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Joy to the World (Congregation)

About the Song

Here’s an example of an arrangement I hate to even call an “arrangement.” It was designed as an accompaniment to support a large congregation, and its predominant virtue is volume. Though the organ score is just the basic hymn as found in the 1985 LDS hymnal, it does contain a few extra measures and a key change so your organist will need to play from this score. The piano score contains all the extras to fancy up the standard hymn. I wouldn’t recommend this one as an accompaniment for a choir presentation–it’s too repetitive.

Directors, you will need to hold and cue your congregations well, as they will need to hold the last note of each verse longer than they expect, and the last three notes of the final verse are doubled. They can sing unison or use the harmony parts as written in their hymnals.

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  1. Lucy Pierce

    I love this arrangement. We are going to use it in our sacrament meeting program. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


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