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​Peace, Peace, Peace

About the Song

This song is part of the “Silent Night” Christmas cantata. 

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Peace, Peace, Peace (feat. James Loynes)
Peace, Peace, Peace (Accompaniment Track)
Peace, Peace, Peace (Piano Track)



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Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Piano track:

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Apple Music: Peace, Peace, Peace (feat. James Loynes)
Apple Music: Peace, Peace, Peace (Accompaniment Track)
Apple Music: Peace, Peace, Peace (Piano Track)

Amazon: Peace, Peace, Peace (feat. James Loynes)
Amazon: Peace, Peace, Peace (Accompaniment Track)
Amazon: Peace, Peace, Peace (Piano Track)





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Peace, heavenly peace
Rests on Judah this night
Peace foretold through the ages
Promised peace from on high
A hush falls o’er the hills
Silent and still are Bethlehem’s streets
For Christ is born, blessed Savior
Bringing peace, peace, peace

Peace, heavenly peace
Rests this night on the world
Peace descends as the shepherds
Keep their watch in the field
A song, fervent as prayer, is borne on the air
as Bethlehem sleeps
For angels bright with God’s glory
Sing of peace, peace, peace

Peace, heavenly peace
Rests on men at His birth
Peace beyond understanding
Gift of God to the earth
Peace shines in our hearts
Bright as the star that shines in the east
To guide us all as we seek
the Prince of Peace, peace, peace

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  1. Natasha

    Could I get a copy of the 2 part that was used for the youtube version? I am looking for a 2 part for male voices, and this was beautiful!!

  2. Stacey Carpenter

    Is there a way to get this in low voice? Or at least Alto? It’s just a bit to high and I would love to solo this song.

  3. Erika Bestor

    Do you know which Christmas songs are in the Low Voice range? You used to have High, Medium and Low Voice categories, which were really helpful!

  4. Tammy

    Do you have a write up on how this song came to be. I will be using this in my Christmas program this year and the narrator will be sharing the story behind each christmas song we sing. I would love to hear how this song came to be.

    Thank you

  5. Joseph Z

    If anyone is curious, the key that James Loynes sings in is C major (I think). You can find out how to transcribe here (https://defordmusic.com/transposing-using-personal-composer/). Its takes an app download, but other than that pretty simple.

  6. Lynn Hall

    Hello and Merry Christmas! Have you ever considered doing a duet or men’s version of this song? I’ve been struggling to find free and/or accessible music, especially Christmas music for men’s choirs, like TB, TTB, or TBB. Do you have any suggestions for how to adapt music like this for 2-3 men’s parts? I can move the soprano down an octave, but that doesn’t always sound very good, and it often leaves the 1st tenors singing higher than they comfortably can, especially depending on the key.

  7. Alice Snedeger

    I think that is what I’m looking for. Do you have it in stock? And how expensive is it

  8. Nancee S Large

    Thank You for creating this beautiful song “Peace, Peace, Peace”. I had the great experience of singing in a small group as a part of our Christmas worship program yesterday. It was such a sweet lifting experience. Now I’d like to play it on my guitar in my home with my family and wonder if you have the guitar chords to share for “Peace Peace Peace” ?

  9. arthur O lono

    I am so happy to play sally Deford’s composition because inside the melody of her music I find peace and love by my experience of music no matter how it is not professional but I know that sally Deford is gifted

  10. Dawn

    Hi Sally,
    Can Peace Peace Peace solo be transposed to a low alto?
    Your music and talents are amazing. Thank you for sharing this gift with everyone! xo

  11. Ann Leete

    I am singing in the choir, and also doing the flute part. Do you have a score with them both on the same sheet so it is easier for me to jump back and forth between the parts?

  12. Dobrinka K,.-Biermann

    Hallo Sally! Have you this Song for SSAA to? Greetings

  13. Karen

    Is there an accompaniment track? Please, I would love that and soon if possible.

  14. thujoi rhakho

    Could I get an accompaniment track?

  15. Shannon

    I LOVE this. Thank you.

    • Anita/St George Utah/Sun River

      I just sang this song in our Churches Christmas concert
      This past weekend and it is such a lovely piece
      I can’t stop singing it in my head!
      Love this song❤️

  16. Lacy

    What a beautiful song! I see the sheet music for a women’s solo but where can I find the sheet music for a MALE solo of Peace, Peace, Peace? Or Tenor/Bass version?
    Thank you for all your inspiring music!

    • sallydeford

      Hmmm… I’m not sure I understand your question. The solo can be sung by a male or female vocalist–it’s not intended for one or the other. ??

  17. Robert Dunford

    I merely sing in a ward choir in Georgia and have no great voice. Nevertheless, I am so grateful to be able to begin the Sabbath rehearsing and performing the music our director often chooses from your offerings. As I wrote in my journal a moment ago, “As usual this Sunday morning, we went to our choir practice at 10:00 AM under the direction of Sis. Karen Thompson. We’re working on a couple of new songs, “Peace, Peace, Peace” for Christmas and another about families. She picks such beautiful music to sing. I sometimes get a lump in my throat contemplating the wonderful messages coupled with the lilting melodies, many by the gifted Latter-day Saint composer/arranger, Sally DeFord. Singing these marvelous hymns is a great way to start the Sabbath.”

    Your music makes our choir sound like angels are singing. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your inspired talents!

  18. Citadel

    Nice piece – peace, peace, peace

    • Berleen

      Just felt sad.. cause all the accompaniment in Youtube were blocked. Why?

  19. Theresa Oliver

    Sally, I am so grateful to you for the music you share with all of us. Your music is so beautiful and inspired and always brings tears to my eyes; these arrangements and original compositions enable me to feel the spirit so strongly testify of the love our Father has for us. Thank you for being a wonderful instrument in His hands! What an amazing talent you have. I wish I knew you personally.

  20. Raul Diaz

    Antes había un mp3 sin letra, solo instrumental, ahora no está, ¿porqué?

    • sallydeford

      Not all of the recordings have been uploaded to the new site yet. Most of them will be back eventually. 🙂

  21. Neil Patrick

    I am very thankful and blessed for these free downloadable mp3s. God bless you! This means so much for the church and for the glory of God.


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