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Created in His Image

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27 KJV

About the Song

The lovely picture you see up there was created to illustrate this song. My amazing artist friend, Natasha Nashadka, painted it and filmed the progress as we went along. (You can read her blog entry about the picture here: The Frustrations of Pairing Image and Song)

This lovely painting captured a pensive and thoughtful young woman (the artist’s daughter) and was perfect for expressing the thoughtful mood of the song.  The actual production of the painting is documented (more or less) from beginning to end in the video linked below.

This song is a part of the Built Upon the Rock program.

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He has given me these hands,
formed in the image of His own
He has given me these eyes to see
the path of truth that leads me home
And He has given me this voice,
and hears each quiet prayer I speak
He has given me this heart to feel
the unspoken answers that I seek

Created in His image, nurtured in His care
Sent to earth to learn the noble heritage I bear
Created in His image, His light will be my guide
A heavenly inheritance because I am his child

Hands like His to freely give;
hands to make some burden light
Eyes like His to know another’s need,
as I learn to see with heaven’s sight
My voice, like His, may offer hope
or bid some tempest, “Peace, be still.”
And my heart, like His, can share his perfect love,
as my life reflects my Father’s will

Created in His image, nurtured in His care
Sent to earth to learn the noble heritage I bear
Created in His image, His light will be my guide
A heavenly inheritance because I am His child

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  1. Maila Balingbingan

    Very Inspiring Song , Thank you For Always Sharing To Praise God, And God Giving A Talent To Us❤️ such a Blessing Song For Me … Thank you and God Blessed

  2. Phil Adrien Valencia

    Very strong and powerful words to sing. God bless you very much with your talent Sally Deford


    Thanks so much for sharing your gift! It is so uplifting and inspiring.

  4. Mia Krishnaswami

    How do I get a PDF of this BEAUTIFUL song? Thank you!

  5. Andrea Roesberry

    Is there a recording of the lower/alto voice for this song? It’s one of my absolute favorites and I’ve been using it with a voice student, but she has a lower voice than the lady who is featured in the recordings.

  6. Diana

    How may i get a PDF copy of one your songs created in his image?

  7. CSABQ

    Dear Ms. DeFord:

    I have been a soloist at a Christian Science church for over a dozen years. If memory serves, I found your website accidentally. I cannot begin to accurately nor fully express what a happy accident that was. Since finding your site, I have probably performed at least one of your pieces every month, to the delight of every congregation member. Your pieces are moving, melodic, meaningful and memorable — and a joy to prepare.

    Please accept my profound gratitude for freely sharing these blessed, beautiful pieces with the world.

  8. sN

    Could this be sung in sacrament meeting by a young womens choir? So confused about what can be sung and what cant?

    • Sally DeFord

      This song is an appropriate number for LDS Sacrament meetings, especially when performed by our beautiful young women. Final approval of any musical number is at the discretion of your bishop, so he’s the one to ask for specific permission. He may choose to delegate that task to the ward music chair. Be careful–just about any musical number can be made *inappropriate* by the manner of performance. Sacrament meetings need to be particularly reverent and respectful. In other meetings you can branch out much more than in Sacrament meetings. 🙂

  9. christopher r. willert

    a very beautiful song


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