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My Gift, My Offering

About the Song

2008 Christmas Card Carol

…and yes, I know it’s 2009. This song went out with my Christmas e-cards last year, but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I didn’t post it. It needed a few tweaks, the recording we did was too slow… oh,a whole flock of finicky details that finally made me throw my hands up and say “Bah, humbug.”

So after a year on the shelf, I pulled it out, dusted it off, made a few adjustments, re-recorded it a bit faster, and… here it is. In the meantime, I also used some of the same thoughts in “My All Is Thine,” so a few of the lines may sound somewhat familiar. At least one is Christmas music and one is not.

When I was a child, the animated Christmas specials in which little shepherds and drummer boys came to the manger to give their gifts to the baby Jesus always fascinated me. Being a child of strong imagination, I often inserted myself into those scenes set in the stable, and wondered what my gift to the holy Child would be. It’s a tendency I have yet to outgrow. I still imagine myself, like Mr. Kruger, approaching the manger and I wonder… what can I give the One who gave everything He had and everything He was for me? This song expresses what the answer to that question might be.

May your spirit be full of carols during this Christmas season.

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O’er Judah’s hills arose a song
The choirs of heaven, singing ere the dawn
And legions gathered at the manger-side
Their gift an anthem to the Holy Child

No harp of gold have I to play
Nor voice of angels tuned to sing His praise
But with a spirit full of carols to the newborn King
I bring my song to Him
My gift, my offering

O’er eastern lands arose a star
A shining beacon to seekers from afar
And wise men followed the bright celestial guide
To bring their treasures to the Holy Child

No gift have I, like those of old
I set before Him the treasures of my soul
And though I bear no riches worthy of the newborn King
I bring my heart to Him
My gift, my offering

His guiding light shines o’er us still
And joyful tidings echo from the hills
And I will follow to the manger-side
To bring my homage to the Holy Child

No earthly wealth have I to give
Nor angel anthems, but what I have is His
And as I kneel before the cradle of the newborn King
I bring my all to Him
My song and my soul to Him

I bring my all to Him
My gift, my offering

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  1. Becky

    Wondering if you would consider writing this in an SATB arrangement?

  2. Rhonna

    Do you have the Violin Obbligato on a separate sheet of music? Will be playing this with Solo and piano — Can’t tell you what joy it has brought to me to play and hear this music. I more than love it a million times over.

    • Joelle

      The first PDF file listed under sheet music downloads is the violin part on one page. I am playing this part for Christmas Eve. It is so lovely, as is all of the music on this site!

  3. Dollie Young

    This song is more than beautiful. Thank you so much. I think it will be the song the Relief Society will sing in our Christmas Sacrament Program. May God bless you always!!!

  4. Justin

    This song speaks to me on so many levels. I was struggling to find a song to sing for our branch’s christmas concert, and a friend of mine shared your website. The moment I heard and read this song I knew I had to sing it. I’m a poor college student with a wife and kids, so I truly have little in the way of things to give… but I do have my voice. The message is overall very good, as the main thing the Savior wants of us is us.

  5. Rofe

    Wonderful song! I love your music. Thanks for unselfishly sharing it!

  6. Tamara

    I love this song!! I want to do it as a solo for Christmas.


    • Nina

      Love this song! I sang it on my mission the first time and have sung it almost every year since then.


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