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Softly, Softly

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us

1 John 5:14 KJV

About the Song

The words to this song came to me unexpectedly. We had lost our daughter to cancer a few months prior–on Christmas eve of 2022–and since that time nothing much had come to me, unexpected or otherwise. My heart had been occupied with so many things that somehow I just didn’t have the will to write. I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am that my Heavenly Father was willing to inspire these lyrics in spite of my inadequacy.

The topic of this song is prayer to our Heavenly Father, but the picture at the top represents our Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s because of Jesus that we can come to our Heavenly Father, and I think I chose this picture because I so love the idea of the Savior holding me in his arms as I pray. The art is by Nancy Hilton, who graciously allowed me to use her beautiful work to represent this song. You can see more of her work at https://hiltonartist.com/

The recording below features Rebecca Lord on vocals, and Alice Hallstrom on violin. The violin plays a kind of duet with the voice. Rebecca and Alice perform it that way flawlessly– perfectly in sync and complementing each other beautifully. Not surprising since these lovely ladies are sisters. 🙂

The violin part is written in a range that can be played on either violin or viola, so I’ve included scores for both.

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Softly, Softly (feat. Rebecca Lord)
Softly, Softly (Accompaniment Track)
Softly, Softly (Piano Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by Rebecca Lord, with violin by Alice Hallstrom:

Accompaniment Track featuring Alice Hallstrom on violin:

Piano Track:

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Softly, softly, into the silence,
Kneeling in spirit,
Seeking in faith.
Surely, surely, surely He listens,
Teaching me wisdom,
Granting me grace.

Calling, calling into the quiet,
Humbly entreating,
Speaking His name.
Gently, gently, gently He guides me,
Easing my burdens,
Bearing my pain.

Softly, softly, into my seeking,
Bring me healing,
Warming my soul,
Softly, softly, the Spirit is speaking,
Whispering peace,
And making me whole.

Softly, softly, goodness and mercy,
Streaming from heaven
Into my heart.
Holy Father who patiently hears me,
My God ever near me,
How kindly thou art!

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  1. Alesya Walters

    Thank you so much for this blessing gift. I was looking for my voice long time ago soft and tender music like your songs. So glad and happy finding you 🙏❤️🙏

  2. Sylvia Schijve

    Dear Sally,
    I was looking for a quite different song on your site. Tomorrow I have a funeral of my beloved sister for the same reason as your daughter. And she was so glad to go to Jesus. And this picture is so beautiful and the voice is so kind. I am so impressed. Thank you so much for the story, the picture, the music and these musicians and that you gave this to others. Is it that God better knows what we need as we ourselves? Thanks so much.

  3. Koleta Wells

    Sally, will you be arranging this for 3 or 4 vocal parts? If so, I’ll be waiting.
    I printed this solo also….thank you for your ongoing inspiration! My love
    to you. Koleta Wells, Sutherlin, Oregon

  4. Roseanna

    You “took the words out of my soul” — you are so incredibly gifted and your music enlightens and thrills my spirit. Thank you, too, for sharing so freely.

  5. Charlotte H.


  6. Jeanette Weaver

    I am so grateful for you and your beautiful music. I had a granddaughter die under my care and it was devastating. Music has been a huge part of my soul finding a way to heal. Thank you for your inspiration and beautiful talent that you share with all of us. I’m sorry for your loss.

  7. Kathy Taufer

    Thank you for sharing, beautiful song.

  8. Ann W Yuill

    Beautiful, as usual. Thank you for the years of wonderful music. I have used many of your creations with my choirs. Many, many thanks.


    • joanna Velayo

      WOW.you are amazing. so talented and you are the most generous musician sharing your talents with the world

  9. Valerie

    Lovely! Thank you so much for blessing our lives, Sally, and bringing us closer to Heavenly Father.

  10. Alice Wong Ham

    That’s beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing this inspired music and your heartfelt thoughts!


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