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A Holy Child is Born

How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given!
O Little Town of Bethlehem
About the Song

I love to simply imagine what the first Christmas looked like. The pictures I conjure up in my head are probably as wrong as such imaginings usually are. Still, I can’t help but think that though Bethlehem by day was a crowded and noisy place during that time of registration and census, as the night drew on it became quiet–a place where the Son of God could be born humbly and peacefully.

However far off my mental pictures may be, one thing is certain: Jesus was born in an obscure town in a small land, without earthly fanfare. Quietly. And so the emphasis of this Christmas song rests on the word “quietly.”

Sarah’s version is in A major, Allyse’s is in G. You can transpose the score using the Personal Composer Demo. The harmonies you hear in verse three are optional, and are included in small notes on the score.

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Quiet town
Quiet night
The heavens all aglow
The wanderers in Bethlehem at last have found repose
A quiet place
A sheltered space
A stable bleak and poor
A mother’s sigh
A baby’s cry
A holy Child is born

Quiet hands
Swaddling bands
Against the midnight chill
Joseph tends the oxen and the lambs
To keep them still
Quietly the shepherds kneel
To worship and adore
And marvel at the miracle
A holy Child is born

Quietly, quietly
The love of God descends
And quiet hearts can hear the song of peace, good will to men
Quietly, so quietly
The world is set aright
And heaven smiles
A holy Child is born this quiet night

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  1. Elizabeth Fofue

    I praise God for you, Sis. Sally, whom God bestowed you with the ability to compose numerous songs proclaiming Him and all His love, mighty works and His goodness with very beautiful melodies, harmonies, and performers! I absolutely love your musical works. I see God’s wonderful works in them!

  2. Lori Lynn Phillips

    I love this song so much, it is absolutely beautiful! I am wondering if instead of a violin obbligato a flute could be used instead? Is there any sheet music for flute instead of violin?



  4. Roslyn Wells

    I’m another new visitor bowled over by this lovely site. How pleased God must be to know that His beautiful creations, Sally and Sarah are spreading His beauty in this troubled world. Thank you

  5. Alicann Lunceford

    Another absolutely beautiful and tender Christmas song – and the accompaniment track is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your musical talents over the years. May you be blessed for your generosity! Alicann

  6. jSher

    Can’t get anything on the page of the download. It appears to have downloaded but when clicked on there is a blank page. Any advice? I’ve been downloading tons of other song all afternoon on this site. They drop down once I hit the download button, but this one doesn’t drop down so it downloads and once I go into downloads it comes up blank. Any advice?

  7. Lynda

    What an amazing site, and beautiful music! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Debbie

    I love the words with the emphasis on “quiet.” How lovely. Love your music. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anna

    Thank you Sally, I love this song. Will you consider doing a SSA version of this song, while keeping the violin obbligato? I would like the school choir to sing it!

  10. Janet Merkley

    I just played your new song, A Holy Child is Born, and I loved it. I cannot sing well, but my family can and I look forward to hearing them sing it this year. So, it was not to late for us!


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