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My Sister’s Hands

About the Song

This song was inspired, as you might expect, as I was looking around me at the beautiful hands of the women I knew. It struck me that each woman’s hands were so very different. Some told stories; some inspired questions; some were soft and perfect and gorgeously manicured; some were more like mine–plain, unadorned, with any semblance of manicure destroyed by hours of piano, computer work, and gardening. 

Throughout my life, I’ve received all kinds of wonderful gifts from all kinds of hands: flowers; service; support; meals when I was in need; comfort and compassion; and the all-important chocolate. 

The last line of the song says something I truly believe…

I have felt the Master’s touch in my sister’s hands.

Church Music Contest: Relief Society Division – Award of Distinction 1993

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My sister’s hands are fair and white;
My sister’s hands are dark
My sister’s hands are touched with age,
Or by the years unmarked
And often when I pray for strength
To live as He commands
The Father sends me sustenance
In my sister’s hands

My sister’s hands are lined and worn
With burdens of their own
And yet I know that should I mourn,
I need not weep alone
For often as I seek His grace
To lighten life’s demands
The Father sends me solace
Borne in my sister’s hands

My sister’s hands: compassion’s tools
That teach my own their art
Witnesses of charity within the human heart
Bearers of the Savior’s love
And mercy unto man
I have felt the Master’s touch
In my sister’s hands

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  1. Alice Wong Ham

    Thank you SO much for sharing your faith and amazing talent in giving us this beautiful song! We will be doing this song for our women’s day conference coming up. As the ward’s music director, your website has become such an amazing resource for me! You always have the perfect songs for all the different occasions! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude!

  2. Sharon

    This song is spiritual and ful of love and I think of Relief Society and the sisters that have been blessed by the service rendered and the blessings everyone receives…

  3. Joy Sanders

    I was just asked to sing something for a RS activity where the theme is ministering. This will work so perfectly. Thank you Sally!

  4. maru Bravo

    Can I find this song in Spanish here?

  5. Jo Ann Woodcock

    The women of the choir sang this during worship this morning. It is so beautiful. I had to hold back my tears so I could sing. Thank You for this wonderful tribute.

  6. Dennis Smith

    Do you have, My Sister’s Hands in a vocal duet?

  7. Annette Rasigatale

    Hi Sally, my sister put me onto your beautiful song My Sister’s Hands.
    Our family (and same said sister!) are travelling to Solomon Islands on a mission trip next week
    and going to teach and sing your song with all the faithful sisters over there!
    Thank you so very much. God bless you.


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