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If I Have but a Moment

About the Song

I always marvel at how just how much our Savior accomplished during what was really a very short ministry. There were so many demands on his time. Yet though he had a great work to perform and labored far beyond the strength of any other man, he was still accessible to those who needed him, stopping along the way to lift and heal and comfort.

As we in our turn strive to offer Christian charity and service to others, there are many demands on our time. We are busy people. I remember a day when a busy visiting teacher brought me flowers “for no reason at all.” Perhaps she picked them up at the grocery store check stand on a whim, and stopped by on her way home.

She did not know how much I needed her kindness that day. It was a small act of service that I have never forgotten, rendered during a time of quiet grief. The memory is a gentle reminder to me, when I am in danger of being caught up “in the thick of thin things,” that much may be accomplished though I have but a moment.

Church Music Contest: Relief Society division–2nd place 1987

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I walk the path of life as Jesus walked
Along the roads of Galilee
About me need is great. Shall I not heed
The weary ones who beckon me?
The world demands my time for many passing things
The Savior bids me choose the better part
Shall I hasten on to answer common calls,
Or shall I pause to ease the aching heart?

If I have but a moment,
Shall I let it pass away?
Can I think to do His work
Another time, another day?
If I have but a moment,
Could I lift a load of care?
If I have but a moment,
Are there words of hope to share?
If I have but a moment
Is a moment not enough
To do the gentle work of love?

In every troubled hour I feel
The comfort of His love unceasingly
I seek to bear his part, to live as He,
To give as He has given me
And all around me there is need unmeasured still
The silent grief, the bitter word unsaid
Shall I go unknowing on my heedless way,
Or shall I seek to dry the tear unshed?

(Repeat Chorus)

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Espersen

    I am so grateful to you for your willingness to share your music and bring the spirit into Sacrament meetings even more! I’m always able to find the perfect piece! You’ve been blessed with an incredible talent, and I thank Heavenly Father for you each time I play your music! Thank you so much!


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