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Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (Cantata)

“Jesus, Once of Humble Birth” tells of the Savior’s birth, ministry, death and resurrection, based on the New Testament accounts. This is probably the easiest of the cantatas to perform.It lasts about 45 minutes, and is voiced for full choir, accompanied by piano and optional flute or violin. It includes solos for one soprano and one baritone.


Sheet Music Downloads
List of Songs Included in the Program

The titles included in the cantata are listed below. Linked titles are available separately. If a title is not linked, it is only available by downloading the complete program. A few titles have audio demos available–they are marked with a “*”. The performers’ interpretations may differ from the printed score.

Jesus, Once of Humble Birth
Immanuel, Immanuel (the SSA arrangement maybe substituted if desired)
From Grace to Grace
Feast on the Word of the Lord
How Great is the Miracle*
Thou Art the Christ
How Like a Lamb
He is Risen from the Dead
My Redeemer Lives
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth


  1. Tyler Nelson

    Are there organ parts for the cantata’s Jesus once of humble birth and Jesus the very thought of thee?

  2. Jeanie Pierson

    Once again, prayers were answered, the spirit brought affirmation and personal revelation through your beautiful cantata.
    I have directed it for 17 years, along with many other of your inspired works, in two different wards. Every experience brings 50-80, mostly non-singers.
    Everyone loves getting your music and sacred words in their heads and hearts.
    Before the pandemic, we were preparing your “Come Unto Christ “ cantata as a missionary fireside. We’re excited to pick it up again.
    How many testimonies you have strengthened and hearts you have lifted, I can’t imagine but as my son-in-law reminds me, we have had a “ton of fun”.


    I love to get a copy of this cantata

  4. Verelisa

    Buenas tardes hermana ¡sería posible que pudiéramos hacer una traducción y adaptación al español y poderla usar para un programa en nuestra estaca?
    Muchas gracias.

    Good afternoon, sister, is it possible that we could do a translation and adaptation into Spanish and use it for a program in our stake?
    Thank you very much

    • Sally DeFord

      Absolutely! 🙂

  5. Jeanette Heeb

    I would love to hear at least parts of the songs in this cantata.

  6. Elizabeth Kirkley

    For the piece “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth Cantata,” is it possible to get sheet music for the flute part only?


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