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Cast Your Burden on the Lord

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee…”

Psalm 55:22 KJV

“…yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…”

Isaiah 49:15, 16 KJV

About the Song

After several years of debating, I have now done a solo arrangement for this song. It was originally a choral only, meant to be accompanied on the organ. Since organ accompaniments don’t work for some choirs, I have also included an adaptation for piano. The piano accompaniment for the solo version is somewhat different from the choral version. (The version James sings includes a bit of improv.)

Church Music Submission: Anthem division–Award of Distinction 2005 (version with organ).

This song is part of the “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee” cantata.

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Cast Your Burden On the Lord (feat. Heather Prusse)
Cast Your Burden On the Lord (Accompaniment Track)
Cast Your Burden On the Lord (Piano Track)

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Recording featuring vocals by Heather Prusse:

Accompaniment track:

Piano track:

Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Accompaniment track:

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Cast your burden on the Lord,
and He will make it light
Come unto Him, ye heavy laden;
find your rest in Christ
Bring Him your sorrows, all your grief
Lay every weakness at His feet
He will sustain you, give you peace
And lead you into life

Cast your burden on the Lord
and He will heal your soul
Place on His altar all your sin
and He will bear its toll
Bring Him your blindness born of pride
Give Him your broken heart to bind
It was for this He bled and died:
That He might make you whole

Cast your burden on the Lord
And He will carry you home
He will attend you and defend
Through perils yet unknown
Put your unwavering trust in Him
Christ, your constant heavenly friend
Has graven you in the palms of His hands
And never forsakes his own

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  1. Ricardo

    Where can I leave a video we performed yesterday.

  2. Paul Isaac

    God Bless You Sally, your music will be blessing to many to praise God.

  3. Amaree

    I just want to say thank you for this song. For a few years now it’s been one of my favorites, and I sing it to myself all the time when I feel worried or afraid. Your generosity is as beautiful as your music.

  4. sallydeford

    Fixed a couple of typos in this one today (1/20/19). Too bad there isn’t a “spell check” for musical notation… 😉

  5. Jamaica Ross

    I really love your music. Thank you so much Sally DeFord! Keep it up! May God bless you always :). I love you.

  6. Beth Lemon

    We sang this last night in the adult session of our Stake Conference. I was praying that more choir members would come and join us as only 9 people (1 soprano and 1 bass) were there. Well, I am certain that my prayer was answered in the form of angels singing with us. Our sound absolutely filled the meetinghouse and the spirit was incredibly sweet. I feel so blessed to have been part of that experience. Thank you for writing such beautiful music that the angels wanted to join in with us!

  7. Ronnie Aquino

    Hello Sally, im really grateful that you are willing to share your music that really inspires and touches the hearts. I have a special child who uses your songs for our church services and i would like to request if you have any minus one with the song cast your burden on the lord without violin.

  8. Ronald Raaphorst

    I sang this song at my father’s funeral this past February (2013). He wanted me to sing a solo but was unsure of which song to select.
    After seeing this song, listeneing to the lyrics with my heart, a sang this for him a week before he went home to his Lord and Saviour. He laid back in his bed with a peaceful smile.
    Two days after hearing me sing this for him he was admitted to hospital and slipped in and out of conciousness until he finally could fight no more.
    I like to think that these words were running through his mind in those last days.
    Thank you for your wonderful ministry. God bless.

  9. Chris

    Wow! Thank you for this! May I use this for my audition? Thank you very much for these resources, and may I ask for a simple Chord chart, because I cannot read music, I play by ear. Anyways I can play it, but it would be a lot easier for some if you will provide them! This is the most beautiful rendition of the song from Psalms! God bless!

    Greetings from The Philippines!

    • Sally DeFord

      You may certainly use it for your audition. I don’t have a chord chart to send you though…. sorry!


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