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Joy to the World (Congregation)

About the Song

Here’s an example of an arrangement I hate to even call an “arrangement.” It was designed as an accompaniment to support a large congregation, and its predominant virtue is volume. Though the organ score is just the basic hymn as found in the 1985 LDS hymnal, it does contain a few extra measures and a key change so your organist will need to play from this score. The piano score contains all the extras to fancy up the standard hymn. I wouldn’t recommend this one as an accompaniment for a choir presentation–it’s too repetitive.

Directors, you will need to hold and cue your congregations well, as they will need to hold the last note of each verse longer than they expect, and the last three notes of the final verse are doubled. They can sing unison or use the harmony parts as written in their hymnals.

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  1. Cydne

    Is there a recording of this?

    • Heather

      I found a video of someone playing it on YouTube (not by Sally deFord).

    • Susan King

      i found one onYouTube…I love this arrangements and introduce it to the music chairman at every ward I have been in since I discovered it. (3 wards)

  2. Abel Braganza

    Thank you very much for your sheet music. It has helped our Parish here in Sakinaka, Mumbai, India into a full fledged choir group. I have used these resources for every ocassions in the Parish & School

  3. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing your music so freely! I am the Music Director of a Catholic Church with a small, but capable choir. I’ve used your Joy to the World for the last 3 years with our Midnight Mass. I found your site through the LDS Music site. Even though our theological differences prevent me from using some of your music, there is still an abundance of music that I can use. I am always pleased when we can stretch across the aisle and celebrate our similarities and music is a divine way of drawing people together. Thank you for letting this Music Director with a small budget have access to quality music for my choir and church!

    • sallydeford

      Dawn, I totally agree with you! Music is a perfect way to share the things we love in common. 🙂

  4. Michelle Osborn

    Thank you for your wonderful music. I am very excited to use this arrangement for Christmas. By any chance could you write a flute part to go with this. I love having Choir, Congregation, Organ and piano arrangements, especially during the holidays. Adding the flute is extra special and I have someone who can play.
    Thank you so much for sharing your music with us.

  5. Kristy

    This is such a fun arrangement! It’s very forgiving for the pianist since the organ and congregation are both happening at the same time. It’s become a tradition in our ward to sing as the closing hymn for the past few years. The one tiny suggestion I have is to add the lyrics to the piano part. I had to write them in because if I happen to get lost there’s not a good way to figure out where I’m at again. Haha…maybe that’s just me though.

    • Heather

      I so agree! I love just having the music for me as an organist and pianist, but not all ward music directors know music super well and it really throws them off. It would be nice to have a full score for them.

  6. Lucy Pierce

    I love this arrangement. We are going to use it in our sacrament meeting program. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


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