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City of David

“… unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11 KJV

Stone Manger cover art

This book was the inspiration for the song.
It totally fascinated me.🙂

About the Song

Christmas Card Carol 2019.

Several years ago, my mother sent me a copy of the book “Stone Manger,” by Jeffrey R. Chadwick. It was one of those books that changed the way I saw the Christmas story (though I am still big on tradition!), and it made me curious. I have never been to Bethlehem, but Google Earth let me walk it’s streets and see it’s architecture.

Stone. Everywhere stone, or stone-like materials. As I embarked on that virtual tour, these lines shaped themselves:

City of David; city of stone
Arise from your slumber and welcome your own.

I liked that little couplet. Strangely enough, it didn’t make it into the actual song. It was, however, the inspiration for the lines that *did* make the final cut, so in a roundabout way, “Stone Manger” was the catalyst for the song that eventually became “City of David.”

The accompaniments for the SATB and Solo versions are identical. The obbligato score works with either version. The obbligato in the recording is oboe; most C instruments will work, though you may have to adjust the octave.

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City of David (feat. James Loynes)
City of David (Accompaniment Track)
City of David (Piano Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Accompaniment track:

Piano track:

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Apple Music: City of David (feat. James Loynes)
Apple Music: City of David (Accompaniment Track)
Apple Music: City of David (Piano Track)

Amazon: City of David (feat. James Loynes)
Amazon: City of David (Accompaniment Track)
Amazon: City of David (Piano Track)



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City of David; slumbering town
What is that anthem? What is that sound
High o’er Judea
Borne on the wings of heaven’s love tonight?

City of David; Bethlehem fair
What is that song that rides on the air?
Glorias stream from legions above
With heaven’s love alight.

City of David; city of kings
Rejoice for the tidings the angels bring
The long night is ended; the darkness is past
The Light has come at last

City of David; slumbering still
What is that glory bright o’er the hills?
Starlight descending
Borne on the wings of heaven’s love tonight

Oh City of David, awake and arise!
Follow the star that hallows the skies
Follow and find a beautiful Child
With heaven’s love alight

City of David; city of kings;
Rejoice for the tidings the starlight brings
The long night is ended; the darkness is past
The Light has come at last

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  1. Serban Nichifor

    Marvellous music !

  2. Erica Van Katwyk

    Sally, I love your music. We sang O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Holy Night and City of David. I love the haunting middle east song of City of David. I felt like I was right there in the East. I scour your song list first when I’m in need of a piece for our choir. I love minors plus key changes and I am always successful with you. Thanks for all you do and for making your music free.

  3. Noel Cayton

    I LOVE your music. Heavenly Father has blessed you with a talent that has inspired many Latter Day Saints throughout the world. Your compositions and arrangements warm my heart. Thank you.

  4. Helen Vernon

    I love your music. I am impressed at all the love for the Savior expressed through your music. It is an inspiration to me. I have written music for early childhood gospel education for my grandchildren. While they have not been accepted by the church music committee to be published, I think they have their place in teaching little ones. You have inspired me to make a free web page to share these sweet songs. Thanks for all the ways you share your inspiration without a lot of fanfare! You are amazingly talented and generous. Thanks

  5. Kathy M

    Is there some way we can print out the SATB version?

    • Sally DeFord

      See up there where it says “Sheet Music Downloads?” Click that. All the scores are available there.

  6. Karen Speis

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece! I am so grateful Heavenly Father gave you such a wonderful talent to write such beautiful music and a loving and willing heart to share.


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