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A Heaven on Earth

“It’s possible to make home a bit of heaven. Indeed, I picture heaven as a continuation of the ideal home.”

David O. McKay.

About the Song

It *is* possible to make home a bit of heaven. It happened to our family once, for about ten minutes back in 1992. (The kids were asleep. That may have had something to do with it.)

Actually, we do have our heavenly moments around here, and they follow a definite pattern. They occur when we’re staying close to the Lord, and behaving ourselves in a way that makes Him comfortable as a guest in our home. They pop up most often when we’re serving others as He would do; when we’re feeling grateful; when we’re united in prayer for a common purpose.

They seem to have less to do with the state of our housekeeping than with the state of our hearts. They are the times when we feel His spirit with us, because it is His presence that makes a home a heaven on earth.

This song is part of the Built Upon the Rock Program.

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When we kneel in prayer with humble hearts
to invite His spirit in
When we live each day by the light of faith
and put our trust in Him
When our souls delight in truth and right
and things of eternal worth
Then the Savior will come and abide in our home
And make it a heaven on earth

When our hearts are turned to loved ones here
and to those who’ve gone before
When we freely share one another’s joy
and mourn with those who mourn
When we offer Him our willing hands
And serve Him with all our strength
Then the Savior will come and abide in our home
And make it a heaven on earth

When we offer up our grateful praise
for each perfect gift of God
When we find our safety in His commands
and make His word our law
When we set aside our worldly cares
to seek after heaven first
Then the Savior will come and abide in our home
And make it a heaven on earth

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  1. Phil Lammi

    Sally, Thank you for composing A Heaven on Earth. It has become more dear to me as the years pass

  2. Jane Ludlow

    Are you aware of any music for “Love, Serve, Invite” ? Especially something for women. Thanks

  3. Mary Lamoreaux

    I’m looking for the musical recording.

  4. Mary Lamoreaux

    I totally love the words and the message of the song.

  5. Nalisa Martin

    You have nice music please keep it up. And notify me for any latest music sheet


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