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Because He Spoke to Me

About the Song

If you’re familiar with much of my music, you’ll know I often imagine myself into scenes from the life of the Savior, and wonder… would I have known Him? How would I have responded to the things He said?

As I wrote this song for our 2011 Easter Program, I thought about this idea again, and the one thing of which I was certain is this: if I had heard the voice of Christ, I would have been forever changed, just as I am changed each time I hear His voice in the scriptures, through the words of the prophets, and through the quiet witness of the Holy Ghost.

This song is part of the “Praise to the Lord” cantata.

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Would I have sought Him long ago,
and been among the blessed?
When Jesus said,
“Come unto me, and I will give you rest.”
Would I have heard the voice of heaven calling,
calling tenderly?
Would I have been forever changed,
because He spoke to me?

Would I have followed hungering,
to feast on living bread?
To drink of living water,
never knowing thirst again?
Would I have heard the voice of heaven calling,
calling tenderly?
Would I have been forever changed,
because He spoke to me?

Would I have turned to listen
as He taught in Galilee?
Would I have heard the voice of God
speaking by the sea?
Would I have knelt before Him
knowing He could make me whole?
That He could touch my sightless eyes,
and free my sin-bound soul?

I seek Him now and hear Him gently
calling me by name
Again He says, “Come unto me,”
my Jesus, still the same
And I can hear the voice of heaven calling,
calling tenderly
I have been forever changed
because He spoke to me

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  1. Glenda Korella

    Looking for a solo piece for young woman on Self Worth.

  2. Deepak

    I was working on the chords. If any changes let me know please. (For first two paras only)

    First two sentence: Am F C E7 others – (Am (add9), Fmaj7, C, E7)
    Next two sentence: Amaj7 F#m D C#m7 F#
    Last two sentence: Bm7, E, C#7, F#m, Bm7, E7, A
    Music – A, F#m7, D, F to Am F E7 (can add Am (add9) also instead of Am)

  3. Ellen Rohletter

    What a beautifully tender picture this brings to my mind of the savior!
    Thank you so much❣️

  4. Jacqui

    Beautiful Music and meaningful, heartfelt words. Your
    music is a gift from God. Thank you
    Very Much.


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