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There Was No Room

“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”

Luke 2:7 KJV

About the Song

The Greek word often translated “inn” in Luke 2 is rendered “guestchamber” in Mark 14, referring to the upper room where Christ and His disciples ate the feast of the Passover. It is described as a guest-chamber in a “house”–possibly a lodging house, but perhaps a private home.

Somehow that shift in the word’s connotation changes a lot for me. Is there room in my “house,” or is every quiet corner filled up with needless clutter? Is there room in my heart, or is every chamber full? Those were the questions that prompted this song.

The solo score includes the optional harmonies that you hear in the recording by James Loynes. The SSATB had to be modified extensively to make the parts work, so the accompaniments are not interchangeable.

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There Was No Room (feat. James Loynes)
There Was No Room (Piano Track)


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Apple Music: There Was No Room (Piano Track)

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Amazon: There Was No Room (Piano Track)



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There was no room for God’s own Son
When Mary’s Child was born
Oh, who could bear to turn away
 the coming of the Lord?
Could no one see divinity
And find a quiet place?
Or recognize in Joseph’s eyes
The guardian of Grace?

Had I been in Bethlehem
Would I have bid them stay?
And opened up my shuttered home
 to welcome them that day
Or would my fears and foolish cares
Have locked and barred the door?
Seeing only strangers there
Cold and tired and poor

Dearest Savior, born this day,
Is there no room for Thee?
Open up my shuttered heart
 and find a place in me
Be no more a stranger here
But enter and abide
Stay with me eternally
Blessed, Holy Child

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  1. Craig Talbot

    Coronavirus or not, I have the privilege of singing with my three sons this month in church … and I think we’ll be sharing your new hymn! THANK YOU for composing music even when “no one will use it.”

  2. Craig Talbot

    The more I listen to this … and read the lyrics, the more I love it!!! Not as cheerful as some other Christmas songs, but so contemplative!! I hope we can all ruminate on the question of giving Him room in our lives!! Bless you Sally for continuing to compose and arrange pieces that are both stunning and meaningful! Your accompaniments are always spellbinding and I am grateful as a singer, and audience member, and a choir director for your astounding efforts and your contribution to sacred worship.

  3. Julie Dockter

    So beautiful! Thank you! You are so generous with your talent! Truly inspirational!

  4. Hector Portillo

    I am singing it this sunday!!! totally in love with the feeling and the writer`s idea on how come no one was able to give him a decent place or at least a bed to let our Saviour born on that day!


    Thank you Sally! This is very beautiful!

  6. Barrie B Giles

    Sally – Thank you for yet another exquisitely beautiful song. The lyrics and music are so very soothing and encouraging. I’m facing several months of chemotherapy starting next week. I woke up this morning with the thought that if I can find something inspiring to listen to or read every day, I might be able to accept this journey ahead with more grace. (So, far I’ve not been very graceful about it!) This song was the inspiration for today. My focus on Christ and his grace is just what I needed. I love the idea of keeping space open in our homes and hearts and lives for Him every day. Thank you.

  7. Candace Holmes

    I have often thought that you write your style of music just for me to play! I have loved your music for years and always wanted to tell you. This song is beautiful; truly a gift for my hands.


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