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Would I Know My Savior?

About the Song

I guess it’s just a part of my never-grow-up nature to constantly wonder, “What if…” What if I had lived when Jesus was born on the earth? Would I have known who He was? Would I have recognized a poor baby born in humble surroundings as the Savior of the world? After thinking about it every Christmas for years, I finally decided to put it into music. The last stanza is a result of my trust in the Lord’s own promise to his disciples:

“…the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me…”

John 15:26 KJV

And so, “I think my heart would know Him… for I can hear the Spirit whisper, ‘This is God’s own Son.’”

Appeared in The New Era magazine, December 2005.

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Would I know my Savior,
wrapped in swaddling bands?
Lying in a manger-bed
Light of heaven round His head
Would I hear the angels
bend t’ward earth to sing?
Would I know the Holy Child?
Would I know my King?

Would I know my Savior,
safe in Mary’s arms?
Cradled in a lullaby
Heaven’s legions watching nigh
Would I know His goodness?
Would I feel His grace?
Would I know the Holy Child
if I beheld his face?

Would I know my Savior,
in a lowly stall?
Where the lowing cattle feed
Where the silver starlight leads
Where the humble shepherds
seek the Holy One
Would I hear the Spirit whisper,
“This is God’s own Son.”

I think my heart would know Him
The Holy One
For I can hear the Spirit whisper,
“This is God’s own Son.”

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  1. Wendy L.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangements. I was able to find Would I know my Savior? in Portuguese. But I would love to have any version of this song in Spanish. Would that be possible?

  2. Taeya Finlayson

    Hi Sally ,

    Is it possible to have the lower key instrumental & sheet music sent to me?I will be singing this at our Christmas program. Thank you!

  3. Dwebbie Malone

    Good morning, I was wondering, these arrangements of this song are all higher than I remember this being. I have sung this several times over the years. Do you happen to have a lower alto arrangement of this song that I could get a copy of to sing in Sacrament Meeting?

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and talents.

  4. Ann Gulley

    Sublimely beautiful. The words, the music and the feeling. Thank you*

  5. jackie anderson

    you used to have the accompaniment and sheet music for the low voice version of Would I know My Savior. i would love to have that again!

  6. Awesome

    Is there an instrumental recording available?

  7. Celia B

    This is such a beautiful song and expresses my feelings exactly. Thank you for this and for being so generous with your gifts.

  8. Ann H

    Would it be possible to get the cello part in the higher key that was originally on the site? That key if better for our soloist and we are having a hard time transposing it. Thanks!

    • Ann H

      I figured out how with PC. Thanks for the instructions

  9. Ginny Williams

    I guess I’m just not techie enough to figure out the transposing tool. I have an HP but nothing seems to be working. I’m just going in circles. I have a soloist that will be singing this piece for Christmas but it is a bit too low. The key that Heather Prusse recorded it in works better beginning on an E instead of D. Is there any way a file with this key could be emailed to me? I know that’s asking a lot. Our only other option is to take a keyboard to the church that we could transpose with the click of a button but it may not sound near as good as the piano.

  10. Judy in MS

    I love this lullaby. Will be singing it in the evening service at my church. The sheet music for High Voice is a little to high were as the simplified solo is a little low in a couple of places. Is there another key which I can download music for this beautiful song?
    Thank you,

  11. Paul Allen

    Hi Sally,

    I would like to use your song in a Christmas Concert this year. I am the Artistic Director of the Sacramento Valley Choral Society and Orchestra. Are you interested in creating an SATB with orchestra or at least strings, harp and a few additional instruments like oboe, flute, clarinet, HORNS, brass, glock, or anything else you would like. Any key is fine I would like to also feature a soloist but I can make that happen either way. Please le me know your thoughts on the matter. I LOVE the song and it really speaks to my heart.

    • Jon Johnson

      I second the ask for an SATB or an SA version. It is just begging for vocal harmonies.

    • Emily

      Yes! I would love to hear a SATB version of this song! It’s one of my favorite Christmas pieces!

      • Landa Lindgren

        Yes, a Duet and SATB versions would be awesome. Having a hard time coming up with something.

  12. Sharon Allred

    Leo Dodge said better than I can: “Thank you for revealing the gift of his lyrics to us. You have done him well, GOD Bless and keep up HIS work. . . .your music is out of this world.” And for making familiar hymns so beautifully new that we really listen! Thank you and God bless!

  13. Leo Dodge

    (Referred to me by Kelley Mooney) This is one of the most spritiuallly uplifting songs I’ve heard in my 69+ years on HIS earth. Thank you for revealing the gift of his lyrics to us. You have done him well, GOD Bless and keep up HIS work. Kelley was right …………. your music is out of this world.

    Leo Dodge
    Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

    PS. Will be trying to get our contemporary group at church to play/sing this and Kelley’s ‘Hallelujah’ .

  14. Rayburn Jack

    Sally, Thank you for making such beautiful music available. For your information, I am Randy Jack’s dad. They always speak so highly of you.
    Rayburn Jack

    • Sally DeFord

      They’re wonderful! And your grandkids are amazing musicians too. You can be very proud of them!

  15. Nancy Yoder

    Thank you so much for providing this wonderful music!


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