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Immanuel, Immanuel

About the Song

Church Music Contest: Anthem/Hymn Arrangement division–3rd place 1992 (SATB)

This song is part of the “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth” cantata.

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Immanuel, Immanuel (feat. Heather Prusse)
Immanuel, Immanuel (Piano Track)



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Recording featuring vocals by Heather Prusse:

Piano Track:

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Apple Music: Immanuel, Immanuel (feat. Heather Prusse)
Apple Music: Immanuel, Immanuel (Piano Track)

Amazon: Immanuel, Immanuel (feat. Heather Prusse)
Amazon: Immanuel, Immanuel (Piano Track)



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Fair is the Child within the stable yonder
Softly He sleeps and fills the heart with wonder
Blessed gift of God, the Virgin guards His slumber
While angels delight to praise His holy name

Immanuel, Immanuel, the heavens tell of thy coming
Immanuel, Immanuel, this night we rejoice in thee

What light divine o’er Bethlehem is streaming?
Shadows of night in silent haste are fleeing
Rising o’er the world, the star of stars is gleaming
To hallow the place wherein the Babe is laid

Immanuel, Immanuel, the heavens tell of thy coming
Immanuel, Immanuel, this night we rejoice in thee

Fair is the Child! the Lord of all creation
Promise of life and Light unto all nations!
Wrapped in swaddling bands, the hope of our salvation
We kneel at his feet to worship Him our king

Immanuel, Immanuel, the heavens tell of thy coming
Immanuel, Immanuel, this night we rejoice in thee

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  1. Valerie VanWagenen

    I would love to have a violin added to the singing part of this

  2. fontaine wallace

    This song, “Immanuel, Immanuel”, is one of the most beautiful compositions I have ever heard. Thank you for making it public so many can appreciate both its message and its dramatic impact. God bless you.

  3. Jennifer Tan

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for the blessings of music from above!
    I’m inspired by your music as shared! God bless you for your ministry!

  4. Gail Allen

    Thanks Sally! You are a beautiful and talented lady. We so much love singing your music and feeling the Spirit with each song. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your music with so many!

  5. Meijken

    I sang this as a 15 year old in our ward choir 25 years ago. It still touches me and I have never forgotten how strong the spirit was when we sang it, both in practice and performance. A powerful testimony through music.
    Thank you!

  6. Sweety

    I love your music. I just finished practising ‘Immanuel, Immanuel’ which we will be singing for our Stake Carol Festival and I really felt the message of the words and music.
    I am thankful for your talent, so that I can share mine.


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