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Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (Piano Solo)

About the Song

17th century French carol, arranged for intermediate piano solo.

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Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle
Un flambeau! Courons au berceau!
C’est Jésus, bonnes gens du hameau.
Le Christ est né; Marie appelle!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que la Mère est belle,
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que l’Enfant est beau!

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  1. Trisha Lee

    I think you are doing a wonderful service to the world and I’m grateful for all the beautiful and uplifting music you share with everyone. Bless you and your continued service!

  2. Marti Lythgoe

    Thank you so much! I learned the French words more than 50 years ago and have wanted to relearn them, but all of the recordings I hear are just the instrumental. I will enjoy playing it, too.

  3. Abel Braganza

    Do you not have the English Version of this Song

  4. LB

    Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella is a beautiful carol. Thank you for sharing this arrangement.

  5. Elizabeth Mangold

    Thank you so very much! This is one of my favorite Christmas carols and you have written such a stunning arrangement of it.
    Thank you, again!

  6. Colleen Haehnel

    Thank you for sharing your music! This arrangement is lovely!

  7. Tami

    Thank you so much for this moving arrangement of such a beloved carol. I will use it Christmas Eve at church!

  8. ScooterMusic

    Beautiful arrangement of BRING A TORCH JEANETTE ISABELLA!


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