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On a Christmas Long Ago

On a Christmas Long Ago

Each year I try to do a “Christmas Card Carol” to give away in lieu of fudge or cookies. (That’s because you don’t want my cookery. Trust me.) I never seem to get them done in time to be useful for the current year, and this year’s is no exception. So…Here on Christmas Eve Eve (is that a thing?) is this year’s carol…

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Hush the Baby: a tale of two melodies

Hush the Baby: a tale of two melodies

A thing I do to drive myself a little crazier: “finish” something, make it public, and then regret it because it was just. plain. wrong. I’m glad the Lord knows what He’s doing when I don’t.

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  1. Pam Baird

    I am looking for the words to “Come and See” but have not been able to find them on your site. Where should I look?

  2. Sabau Steven Livingstone

    Hi, I am looking for Sacramento hymns for children’s choir/voices eg for Holy Communion. Please I’ll appreciate any help!


  3. Lynette Blue

    I love your arrangements. I’m wondering if you have any piano duets. I’m trying to find some piano duets of church music.

  4. Betty Ann Wells


    There are no songs about the betrayal and trial of Christ that I can find among LDS composers. I’ve looked in non-LDS sources and am yielding almost the same result. I wonder if this might be a topic you would enjoy working on. Thank you for the many lovely compositions you have shared with all of us!

    All the best!

  5. Norma Horne

    What a wonderful talent you have! Have you ever thought of doing an arrangement of Oh Savior, Thou who wearest a crown with its original melody? I have looked high and low for one and have not been successful in my treasure hunt…

    • sallydeford

      I have thought about it, but it probably won’t happen. The Hassler/Bach setting isn’t my favorite melody, so it’s not likely to be one I’d choose to arrange. 🙂

  6. Marilyn Johnson

    Our Stake is looking for the accompaniment copy for the piece that a youth choir sang for this last October, Saturday afternoon session the piece is I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus/He Sent His Son youth choir arrangement by Sally Deford –

    • sallydeford

      Marilyn, I wish I could help you! I don’t have publishing rights on that one, so I can’t post it here. It’s possible that the Church Music and Cultural Arts department could get you a copy if you ask them–no guarantees, but they’ve done it before with other songs. Eventually I know they hope to have that one on music.lds.org, but it takes awhile.

  7. Teresa Allred

    I’m looking for TTBB arrangements for sacrament meeting special numbers.

  8. Patricia McGuirt

    Hi, we are looking for a Christmas duet for male voices. Would appreciate any ideas/thoughts you may have✨
    Thank You so much,
    Patti McGuirt


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