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Privacy and Cookie Policies


My website uses cookies–like 99.9999% of sites on the internet. It has used them since the beginning of time, but the laws of many countries now require a long-winded explanation like this one. Rather than formal, incomprehensible legalese which nobody would read anyway, here’s the scoop in plain old English (well, the American version anyway):

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in your browser, and referenced by your browser when you visit my site.

Cookies may be single-session (deleted when you close your browser) or persistent (remaining in the browser unless you choose to delete them).

The request that appears at the bottom of your screen advises you that continuing to browse this site implies your consent to use these cookies. You can click the “Got it!” button to banish the notice.

You can also browse this site without accepting cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Some functionality may be lost, but it should still work… fingers crossed!

Third-party sites linked here (such as the affiliate links at the bottom of the page and embedded YouTube videos) also use cookies, and have their own policies.

If you want to know all about internet cookies, try http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

If you’d rather just bake Big, Thick, Soft Sugar Cookies, try this amazing recipe: Big, Thick, Soft Sugar Cookies.  (It unfortunately has nutrition information included on the page… you might want to skip that part.)


I use the general information collected on this site to make navigation more convenient, and for statistics that tell me how well my site is serving its purpose. I do NOT use it to track your browsing habits, target advertising at you, or find out what you had for lunch.

Any personal information collected on this site is collected only when you enter it into a comment or contact form. It is used only to communicate with you as you request. It is NOT used to send you spam or sign you up for “Cat Facts,” nor is it given or sold to anyone else, including those who would send you spam or sign you up for “Cat Facts”.

No personal data other than a name, e-mail address, and website address will be requested on this site, and here, at least, you can go by “Cordelia” if you like, even if it’s not your real name. Third-party sites linked here may require additional information, including your real name, in accordance with their own privacy policies.

So there you have it. If you read all that, congratulations! You have probably earned a place in history as the first person ever to have actually done so. Happy browsing!


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