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Peace, Peace, Peace

About the Song

This song is part of the “Silent Night” Christmas cantata. 


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Peace, heavenly peace
Rests on Judah this night
Peace foretold through the ages
Promised peace from on high
A hush falls o’er the hills
Silent and still are Bethlehem’s streets
For Christ is born, blessed Savior
Bringing peace, peace, peace

Peace, heavenly peace
Rests this night on the world
Peace descends as the shepherds
Keep their watch in the field
A song, fervent as prayer, is borne on the air
as Bethlehem sleeps
For angels bright with God’s glory
Sing of peace, peace, peace

Peace, heavenly peace
Rests on men at His birth
Peace beyond understanding
Gift of God to the earth
Peace shines in our hearts
Bright as the star that shines in the east
To guide us all as we seek
the Prince of Peace, peace, peace


  1. Raul Diaz

    Antes había un mp3 sin letra, solo instrumental, ahora no está, ¿porqué?

    • sallydeford

      Not all of the recordings have been uploaded to the new site yet. Most of them will be back eventually. 🙂

  2. Neil Patrick

    I am very thankful and blessed for these free downloadable mp3s. God bless you! This means so much for the church and for the glory of God.


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