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As Lately We Watched (Piano Solo)

About the Song

Traditional Austrian carol, arranged for intermediate piano solo.

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As lately we watch’d o’er our fields thro’ the night,
A star there was seen of such glorious light.
All thro’ the night, angels did sing
Carols so sweet of the birth of a King.

A King of such beauty was ne’er before seen,
And Mary His mother so like a queen.
Blessed be the hour, welcome the morn,
For Christ our dear Saviour on earth now is born.

His throne is a manger, His court is a loft,
But troops of bright angels, in lays sweet and soft,
Him they proclaim, our Christ by name,
And earth, sky and air straight are filled with his fame.

Then shepherds, be joyful; salute your new King,
Let hills and vales ring to the song that ye sing.
Blessed be the hour, welcome the morn,
For Christ our dear Saviour on earth now is born.

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  1. Carol Bruegge

    I recently became aware of this Christmas Carol, and this month have found and used 3 different arrangements in church services: a handbell arrangement, a hymn arrangement, and now this wonderful piano solo. Its fun discovering treasures such as this. Thank you, Sally, for this beautiful arrangements. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Lisa

    Thank you so much, dear Sister Sally, for these beautiful songs. I’m living in Africa with my husband and five children with limited availability for sheet music. This is such a treasure. All the best to you and your family.

  3. JoAnn Mosier

    Thank you Sally for sharing your beautiful talent with all of us. I have accompanied a stake choir and enjoyed so many of your Christmas Songs for our concert each year. My piano students have enjoyed your arrangements of solos, Primary singers your songs. I have recently downloaded several songs and piano arrangements and will spend this afternoon playing them. Some will be assigned to my students.

  4. Raquel

    It’s always such fun to “discover” new Christmas songs—this one in particular had become a fast favorite! Love the lyrics, love-love the arrangement!

    Thank you for sharing your talents, they are truly a gift, and I am a grateful recipient!

  5. Matthew Noffke

    Wonderful music. Inspirational.

  6. Thomas R. Terry

    This is just one of your lovely arrangements that have brought joy to more than one of my Presbyterian congregations over the last several years. Thank you for sharing your talents freely with the world.

  7. DeLite

    So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music!


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