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Alleluia (Counterpoint to hymn #81)

About the Song

This is a simple melody, sung on one word–“Alleluia”–throughout. The melody stays between c’ and d”.

It is written as a counterpoint to “Press Forward, Saints,” #81 in the 1985 LDS hymnal. The music is printed on a half-sheet so it will slip inside your hymnbook. I suggest using it with the last verse only.

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  1. Emily Hunt

    I think the bar numbering for the music is incorrect.
    I think bar 5 is missing and should be 6. Please advise. Tried it with the choir and it was terribly off.

    • Sally DeFord

      Yes, ma’am, the numbering was a bit off because measure 4 was split. The counterpoint aligns with the notes in the hymnbook, whatever the measure numbers may be. 🙂

  2. Emily Hunt

    Hi Sally,
    Have loved your music for many decades. Thank you for sharing your talent so freely.
    I’m going to try this for our Stake Conference as the closing Hymn with choir singing the Alleluia for the last verse with the congregation.
    Would the vision work?

  3. Elaine (Moss) McOmber

    I love your music!! Thank you!

  4. Diane Mecham

    I have a question regarding the counterpoint melody for “Press Forward Saints”. I’m wondering who sings the counterpoint (Altos? A soloist? etc.) and what the remainder of the choir sings. Should they all sing the melody in unison, or will they be singing SATB?

    Thank you for your response and for your generosity in sharing your beautiful arrangements.

    • Sally DeFord

      Diane, the counterpoint can be sung by a soloist or a section. The choir can sing the parts or unison. The counterpoint could also be done by an instrument. It’s made to be pretty versatile.


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