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When Hope Was Born

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Little one, do you recall
The King who was born in a cattle stall?
Who left His royal throne on high
That still and starry Christmas night?
He came from Heaven to Bethlehem
And hope was born within the hearts of men

Little one, He learned like you
Increasing in wisdom and grace and truth
He taught the world the way to peace
He bore our weakness, pain and grief
He came with healing in His hands
And hope was born within the hearts of men

Little one, when your world grows dark
When hope is dim in your weary heart
Turn to Him who fills us
With the perfect light of faith

Little one, He lived for us
Then offered His all on Calvary’s cross
So we could live with God again
And safely we trust our all to Him
Who came from Heaven to Bethlehem
When hope was born within the hearts of men

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