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Born to Wear a Crown

But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels… crowned with glory and honour…

Hebrews 2:9 KJV

About the Song

The accompaniment for the duet version of this song is quite different from the SSATB or SSA. I didn’t do a new choral or women’s arrangement using the duet accompaniment simply because I like the original better for a choral setting.

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Lo, a Child, born to low estate,
Lies where ox and lamb are fed
Nor was found a place more worthy,
For this Child no softer bed

Born to wear a crown of glory,
Brighter far than earth affords
For this Child laid in a manger
Is King of kings and Lord of lords

Lo His palace is a stable,
And His robes are swaddling bands
Starlight the gem upon his brow,
Love the scepter in His hand

Born to wear a crown of glory,
Brighter far than earth affords
For this Child laid in a manger
Is King of kings and Lord of lords

Holy infant, Son of Mary,
Born in Bethlehem this night
He shall be enthroned in heaven,
Robed in honor, robed in light

Born to wear a crown of glory,
Brighter far than earth affords
For this Child laid in a manger
Is King of kings and Lord of lords

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  1. Kevin Matthews

    This is soooooooo beautiful. The music…the words! One of all-time favorite Christmas songs.

  2. Wendy Annas

    I would also love to have an obbligato with the SSATB! I second the request for a B flat instrument one, but would take one for violin/flute and transpose it if needed. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

  3. Christie

    I have been trying unsuccessfully for longer than I care to admit to get the transpose program to work. I have a PC, etc., and have tried everything. I am trying to transpose the flute part for alto saxophone. I am willing to pay a fee if you are able to do this for me. I am beyond frustrated. I love this song and want to perform it with my son in church next week.

  4. Genee Wilson

    My husband and I were asked to sing the duet “Born to Wear a Crown” for our ward Christmas program. I am a second soprano who can also sing alto, and my husband is a baritone to bass. He took one look at this music and said this isn’t for a baritone. You would have to be a tenor to hit those notes. I think it’s beautiful and has wonderful harmonies. I’m going to try to convince him he can do it if he does regular vocal exercises from now until we need to sing.

  5. Dana

    Love this song! We are planning on singing the SSATB for Christmas and I see there is a flute obbligato with the duet. Any chance you have tried the flute with the SSATB?

  6. Lara G Hoch

    Our Young Women are going to sing this for the ward Christmas party. Such a beautiful, haunting melody. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Dollie Young

    This is beautiful and I wish our Relief Society could sing it, but the piano music in half of the song is beyond my pianist. I will show it to her to see if it is possible that she can play it. I appreciate all you do for the members of the church in providing special music that we can use in our meetings.

  8. Sheryl Boynton

    I love your duet Born to Wear a Crown! It is so moving and beautiful. I can’t stop singing it now and I have 10 months yet for another Christmas. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  9. BestEvaGal

    This is exactly what I was seeking– a new Christmas song w/ an inspiring tune that focuses on Jesus’s identity. It’s complex enough to sing unison, but has the option to add harmony. Thank you very much!

  10. Katherine



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