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An Instrument in Thy Hand

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Savior, thou hast called; and gladly will I seek
To make thy might and mercy known
I shall speak thy peace, and may my willing voice
Be unto men an echo of thine own
Tune thou my spirit unto thine
Teach me to sing thy love divine
Thus as thy witness will I stand
Lord, make me an instrument in thy hand

By thy spirit’s power, direct me hour by hour
To those who wander from thy fold
May I lead them home, and may my words of hope
Be unto them an echo of thine own
Teach thou my heart to freely serve
Teach me to do thy works of love
Thus as thy witness will I stand
Lord, make me an instrument in thy hand

Cast from my heart the fear of man;
Teach me to trust in thee alone
‘Til every impulse of my will
Becomes an echo of thine own

By thy spirit’s light, grant me thy clearer sight,
To seek thy lambs where e’er they stray
Echoing thy call, thou Shepherd of us all,
‘Til every voice re-echos in thy praise
Tune thou my song to tell thy glory
My every anthem to adore thee
Thus as thy witness will I stand
Lord, make me an instrument in thy hand

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  1. Larry Still

    Your songs are a true delight to play…..Keep up the good work. God has truly blessed you with a gift.

  2. Gladdie Acepcion

    Thank you for this piece. It really helps alot.

  3. Nina

    Once again you fill the need..
    Thanks for so generously blessing so many with your time and talent


    Please update me. Thank you

  5. Thorelle Abbott

    I’m trying to find this song in trio form. Is it possible to obtain this arrangement?

  6. Karen Harper

    What happened to the High Solo version of An Instrument in Thy Hand? I had it once, and can’t find it again.Am I so technologically challenged that I’m unable to navigate properly to find it?

    • sallydeford

      Nope, you’re not technologically challenged! When I redid all 531 scores recently, I just didn’t have the fuel in the tank to do several ranges for each one. I’d still be working it and it would never get posted. So I made all the Personal Composer scores available so you can have any key you choose. The instructions are here: https://defordmusic.com/transposing-using-personal-composer/



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