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About the Song

This song is part of the “I Stand All Amazed” cantata.

Church Music Submission: Song division–Award of Distinction 2009 (Solo)

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Gethsemane lay still and dark
Creation watched in silent awe
As Jesus suffered his Father’s will
To satisfy unyielding law

He knelt in earnest prayer alone
His friends, o’ercome with sorrow, slept
Beneath the burden of grief He groaned
Beneath the weight of sin He wept

And with his blood so freely spent
He bought my soul; He paid my debt
What work of love was wrought for me
In the stillness of Gethsemane

“This bitter cup wilt thou remove?
Yet not my will, but thine be done.”
Behold his anguish and weep anew
For love of Christ, the sinless one

With his wounds my own are healed
My every pain o’ercome in His
My shame, my weakness, my grief untold
Find ransom in his priceless gift

For with his blood so freely spent
He bought my soul; He paid my debt
What work of love was wrought for me
In the stillness of Gethsemane

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  1. Sandra

    Dear Sally,

    I have wanted to contact you for years. I was so glad to see this forum tonight. Some years ago, my husband was called to be a mission president in a European mission. At first, we were unable to buy sheet music, but it was expensive and all in another language. We needed music that was affordable (free is very affordable!) and in English. One of our missionaries introduced us to your site, and we were able to run off music for our very talented missionaries to sing, perform. Every time I ran off the sheet music, I felt a little guilty. I at least wanted to thank you. I couldn’t believe you were giving this music away. And it was so beautiful. One of our missionaries sang “Gethsemane” at Easter time, and everyone was in tears. I still love it. So, thank you very much. Your contribution to our mission was invaluable.

  2. Carol Fairbankws

    I would love to hear an SATB version of this song. My daughter sang it on her mission and suggested it for our choir.

  3. Joan

    Thank you! This song lyrically and musically is SO beautiful and powerful.

  4. Karen Duckworth

    What an amazing song. Thank you! This has brought the spirit instantly! I hope I can share the same spirit!


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