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Shards of Glass

About the Song

In the early 1800s, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began the construction of a temple in Kirtland, Ohio (USA). Unlike Solomon’s temple, filled with all the gold and riches a King could command, this temple was built by an impoverished people who had few resources. But to make this building a beautiful and worthy tribute to the God they loved, they were willing to sacrifice and give what they had. Men, women and children alike worked night and day to help build and guard the temple. And when the time came to plaster the walls, they brought their china and glassware to crush and add to the mixture for the outside of the building, making the walls sparkle and shine in the sunlight.

I have always loved this story of sacrifice and dedication, and I find in it some great parables.

Some of the early church members had china to contribute–the story is often told of a family who contributed their heirloom Dresden china for the purpose, though there is no historical evidence for the tale. However that may be, I’m even more affected by the majority of the contributors, who brought their plain dishes and glassware. It may not have been so impressive or intrinsically beautiful as Dresden china–but it was no less a sacrifice, and it was an equally beautiful part of the temple walls in the sunlight.

I hope I can remember that no matter how humble my offerings may be, the Lord can make these simple things as beautiful as gold… or Dresden china.

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Shards of Glass (feat. James Loynes)
Shards of Glass (Accompaniment Track)
Shards of Glass (Piano Track)


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Of humble men the Savior made
disciples, strong and true
He fed the hungry multitude
with meager loaves and few
With simple faith; with earthly clay
He turned the blind man’s night to day
Showing us what simple things can do

He can take our broken shards of glass
to color temple walls
He can mend our broken places
and make temples of us all
He can do miracles
Mighty miracles
With small and simple things
Making saints of sinners
Changing servants into kings

With a little child the Savior taught us
what we must become
And by familiar things we learn
His precepts one by one
With candlelight; with birds in flight;
With broken bread; a widow’s mite
He showed us how His Father’s work is done

(Repeat chorus)

Offer Him your humble gifts,
the treasures of your soul
He will make these simple things
beautiful as gold

(Repeat chorus)

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  1. Britta Angelica Balzer

    What a WONDERful, inspired Song. Thank you soooo much for sharing it so willingly and freely with the whole world!

  2. Rebecca L Clark

    Sally, The song “Shards of Glass” has a particular meaning for me. My daughter died when she was 19, she was hit by a train. It was such a sudden event I literally felt like I had been made of glass and my whole world shattered in an instance. One moment she was here on this earth. And before I could blink she was gone. I wasn’t even allowed to see her. She was in a locked casket. I read above the story behind the song. When I sing this, I think of my daughter and my broken self. This song speaks to me. I feel like the song is telling me that the Lord will take my broken shards and I will be part of a whole again, something so much greater than I am now. This amazing song brings me both sorrow and hope. Sally, you are an Angel from Heaven, I truly believe you are inspired of God. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. Bless you always. Becky

  3. BlessedHope Manalo

    Praise God for this song and thank you soo much for making it available

  4. Dorothy Porawski-Orzechowska

    Hello! Is the second voice notation available somewhere? Greetings!

  5. Kim Thomas

    I LOVE this beautiful song! Thank you so much.

  6. myrna closser

    my friend and I will be singing this beautiful song tomorrow for church. I haven’t sung in a long time out of fear and this song emboldens me to sing for the Lord and I trust He will bless our efforts and our meager offering for HIs glory. Thank you for allowing your music to be used. It is so difficult to find good music, so inspiring.

  7. Kyle Johnson

    Hey Sally,

    I sang this song with a friend a few years ago for a stake event, and loved it! I came back to get the music again, but found that the duet has been removed… Do you still have that pdf available and I’m just missing it or something? Perhaps it wasn’t so much a duet as it was an occasional harmony added, mostly during the chorus, but it was absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you and I hope to hear back from you!

  8. Dianne

    Thank you so much for the hope and love that you share through your music. I always find something wonderful to sing in church that touches not only the congregations heart but my closed and guarded heart as well. Thank you for always reminding me there is a reason to live. I am able to feel a shimmer of Heavenly Father’s love, giving me a life-line to hold on to as hope reignites in a wondrous life to come.
    May all your endeavors be successful,

  9. Haley Sabin

    I really love this song. Some of the young women in my ward are singing it together, including me. It’s beautiful and has a great message.

  10. Signet

    I like it. I really do, and I am bu no means a fan of this genre of music usually. (Though a bit of Steve Green or Greg Long is always nice.)
    God might have pointed me this way, though. I found this page when I searched online for “shards song”, a query I made because of a song that I wrote recently that used the same analogy. But… this song is like the other side of the coin.
    Now I want to learn to play this song, too, so that I can sing them both together. It would work well!

    So, many thanks for the song and sheet music. (I tried to connect with you on Soundcloud, but was unable. Oh, well – you’re here.)

    Again, thank you.



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