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Abide In Me, Oh Lord of Love

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27 KJV

About the Song

I love the picture above–Jesus looking into the eyes of one of His own creations, seeing a child of God fashioned in His image and likeness with divine eternal potential. If we could see in each other what Jesus sees in each of us, how differently would we treat one another?

The words to this song were inspired as I thought about that question.

The song is available in a few different formats–solo, duet, SATB, and SSA–and each one has its own accompaniment. They’re not interchangeable, as some passages had to be altered to accommodate the harmonies. 

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Abide In Me, Oh Lord of Love (feat. James Loynes)
Abide In Me, Oh Lord of Love (Piano Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Piano Track:

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Abide in me, oh Lord of love,
And teach my eyes to see
Thine image borne in every man;
In every woman, Thee

Abide in me, oh Lord of love
And teach my heart to hear
The quiet grief, the silent plea,
The still, unspoken fear

Abide in me, oh Lord of love
And teach my hands to bless
The worn and weary,
Teach me to ease
The wounded heart’s distress

Abide in me, oh Lord of love,
And teach me love divine
Love without measure, love without end
Lord, teach me love like Thine

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  1. Scott F. Pires

    Beautiful piece. I will be using this in an upcoming service at Candleberry Chapel.

  2. Carol Lockhart

    This is beautiful Sally. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ed Burns

    This song brought tears to my eyes as I sang along . I felt the meaning and so desire it. Thank you. Stay wrapped in His arms.

  4. Katie

    Beautiful! I’ll use this for Choir this year for sure. Thank you so much!
    A minor typo in the pdf sheet music. Man is missing the n, in case you’d like to edit.
    Again – thank you, thank you!

    • Sally DeFord

      Ugh… I hate it when I miss small things. Thanks for the heads-up! All fixed. <3

  5. Carolyn Chezik

    This is a beautiful song, as always. Your talent and generosity bless us all.

    I love the lyrics. These thoughts have been on my mind lately, as well. This prayer expresses them beautifully. Thank you

  6. Branckly

    Thank you Sally.




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