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The Most Beautiful Story That’s Ever Been Told

About the Song

When I was little, my grandmother often sang to me. I loved listening to her–things like pitch and tone quality aren’t nearly as important when you’re little–but grandma wasn’t a singer. Though the tunes were never quite the same twice in a row, I loved those quaint old songs from bygone days:

“There’s a bluebird on my windowsill…”


“When the sun in the morning peeks over the hill…”

and my favorite,

“Way down in the depths of the forest…”

–an evocative phrase indeed for a small child!


How well I remember the songs she sang. The sermons we mommies and daddies and grandmas and grandpas sing to our little ones will stay with them far longer than our lectures, whether or not our warblings bear any resemblance to real music.

“The Most Beautiful Story That’s Ever Been Told” is my attempt to tell the Christmas story in a simple lullaby for children, because as wonderful as the bluebirds and the sunshine and the depths of the forest may be, our children need to hear and remember and love the most beautiful story of all.

The recording for this song is included on two separate albums: “On a Still and Starry Night,” with vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor; and a remix of the same recording is also included on “My Heart Sings,” a collection of songs for children.

Spotify, Soundcloud (inc. free downloads)

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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor (remix):

Violin by April Moriarty

Accompaniment track (remix):

Violin by April Moriarty

Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Violin by April Moriarty

Accompaniment track:

Violin by April Moriarty


  (Video provided to YouTube by outside parties may contain ads that may be skipped after a few seconds.)


If you’ll listen my darling, tonight ‘ere you rest
I’ll tell you the story your daddy* loves best
How a marvelous thing that all children should know
Happened in Bethlehem, long, long ago

There were stars in the heavens,
All shining and bright
And a new star was rising o’er Judah that night
For within a poor stable a baby was born
And that beautiful baby was Jesus our Lord


It’s a story of wonder and glory and awe
Filled with heavenly love and the goodness of God
Learn it well, take it with you wherever you go
The most beautiful story that’s ever been told

Though the folk in the village were all fast asleep
There were shepherds out watching
that night with their sheep
When a legion of angels came down from on high
Singing and bringing great tidings of joy

(Repeat chorus)

In a manger he lay as the angels had said
While Mary and Joseph kept watch by his bed
For the babe was our Savior, the Father’s own Son
Sent to love little children and bless every one

It’s a beautiful story, the sweetest I’ve heard
Full of comfort and hope, and it’s true–every word
So remember it always, and then when you’re grown
Tell this sweet story to babes of your own

(Repeat chorus)

*…or, mommy, grandma, etc., or simply “that I love the best.”

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  1. Anna Madison

    This is so beautiful!! I love how you’ve told the story to the children, and I agree, it is the most beautiful story ever! I was looking for musical numbers or our Christmas sacrament meeting and when I pulled up the recording on YouTube I realized that my friend Allsye Taylor, recorded it with you! I asked her to sing it for us and she is going to. I have used your music for so many things over the years and I have been so grateful for your beautiful arrangements and original songs. Thank you for sharing your music with so many people.

  2. Sandy Mather

    Where do I find the sheet music for the songs you have?

  3. Marilyn C. Araneta

    This is a great song and I love it! God bless your ministry.

  4. Pastor Bill Laubenberg

    For the last several years I have sung this song to start my Christmas Eve service. In those years I was able to find someone to play the accompaniment with me. This year I have no one. I am looking for a copy of the accompaniment for low voice, I am a bass. Where could I go?
    I truly love this song and feel it adds to the service.

  5. Anna

    Thank you so much for making all this music available for us to sing to the Lord. May God bless you for your love for Him in sharing these with the world. also, I really appreciate how easy it is to listen to the songs and print the music. Thanks again!

    • sofia

      I love this song so much!

  6. Janet Harward

    This beautiful song was the first one sung in our Christmas program today in Sacrament Meeting. A husband and wife sang it, with choir background, and it held everyone in the congregation spellbound. It really set the tone for the service. Thank you, Sally, for sharing your amazing talents with us!! Merry Christmas!

  7. April

    My daughter has sang this multiple times, including in her school Choir winter concert. It was one of her senior solos. So beautiful and a wonderful way to share the message of Christmas.

  8. Diana Lahmann

    This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, which I have had one of the men in our ward sing several times in our Christmas programs. The words are absolutely beautiful and mean so much. A wonderful way to teach our children the most beautiful story that’s ever been told.


  9. Laura Wire

    I love this piece! I do a Community Christmas concert each year and would love to have our choir do this song. Any chance you can put it into a SATB arrangement?

  10. Janet

    I love this Christmas piece. I wonder why you have switched from male voice to female voice in the sheet music & the audio examples. The male voice you had for an example was so beautiful…sort of Bing Crosby-ish…( The female voice is also. ) I have used this at a number of Christmas services & when a man in the choir refused to sing a solo, all I had to do is have him listen to your example of a male voice singing it & he was excited to learn it & perform it….every time. It was always a success. I would really like to see that example back on your website again.
    Thankyou for all the wonderful music you have given me to use at church services & elsewhere in the past. I have not been active on your site the past 3 yrs., or working for that matter, due to illness. Am getting better now & wanted to have a male singer do this at a concert this Christmas. He is a non-reader, so I went to your site to send him male audio of it, hence this lengthy email.
    Keep up the great work. You are a blessing!
    God Bless.

  11. KP

    Check out: Spirit in Motion The most beautiful Story on YouTube. It was such a superb concert and the song is so great performed and received by the audience. True Christmas Spirit song. Thx for giving it to us Sally

  12. maria

    me also i am singing it at christmas in my church. it’s good to know that i am not the only one who found this song from the shaytards.

  13. Ron

    Please provide an SATB arrangement of this beautiful composition. 🙂

  14. Tacy

    Omg so happy because of this song. I checked it out because of the shaytards. WHen I looked at the comments I saw Collette and Shay comment. I love you guys I now go to church because of you. Every day I watch you I watch all your channels and always click the number years ago. Thank you for every thing!

  15. Nicole

    Hi shay! I’m a big fan. You inspired me to always choose happiness. Thank you.

  16. Shay

    Just say hamburger when you feel emotional! My beautiful wife sang it go check it out on our video “shaytards” is our YouTube name
    The video is called “the most beautiful story that’s ever been told” hamburger!

    • shaytards fan

      Hi shay!

      • Lucy English

        SHAAY!! I love you and your family<3 And Jesus , I won't forget you bro!

    • Krista

      Shay and Colette thanks for being open about your love for the Saviour, it brings my little brother and sister great happiness and encouragement and God will bless you for proclaiming Jesus’ name. We love your videos and your family, thank you and God Bless.

    • Mle

      So here I am getting all excited that I found the music to one of my favourite Christmas songs. After 15 min of excitement, I glance at the comments only to see a post by my greatest role model! Dear shay and Colette. Thank you for how awesome you are! You’re an inspiration to me as a mother with a growing family 🙂

  17. lex

    I love shaytards!!! when i saw your comment i was so happy and your voice is amazing

  18. Emma Staple

    Thank you for this, and also Colette for bringing me here I sing this on my YouTube channel and found great encouragement from it so thank you so much x

  19. Imogen and Lucy

    i can’t believe Colette posted on this love you SHAYTARDS <3 !!! Its a beautiful story and song <3

  20. Colette

    Love this! I sang it in church and was the last song of the Christmas Program and it was a solo! Had to use the HAMBURGER strategy! (Watch our family vlogs on Youtube! search SHAYTARDS ) 🙂

    • Imogen and Lucy

      Love you xxxx!!!! <3 From lucy and Imogen

      • Lucy English

        SHAAY!! I love you and your family<3 And Jesus , I won't forget you bro!

    • Sally DeFord

      Okay, this is an adorable family, an adorable video and a great dane to boot… what more could you ask? Loved listening to you. 🙂

      • Anna

        Con the song be translanted in italian?

    • Kristen D

      This song is easily my new favorite Christmas song! Thanks Colette and Shay for showing me this beautiful song with such a beautiful message. #SHAYTARDSUNITE

    • Anon

      me also i am singing it at christmas in my church. it’s good to know that i am not the only one who found this song from the shaytards.

  21. Chuck

    Indeed!! THe most beautiful story ever told!! thank you for inspiring so many people!!


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