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A Believer’s Prayer
“…be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”
1 Timothy 4:12
About the Song
This song was written to support the 2009 LDS Youth theme. It’s not a verbatim scriptural setting (obviously), but a simple prayer for help in actively representing the things we believe. It’s voiced for solo, unison, or two equal voices, with the harmony appearing only on the last chorus. If you are using mixed voices, you might give each voice a verse and chorus to sing, divide the bridge in half, then put the lower voices on the melody and let the treble voices take the counterpoint for the last chorus.
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A Believer’s Prayer (feat. Jessica Ebersohl)
A Believer’s Prayer (Piano Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by Jessica Neilson Ebersohl:

Accompaniment track:

Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Accompaniment track:

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Father in Heaven, teach me I pray
To walk as thy witness on earth
Strengthen my spirit and grant me the faith
To serve as the Savior would serve

Let me be light to the wand’rer by night
Compass and guide to the seeker
Let thy love shine in me, teach me to be
An example of the believers

Where there is sorrow let me impart
The hope and the comfort of truth
Where there is suffering open my heart
To do as the Savior would do

(Repeat chorus)

Where there is hunger guide thou my hands
To give as the Savior would give
Where there is fear give me courage to stand
And live as the Savior would live

(Repeat chorus)

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  1. Liz Smith

    Thanks for all the great music. It’s wonderful to be able to look up something we need for an upcoming service and find just the right thing on your site. Bless you for sharing….it’s definitely nice for we smaller congregations who don’t have a huge music budget.

  2. miri

    Just want to say thanks. It is a beautiful piece.

  3. MarLa Kepler - Spokane Valley WA

    Beautiful song.
    It’s been a while since Carmen in comments below asked about an SATB version.
    (I need music with lower notes for our Basses and so much of the music out there neglects them.)
    So asking again and if not an SATB version – yet… may I have permission to ADAPT the music
    for a choir version?

  4. Rebekah Jones

    This is a beautiful song! Is there a alto and soprano arrangement for this song?

  5. Tania

    I can’t imagine how far the blessings has come through you, thank you very much for letting you be used by the Lord and be an example for all of us. God bless you and multiply you even more.

  6. C DeWayne Duskin

    I might be light years behind in hearing your music, but what a blessing when I her “A Believer’s Prayer” played on piano by a ‘Salvationist’ (Member of The Salvation Army) from the United Kingdom. I’m from Michigan/USA and often listen to our Bands, Songster’s (adult choir) & Jr Singing Companies (children’s choir) perform from all over the world on ‘You Tube’, etc. I know musicians need to make a living, and will never get paid for the value of these creations but I’m so impressed that you offer your musical creations ‘free of charge’.

    May the savior bless you on your journey.


  7. Cai

    This song is amazing and I once considered this a love song. A man fell in love with me after I sung this song. Sadly we did not end up together. Still I sing this song as my “happy place”.

  8. Izzy Teeples

    This is an amazing song!! I just performed it as a two-part, and everyone in our ward loved it! thank you so much for your beautiful music!! Your a such an amazing songwriter, and such a blessing.

  9. Richter Grimbeek

    Wonderful song!!! Greetings from Austria, Richter.

  10. ahmad Djurmudi

    Dear All
    I am very grateful, because I get the music of the church can be the elderly in places we could sing. This is encouraging them to sing in the church in the service of the week if you wish I will send photos of our community.

    for that we can only get sound musicnya?
    thank you
    greetings in the love of God Jesus Christ
    Ahmad Djurmudi
    Indonesia Balikpapan

  11. Jeanne

    Sally, Thank you so much for this piece. It’s perfect for one of my church choirs: a small group of elderly people who just love to sing together; I need to keep things simple but meaningful and I think they’ll love this. I’ll keep you posted!

  12. Warren

    Sally, I have also come to this source whenever I have needed music for any reason. I was recently asked to put together a male quartet in our ward, and this song was perfect. I was able to record it when we sang, so if you are interested in hearing how it worked out I would be happy to send it to you. Thanks so much for all you do, and for always being there when we need you.

  13. Carmen

    I was preparing for my mission but I wanted to sing one last song to my ward family before I left. I was not very familiar with LDS song yet and didn’t know were to look to find music. Someone referred me to your music. I looked you up on google and your website popped up. Long story short the first song I saw was A Believer’s Prayer. While listening to it I just started to cry, I knew that this song was the song I was meant to sing. Not just for my ward family, but throughout my mission, and my life. I sang it in the MTC for a Relief Society session and for the Senior Couples and in both instances the Spirit was SO strong. I also sang it with every companion that was willing to sing with me. And some of my companions had never even sang in a choir and this song and the Spirit behind it gave them confidence and desire to share a talent they did not know they had. But not only share a talent they never had but feel a part of the Spirit they had never felt before. My second to last companion and I sang this song for a conference were and Apostle of the Lord spoke then he had the child of the stake stand up and sing I am a child of God. It was beautiful. I am grateful for you talents and your willingness to share for free. If it was not free I probably would have never even looked at it. I plan on singing this song in every ward I attend and when I get the chance because it is my continual prayer. I pray to be and example not only to my family and my co workers and the people around my that do not know the truth, but also to those who have forgotten or who want to/trying to forget the truth they have learned. I don’t know much about you but I do know this song and I will always be grateful for the opportunity that I have to share it because of you. 🙂 thank you so much. Carmen

  14. Samantha M.

    Hi Sally,

    I just wanted to thank you for the song “Believer’s Prayer”. It is so beautiful and touching, I felt at peace when I first heard it and I still feel that every time I listen to it.
    Thank you so much!

    Samantha M., CA.

  15. Trinette Hilderman

    My son is leaving in just a few short weeks for his mission to Peru! My whole family is coming and we would love to sing “A Believer’s Prayer” we are looking for SATB Version. Is that something we could get!? We would need it ASAP as I need to get it to my family to learn and we are all over the place! We also love “An Instrument in Thy Hands” but that might be to hard to get in SATB! If you could get back to me that would be fantastic! If there was any part of it in Spanish that would be great also!

    • Sally DeFord

      No SATB for either song… you can use this one for two-part chorus though. I don’t have Spanish translations for these either. Wow… I’m no help at all! Good luck with it, and congrats on the mission call!

  16. Julie

    Hi Sally,

    I am having a young mens quartet sing Believer’s Prayer this weekend for Youth Conference and love the guitar accompaniment but cannot find the chords anywhere. My guitarist is having trouble on his own. Does this info exist and is there a way to gain quick access?

    thank you so much for your wonderful music. I have performed many of your pieces as solos, trios, ward choir numbers. You are my first resource 🙂


    Julie Giles from American Fork, Utah recently moved from Wilsonville, Oregon

    • Sally DeFord

      Hi Julie,

      Unfortunately I don’t have the chord charts for that song. The guitarist did that on his own. Sorry I’m no help!


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