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If I Planted a Garden

About the Song

Each of the songs I wrote for my children begin with “If…” This life is one big if-then proposition, and I want my kids to know it. This song was written for my son, Daniel, when he was still a baby.

I didn’t know why I was writing about gardening at the time–I hadn’t yet discovered the joy of growing flowers, and I hate vegetable gardening. But as I sat in his room one night as he slept, it seemed appropriate for him somehow. As he grew older, I learned why. During his childhood he was never happier than while watering his snapdragons or digging in the dirt.

If you want to fancy the children’s version up a bit, try playing verses 1 and 2 as if written in Db major (five flats, treat accidental sharps as naturals), then change to D major (as written) in measure five for verse three. It’s an abrupt change, but it works. 🙂

Church Music Contest: Children’s Song Division – Award of Distinction 1993
Appeared in The Friend magazine (under the incorrect title “Plant a Garden”) March 1997


If I planted a garden, if I carefully sowed
If I nourished each tiny seed
If I tended it well and helped it to grow
What a beautiful harvest I’d reap

In my life, like a garden, there are seeds to be sown
I must choose with the greatest care
Planting only what’s good, so I can be sure
Only beautiful things will grow there

I am planting my garden every day of my life,
And the harvest is mine to keep
If I plant seeds of faith, of honor and truth
What a beautiful harvest I’ll reap

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  1. Ty

    Our chorus sang this song at a bishop ordination. It sounded beautiful!

  2. bubbles

    Its truly a beautiful song and the lyrics as well. Its a daily inspiring quote for everyone who needs a little inspiring every now and then. Thank you for the writer of this blessed tune for writing such inspiring words.

  3. Yutichus

    Blessed song and angelic young voices. thanks.

  4. Mutya

    I just would like to thank the Lord and Sally Deford for sharing wonderful spiritually uplifting music. I personally benefit from her music. I am sharing your music to friends, churchmates and even the kids I am handling now. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you. Praises be unto God almighty!


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