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Because You Prayed for Me

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

Alfred, Lord Tennyson (from Morte D’Arthur)

About the Song

In a one-year span (June 2012-2013), my beautiful hometown suffered two record-setting wildfires. In total, around 70,000 people were evacuated, four lost their lives, and roughly 850 homes were destroyed.

It’s an odd experience, watching the smoke, watching the news, unable to sleep because of what might be happening while you’re unaware, until finally you flee the home you love with whatever fits in your car–providing you have time to pack it.

For several anxious days during each fire, I was glued to my computer, watching the disaster coverage and my Twitter feed. Interspersed among the tweets from the Sheriff’s office, the updates from the forest service and the evacuation notices were messages like this from individuals around the country and around the world:

When you live through something like this–a fire, a flood, a hurricane, anything that threatens your life and your loved-ones–you start to understand the comfort it is to know that people are praying for you at such a time. I don’t believe you can pray for someone without feeling a desire to contribute to their well-being, and so it proved in these cases. So many people stepped forward to provide food, shelter, supplies, animal care, transportation… each contribution an unspoken prayer for our welfare, and each contribution in itself an answer to prayer, delivered by human messengers.

There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.

Victor Hugo (from Les Misérables)

I am so thankful for those who prayed for me during that time, in thought or in word or in action. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

By the way, the words to this song were composed during a 10-hour drive home from my parents’ house after the evacuation notice had been lifted in my neighborhood. Driving isn’t a great time to be writing lyrics, so I repeated them over and over in my head until we stopped for lunch and I could scribble them on the back of the receipt.

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I have seen the nightfall
and heard the thunder roar
I have reached the edge of light
and taken one step more
I have found new courage to meet each rising day
Because I know you spoke my name
When you knelt to pray

I have sought His wisdom
when every path grew dark
I have sought His healing hand
to ease my aching heart
I have known the blessing of fervent prayers entwined
Because your voice was lifted up
Pleading there with mine

Many prayers are spoken
Some are left unsaid
Many prayers are offered up as works of love instead
When you strengthened me and sheltered me
He heard your still, unspoken plea
And though you stood beside me
Your soul was on its knees

Through our joy and sorrow
in all that we endure
Though we see imperfectly,
of this much I am sure
God hears every whisper and answers faithfully
And my heart is filled with gratitude
Because you prayed for me

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  1. Ed Burns

    Ms Sally, I have been a huge fan for years. I have brought several of your songs to my church.

    I have had many health issues over the past few years and my church family has prayed for me often and repeatedly. Your song ( Because You Prayed for Me} has a special meaning to me and I would love to sing it for my church family to show them how much I know that prayer works. I also want to sing it as a thank you to all of them.

    My problem is that I am a male voice and the music is too high for me. Is there a way to lower the the music an active or two.

    His servant and yours.

  2. Debbie Maxwell

    Hello Sally. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to bring peace and comfort to a very special family. I was able to download the song you wrote “Because You Prayed For Me” and sing it at the funeral of a dear friend who died of Pancreatic Cancer. She had requested this of me just 3 weeks prior to her passing and I had searched for the perfect song that described her. This was it without question. She was and is one of God’s finest! Maybe you’ve noticed that the Heavens are a little brighter? ………….Thank you for sharing your Heavenly talents with us all! Love you! Debbie


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