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When It Rains

About the Song

When something unexpected and difficult descends on your life, a comfortable faith must become a conscious faith. You have to choose to believe that a trial and a blessing can be one and the same. You have to choose gratitude instead of self-pity or resentment or any of the other un-lovely options that present themselves.

This song was written during a time in my life when I had to learn to choose gratitude.  If you want the full story, check out this blog entry: Rain and Hope: The last “Gratitude Project” Installment.

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When the sky is veiled, and the wind is high
When the shadows loom and gather
In the rising gale as the branches fly
When the light fails altogether
When the thunder rolls
And the heavens weep
And the torrents fall
And the floods run deep
There’s a God above who never sleeps
Watching over me

When it rains
Above the grey the light of day still waits for me
Heaven keeps the the glowing sun ablaze for me
When it rains
When it rains
He will fill the thirsty rivers with His love
And my soul with living water from above
My faith will grow like the rivers’ flow
When it rains

When my heart is grey like the stormy sky
When my dreams are tossed and tattered
In the wintry gale as they pass me by
And I watch them fly and scatter
When I wake to find
That my world has changed
That this life of mine
Has been rearranged
There’s a God above who knows my pain
Watching over me

(Repeat chorus)

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  1. Sheila herbst

    I love everything about this song. The message is beautiful full of hope the melody is wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Anniecel Reniva

    I just love you and your music! Thank you for being so generous with your compositions. They are simply my favorites. In fact, I have used many of your songs for our Church productions in our Stake and Ward in the Philippines and every time, your music and lyrics pierce the hearts of the listeners. I wish I can meet and thank you personally one day.

  3. Jo

    James certainly does this song justice. It is very dramatic – awesome!

  4. Laura

    Love love LOVE this song!!! Thank you for making this available!


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