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He Is My All

About the Song

In a Seminary class I taught long ago, the discussion turned to the subject of epitaphs. We discussed how we would like to be remembered, and what we’d like our tombstones to say. (Sounds a bit of a downer, but it really wasn’t. )

I hadn’t seriously considered the subject until that discussion, but I came away knowing exactly how I would like mine to read, and it was this scripture from Psalms:

“The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.”

Psalm 118:14 KJV

I love that verse so much that I’m likely to overuse it in my songwriting. No apologies though… it’s beautiful enough to overuse.

The original score is written for duet but can also be sung solo. If you’re using it as a solo, just follow the treble line throughout the score. That’s the version Heather and James are performing.

The vocal solo version uses more triplets than the original, and the rhythms are a little different. Tj sings this version.

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He Is My All (feat. Tj Larsen)
He Is My All (Accompaniment Track)

He Is My All (feat. Heather Prusse and James Loynes)
He Is My All (Accompaniment Track)


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Recording featuring vocals by Tj Larsen:

Accompaniment track:

Recording featuring vocals by Heather Prusse and James Loynes:

Accompaniment track:

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When the night is long, He is the dawn
Light that never fails though other hope is gone
He is the balm for every wound,
For every sorrow great or small
He is my strength, He is my song, He is my all

When my world is troubled He is peace
When my soul is burdened He is my release
He is my solace when I weep,
He is my rescue when I call
He is my strength, He is my song, He is my all

He is my way, my truth, my life, my joy in living
He is my comfort when I fall, and sweet forgiving
He is my fortress, and the rock that cannot fail
He is my strength, He is my song, He is my all

So through all my days He is my King
Source of endless love and all the praises I sing
And when at last I kneel before Him,
Safe at home in heaven’s halls
Then as before, and ever more, He will be my all

He is my Savior, sure and strong
He is the light that leads me on
He is my strength, He is my song
He is my all

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  1. Linette Wilson

    This has become one of my very favorite songs to sing. Love the lyrics and the sentiment they bring to my soul! Thanks you for sharing your talent, Sally


    God is good. I love this messages

  3. Barbara

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! So peaceful and loving. Your song captures who He is to me.

    Thank you! I’m grateful!

  4. arlene romero

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful song

  5. Delsa Gonzales


  6. Flaire S. Tan

    I love your songs.

    • Princess Kearah Lee Fiesta

      I love your song because God is with us when we are in sorrow, trouble and this Crisis 2020. I thank God that we can trust Him, follow Him, and love Him. God bless us all!

  7. Mark June Ibisate

    I praise God for His goodness in giving you this gift of music to inspire others.

  8. Nimrod Abella

    It is a joy to know that there are musicians like you who are doing it for the right reasons! With you sharing all your work to the public like this is a blessing for a lot of people. I’ve heard your songs being sung even before I learned of you, the author, and all of them are very inspirational and uplifting! Thank you for all that you do, and may God continue to bless you!

  9. Earl john

    Hi sally, i just want to ask what is the message of the song?

  10. Nezer Byl Vergara

    Hi ma’am! I really love your songs and the way you compose them. They are the type of songs I wish I knew how to make.

    I like making songs that praise our God and recently, I made an appeal song for my school’s Week of Prayer. I just wish you could take a look at my song. I am not a pianist, so if ever you have the time, I would be really really happy if you can help me rearranging the piano piece.

  11. Patricia Estrada

    Can you provide the music sheet as well?

  12. Margaret

    I have been asked to sing the baritone which I actually will be an alto because we are both women but I’m having trouble catching his Harmony. I do sing a lot but the recording is not clear enough for me to hear his beautiful Harmony. It is beautiful but I can’t get it very well. Do you happen to have just a treble clef lead sheet of the soprano and alto (baritone) close together so I can see the steps and can then figure out what he’s doing. I don’t read music or play the panio. I do everything by sound and note steps. however when I get it, I have it for life and I remember every song I’ve ever song.

    You are a wonderful talented person who shares your God given gifts to those who love music but have not the skills to create music themselves.

    I deeply thank you.

  13. Luke Mandona

    Am asking for this music

  14. Grace

    Beautiful recording, and a great melody. I have a question on the words in this song. Who is the “He” referring to in the song? I know the song has the words “King” and “Savior,” but who is the author really intending that to be? Is it God the Father? Jesus the Son? Both? Thank you.

    • sallydeford

      Although it could certainly be applied to both, my intent was to refer to Jesus Christ. 🙂

      • Er Bienes

        God bless you Ms Sally!

      • erwin

        God bless u Sally!!! Thanks 4 using ur talent 4 d glory of God…

  15. Lilly

    Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing your talent 🙂

  16. Clarry Gruyal

    I really like this song. Thank you for this.

  17. Rightwell

    awesome music.

  18. Sarah

    Your music is so beautiful. And so meaningful. I’ve sung two of your songs (The Master’s Voice and Miracles) in church so far. And each time people tell me how they’ve been touched by the message. God bless your ministry. I’ve been personally blessed! 🙂

    • Sarah

      He is my all is my new favorite. I’ve been listening to it for the past 2 days. Cannot wait to use it in church. This song brings me so much comfort and peace.

  19. Mutemwa

    I’ve just managed to download the score and the mp3 and already I can tell its a beautiful artistic piece work as usual, loving every part of the song. Can’t wait to get to try it wit my mates. Do you have an extract for SATB?


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