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This is Holy Ground

“…stand ye in holy places and be not moved …”

D&C 87:8

“I believe any time you have the courage to stand for what is right, especially in situations where no one else is willing to do so, you are creating a holy place.”

Ann M. Dibb

About the Song

I have always wanted to visit the holy land–a thing that so far in my life I have been unable to do. I may never see it, but as I have thought about why we call it the “holy” land, I realized that it’s because the Lord walked there.

The presence of the Lord prompts us to call places “holy” or “sacred” – the lands where He lived on earth; the temple; an otherwise unremarkable grove; a garden; a tomb.

The percentage of our mortal hours that we can actually spend in such places is small, but one way we can be sure of always standing in holy places is to follow in the footsteps of the Lord. When we are kind; when we serve others; when we keep our promises and covenants; when we honor our families; in short, when we do as Jesus taught, we are walking in His footsteps, and to walk in the footsteps of Christ is to stand in holy places, wherever we may be.

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The walls of old Jerusalem;
Jordan’s gentle shore;
A holy land made holy by the presence of the Lord
I did not walk beside Him long ago in Galilee
But I’ll stand in holy places wherever I may be

Far from the holy land where Jesus came to dwell
I walk each day where Jesus walked
when I do my Savior’s will
I’ll follow in His footsteps wherever they are found
These are holy places
This is holy ground

They found Him in the temple there;
He walked and talked with God
Every footstep hallowing the holy land he trod
He came to lift the weary,
heal our weakness and forgive
And I stand in holy places by living as He lived

Though my path may take me
through the shadows of the night
Though I live surrounded
by a world that turns from light
I’ll stand in holy places, with the Savior as my guide
Hallowing my journey by His presence at my side

(Repeat chorus)

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  1. Carole Moore

    My son and daughter use your music most every time they sing in church! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. Carole D. White

    My deepest thanks for these hauntingly beautiful words and music. Our choir is learning it currently, and we tear up each time we practice. Our chorister, a reactivated member in our ward, feels the song so deeply. Our daughter-in-law is leaving next week to tour Israel with most of her 14 siblings and their husbands, taking their 5 month old child with them. Their parents, who planned the trip, recently learned while preparing for a second church mission, that the father has an incurable cancer and not much longer to live. They will be unable to join them. I sent a message with your website and the name of the song to my daughter-in-law yesterday while she was visiting her family. I thought of the impending trip and felt how holy the ground is we stand on as we watch a beloved parent between life and death. This is a musically talented family. She found the music beautiful and perfect for their trip. She has downloaded the music and is taking copies of the sheet music for her siblings to sing in Jerusalem. My daughter-in- law is a cancer survivor of 7 years and her beautiful solo voice is finally coming back.


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