniesFaith, TrialsObbligato, violin, gratitude, c instrument
When Mary Sang Her LullabySolo, SSAChristmaswomen
When the Son of God Was BornSolo, Duet, SAB, SSAAChristmasObbligato, violin, choir, women, translations, Spanish, card carol, c instrument, Español, Espanol
Whole AgainSoloRepentance, Forgiveness, EasterObbligato, cello, easy, c instrument
Would I Know My Savior?Solo, Simplified SoloChristmasCello, Obbligato, easy, simplified, guitar, c instrument, translations, Portuguese, YMYW, Youth, Young, testimony, magazines, New Era
Write Thy Name Upon My HeartSolo, SSATB, SSAJesus, Dedication, Love, Service, image, countenanceObbligato, cello, flute, c instrument, awards, contest, submission, winner, translations, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, , Español, Espanol
Silent Night/Still, Still, StillPiano SoloChristmasIntermediate, medley, Hymn, hymnal, hymnbook, arrangements

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