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How Great is the Miracle

About the Song
I believe that the greatest miracles performed by our Savior are not done with loaves or fishes, but are wrought within the hearts of men. At Jesus’ touch our eyes are opened, our hands are strengthened, our souls are fed; and by His power we receive the greatest healing of all–forgiveness. Though I would love to have watched the mighty outward manifestations of His power, I am even more awed by the unseen miracles He has wrought in me. This song is part of the “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth” cantata.
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Click the Soundcloud download icon to download the free track for personal use. Recording featuring vocals by Marc and Leilani Johnson:

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Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes and Allyse Smith Taylor:

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Savior divine, thou who hast made me whole
What joy is mine! What words can my gratitude tell?
Dark were mine eyes, made by thy power to see
Withered the hands, raised now in praise unto thee
Hushed was my voice, ringing now joyful in song
Frail was my will, weakness in thee made strong

Oh Savior divine!
How great is the miracle born of thy power and infinite love
Ever thy name shall I praise
Ever of thee shall I sing
And glorify God by the miracle wrought in me

Weary and lame, lifted and healed at thy hand
Laid at thy feet, risen before thee to stand
Hungered my soul, fed by thy word and filled
Anguished the cries thou in thy mercy hast stilled
Dry now the tears wept in the sorrow of sin
Grief thou hast born, thou hast my ransom been

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  1. Clint Alemania

    Thank you for sharing this song, mam sally. 🙂 <3

  2. Glenda Korella

    Hi Sally,
    The men is our ward love to sing but find part singing difficult. Do you have any rousing songs with just a bit of 2 part harmony?
    Thanks you,
    Glenda Korella, Victoria, British Columbia Canada


    Hi Sally. I’m looking for the music for the flute for the song “How great is the miracle…can I get that from you? Maybe I’m just not seeing it?
    We were planning on singing this in a couple weeks!

    • sallydeford

      The version that uses the flute is only available here: http://www.allysesmithtaylor.com/



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