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With All My Heart

“O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength…”

D&C 4:2

About the Song

It seems like there’s at least one child in every family who is a 200 percenter. Or there ought to be!

From the moment my grandson Malachi was born he gave double to everything he did, so as I thought about a song for him, it felt like it should express that aspect of his personality. That’s how “With All My Heart” became the title of his song, long before there was actually a song to name.

One thing you’ll notice about the lyrics is that the scriptural passage isn’t used in order.  In the song, I’ve used heart, mind, might and strength–the two “m” words being reversed.  That probably won’t help him memorize it… or maybe it will…   😉

There’s a simplified version available below, but honestly, this one was difficult to simplify without losing the meat of the song. I figured that if Malachi were ever to have a chance to play his own song as a child, it had to be done, so there it is.


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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Flute by Mara Riley

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Flute by Mara Riley
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With all my heart I will follow Jesus
With all my heart I will serve the Lord
With all my mind and all my might
I’ll seek the Savior’s light
I’ll learn of Him and listen to His words
With all my strength I will live His teachings
Love as He loved and walk the path He marked
In all I do, I will follow Jesus Christ
Because I love the Lord with all my heart

With all my heart I will follow Jesus
To those in need I will freely give
With all my mind and all my might
I’ll stand for truth and right
And be His witness by the way I live
With all my strength I’ll be His disciple
And share His light when all the world is dark
In all I do, I will follow Jesus Christ
Because I love the Lord with all my heart

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  1. Linda Garner

    I am loving the song With All my Heart. Any chance that you will do a choral arrangement of this song?

  2. JoAnn Mosier

    This song is just right for a little boy named Kase. He will enjoy it. Thank you for all your beautiful music.

  3. Muliyunda Pumulo Frederick

    I’m in love with the composers music..

  4. levangrace

    It’s a nice song and it really inspired me. With all our heart let us serve our God.

  5. Karen Wilkinson

    Thank you for a great alto song! I love it.

  6. Eva Hooper

    Beautiful !!!!!!!


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