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Shepherd, Leave Thy Sheep

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Shepherd, leave thy sheep,
And hasten to Bethlehem to see the Baby
Though the night is deep,
Come hasten to Bethlehem to see the Baby
Leave them on the hill
Bid them fear no ill
Come and see the wondrous Child
Of whom the angels sing

Shepherd, leave thy sheep,
And haste to the manger lowly to behold Him
Leave them as they sleep,
For legions are watching night to surely fold them
Come to Bethlehem
God will guard thy lambs
While thine eyes behold
The Child as He lies sleeping

Shepherd, leave thy sheep;
Secure in His care, no harm shall there befall them
Shepherd, leave thy sheep;
Thy flock will await thee safely ’til ye call them
Shepherd, leave thy sheep
Angels watch shall keep
O’er thy little ones,
That ye may seek the newborn King

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  1. Erica L. Van Katwyk

    This quickly became a favorite of our choir. We felt like we were prancing over the meadows with the sheep as well. Sweet message and enjoyed singing this.

  2. Kendra Whatcott

    This is my all time favorite for number. When I was choir director years ago, this was our go-to number. After I was released, the choir convinced the new director (who recently moved into the ward and didn’t know this song) to add this number to their song list because they loved it.
    Now I’m in a new ward and just got called again as the choir director. Guess which song we are singing??

  3. Heidi

    Is there a recording that I can listen to?

  4. Becki

    Is there a recording of this piece anywhere?

  5. Michelle Otis

    I love this piece. It sounds so lovely when performed, yet it is accessible for beginning choirs.


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