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For Such a Time As This

“…who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14 KJV

About the Song

In September of 2021, my youngest granddaughter, Aerith, was born. Nearly two years later, her song is ready to post. Aerith is the caboose in her family, and as her parents will attest she came along just when her Heavenly Father planned for her to arrive. Since that was the case, her song had to be based on the famous words of Mordecai to Esther.

The song is written for children, and there’s a vocal solo version with a recording sung by the lovely and talented Allyse Smith Taylor, with viola by the equally lovely and talented Rebecca Lord.

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For Such a Time As This (feat. Allyse Smith Taylor)
For Such a Time As This (Accompaniment Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Accompaniment Track:

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For such a time as this
I have been sent to earth
My loving Heavenly Father
Chose the moment of my birth
He sent the Savior, Jesus Christ,
To lead me by the hand
For such a glorious time as this
He is my perfect Friend

For such a time as this
Saved for these latter days
He sent me here to become like Him
To love and serve and pray
And as I learn to live like Christ
He leads me by the hand
For such a glorious time as this
He is my perfect Friend

For such a time as this
When I can clearly see
A world in need of the Savior’s love
His love will shine in me!
And as I learn to walk with Christ
He leads me by the hand
For such a glorious time as this
He is my Guide
He is my Light
He is my perfect Friend

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  1. L Goodwin

    Do you have children’s music SSAA with cello accompaniment?

  2. Julie Poole

    As is the case with all of your music, this is awesome. Thank you. I am speaking at a women’s conference that has actually invited the men to attend and Sunday evening is their closing session. They are using this beautiful song as a prelude to when I speak.

  3. Dollie Kay Young

    The words were beautiful!

  4. Connie Stauffer

    What a beautiful piece of music and delivered so beautifully.

  5. Tom Palkki

    Very touching and sweet. A beautiful gift for a beautiful grandbaby.

  6. Peter

    Just wonderful as always Sally,


  7. Annie

    This is so beautiful. You can feel your heart in the music and the words.

  8. Cheri R

    I absolutely love this! Brings a few tears. It reminds me of my gandaughter.

  9. Kim

    Aerith is one lucky granddaughter! Your words and music poignantly express the true message that Jesus is our Guiding Light.

  10. Roy Wise

    Absolutely beautiful.


    Thank you for sharing this song. Absolutely beautiful.


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