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On a Christmas Long Ago

On a Christmas Long Ago

Each year I try to do a “Christmas Card Carol” to give away in lieu of fudge or cookies. (That’s because you don’t want my cookery. Trust me.) I never seem to get them done in time to be useful for the current year, and this year’s is no exception. So…Here on Christmas Eve Eve (is that a thing?) is this year’s carol…

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Hush the Baby: a tale of two melodies

Hush the Baby: a tale of two melodies

A thing I do to drive myself a little crazier: “finish” something, make it public, and then regret it because it was just. plain. wrong. I’m glad the Lord knows what He’s doing when I don’t.

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Primary Music :)

Primary Music 🙂

Info on the medley of “Search, Ponder, and Pray” and “I Think When I Read That Sweet Story”, and a simplified version of “If I Listen With My Heart.”

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A couple of Christmas additions

A couple of Christmas additions

A new Christmas hymn, “As Sudden Angels Filled the Night,” written with Toni Thomas; and an arrangement of “And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful” by Kurt Bestor.

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  1. Patricia McGuirt

    Hi, we are looking for a Christmas duet for male voices. Would appreciate any ideas/thoughts you may have✨
    Thank You so much,
    Patti McGuirt


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