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Because He Lives

About the Song

Every time I read through this score I cringe.

The melody is just crying for rubato, and that rubato is impossible to notate and still have a readable score that is under 10 pages long.

So play with the rhythms. Please. 🙂

Church Music Submission: Anthem/Hymn arrangement division–Award of Distinction 2000

This song is part of the “In Him We Live” cantata.

Spotify, Soundcloud (inc. free downloads)

Click the Soundcloud download icon to download the free track for personal use. Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes and Allyse Smith Taylor:

Accompaniment track:

Recording featuring vocals by The Amsterdam Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army:


  (Video provided to YouTube by outside parties may contain ads that may be skipped after a few seconds.)


Because He lives;
Because He rose in mighty triumph from the grave
I put my trust in Him, and seek to follow Him in faith
Because He lives

Because He lives,
I shall find strength To stand against the tempter’s power
He is my refuge and defense in every troubled hour
Because He lives

Because He lives,
I can bear whatever burden may be mine
I am encircled in the arms of love divine because He lives
Because He lives,
He will banish every shadow of my pain
Every sorrow will be swallowed up in Him
For in His hand is healing for the weary soul
This I know because He lives

Because He lives
My heart is filled with peace amid a world of fear
And through the blindness of the night,
In Him I rest secure
Because He lives

Because He lives
There is no task so great that I cannot endure
I bear no heartache that His tender mercy cannot cure
Because He lives

(Repeat chorus)

Because He lives I will fear no darkness
Because He lives I will walk in light
Because He lives I will praise His kindness
Because He lives hope shines ever bright
Because He lives I will seek His righteousness
Because He lives I’ll follow where He leads
Because He lives I shall conquer even death
And I shall live because He lives!

Because He lives
I will rejoice in Christ and glorify His name
And with the willing voice of gratitude proclaim:
My Savior lives!

Because He lives
He will banish every shadow of my pain
Every sorrow will be swallowed up in Him
For in His hand is healing for the weary soul
This I know, because He lives

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If you don't find your answer there, feel free to post your question here. 🙂


  1. Jennifer Jones

    Are we no longer able to download the audio files?

  2. Susan Beesley

    It is difficult to describe the feelings I feel every time I play this music. It truly sings to my soul and has me in tears. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful music. You are so gifted in word and music and are blessing many lives.

  3. Bev

    I wish there was an arrangement for organ solo. This song is exquisite!

  4. Mallary

    Hi! I love this song and I’ve had the privilege of singing it with my brother many times!
    Once upon a time, I remember an alto/baritone version being available. Is that something I can still download? I’m hoping to get this version for and Easter performance coming up.

    Thank you!

  5. Claudia Haithcock

    I am looking for a piano solo for BECAUSE HE LIVES. Do you have that for download? I want to play it for my husband. Do you have it in octaves? I’d love just to play it!! THANKS Claudia
    I liked He by Wm Gaither to play piano solo for church.
    I not very good at technical things.

  6. Carolyn Francis

    Thank you for this beautiful song. My friend and I have performed this twice before for a Temple Devotional and a fireside and were just asked to sing it for Easter Sunday. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it and have felt the Spirit each time I have sung it.

  7. Susan Schwarz

    Dear Ms. DeFord:

    For your royalties purposes, this is to let you know I will be performing your “Because He Lives” as a solo for April 9 (Easter), 2023. I downloaded the S/A arrangement. Thank you so much for making your beautiful music available!

  8. Brian McLinden

    Do you have a flute part for Because He Lives?


    I have an alto – Baritone version of the song that you wrote years ago. I notice it is not present on this site. Is there a chance it can be added? I have my own physical copy, but I am sure others would love that version as well.

  10. rafael Sanchez

    just heard this beautiful song, thank you, greetings from Mexico

  11. Lindsey Kellis

    Years ago, you had an alto/bass version and I can’t find mine. Is there a way I can get it?

  12. Carole Dehlin

    I would love to have a solo rendition of this music, in the key it is written in.

    Is this possible?

  13. Stacey Keller

    Is there not an accompaniment in the key that the music is written in?

  14. Stephen M. Borts

    Beyond beautiful . . . thank you . . . this song and the words make me feel closer to my Lord & Savior, Jesus.

  15. Rita Amelia Vieira Silva de Oliveira

    I love this song, bring me hope and comfort to my soul.

  16. Jen Maxwell

    So love your music!

    Is there a link to download the accompaniment track? It appears to only take me to soundcloud. Thanks!

  17. Jennifer Hong

    Could you please please write song Violin solo and piano accompaniment music sheet “ Because He live “ Music sheet I wish I can get Violin solo with piano accompaniment music sheet please please I live in South Korea

  18. Jennifer Hong

    I wish I can get a Violin solo and piano accompaniment music sheet you guys have Because He live

  19. Jenny Carter

    It says the song is available for download, but I can’t find the button to download it…

  20. Irish T. Amante

    This is great, thank you so much!

  21. Brenda Woods

    This song is one of my favorite songs you have ever written. I’m trying to day to figure out how to do it as a solo to sing when I’m going ministering to my neighbor. It’s a little tricky but I think I can manage it

  22. Mary P Tenney

    Have you ever written a flute or violin part/accompaniment to the duet rendition of “Because He Lives”? I would love to have a copy if you ever do write one.

  23. Mycah Cudanin Toral-Padilla

    Wow! Thank you so much for your music ministry! Praise God for your talent and your singers’ voices, such a huge blessing to all of us. May God bless you and those involved in your ministry. May God’s name be glorified now and forever. Amen!

  24. Ester J

    perfect heart winner for a painful day BECAUSE HE LIVES🤍

  25. Margarita

    My father was died yesterday…and i want to sing this song for him…

  26. Edelweiss Montera

    I can’t thank you enough for this marvelous song, Because He Lives! It has been a strength to me when my dad passed away in December of 2018! God bless you and your loved ones!

  27. Jeanne Bradley

    Thank you for this wonderful song. My family and I have been singing it for years. It has brought great comfort to our family during tragedy. I can’t thank you enough for this heavenly song. I want my children to sing it at my funeral.

  28. Dony

    Praise the Lord for that wonderful music!

  29. Ely Magtanong

    I’m really blessed with the message of this, “Because He Lives”.

    Thank you so much and may God’s presence be our experience always as live everyday with Him and for Him!

    Because He Lives!

  30. Joe & Carla Ryan.

    Simply Inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your God-Given Talent with all of us, who choose to listen. Lyrics and Melody are soul stirring!! May God Bless you as you endeavour to Compose more Beautiful Melodies & Lyrics.
    Warmest Wishes,

  31. Kathy W.

    Would love to have a solo arrangement for this.

  32. Brenda Mudgett

    Just want to send a heartfelt note of gratitude to you for sharing your beautiful gift to bless us all! I have loved and used your arrangements for many years, now, and everyone of them fills my soul!

  33. Janw

    Please could you post an accompaniment soundtrack for the sop. Alto duet

    • Brittney Fenn

      Yes, this is what I am looking for a as well!

  34. Brenda Agüero

    I love this lyrics and sound in my mind in my soul in my ears, this always help me in times the pain is one balsam for my hope and soul.



  36. Bernice Pratt

    This is one of my favorite songs and I would love to listen to it on Spotify. Is there a way to find it there?

  37. Sherry Carlisle

    Where can I get a CD with this song?

  38. Edenia

    Beautiful song <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU

  39. joel

    thank you

  40. Miranda

    There’s a transposer tool above. Click on the Personal Composer Demo. That may help you. Good luck.

  41. Ann Fischer

    Hi Sally,
    My mother of 95 just passed away today. On Valentines day to go to her sweetheart. She has always loved “Because He Lives”.
    She would like my bother and I to sing it at her funeral. Is there anyway that you could transpose this to the Key of C?

    My brother who used to be a baritone is more of a base. If not, I totally understand. Thank You So much

  42. Nadeoui A Eden

    I am so blessed by your talents given so freely. Because He Lives is a gift of hope to us all. Thank you!~

  43. Jim Mohlman

    This song is so full of hope and is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for using your gift of music to bless others!

  44. Julie Smith

    15 1/2 years ago, “Because He Lives” was sung at my son’s funeral. It was so beautiful and comforting then. Today, Easter Sunday, our ward choir sang it in sacrament mtg. It was still comforting, but, also hopeful and joyous! Bless you for sharing your gift with everyone.

  45. Pat Wadle

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful music.

  46. Linda Garner

    Because He Lives does not print correctly. Page 1 of the duet prints Holding Hands Around the World and Because He Lives on top of each other. The SATB prints only page 1 correctly and the other pages are printed with Holding Hands Around the World and Because He Lives on top of each other.

    • sallydeford

      Hmmm… I don’t even have “Holding Hands…” since that’s not my song, and Because He Lives is printing just fine for me. I think that must be an issue with your local printer. ?

      • Linda Garner

        Well maybe it’s my printer, but I don’t see how, since I have not printed that song…maybe ever. At least not in the last 4 years. Now it gives me nothing on the pdf options. Just bunch of dots.

        • sallydeford

          I just had my Handy Dandy File Checker (my daughter in Georgia) pull it up and print it on her computer, and it’s working for her. Unfortunately there’s not much else I can do from my end. 🙁

          • Renee Damon

            I am trying to pull it up now too (even though that was awhile ago) but it may be the format for certain computers. I was going to do this for my ward. Is there another way I can get it?

            Thank you–

  47. Annette Myers

    I know I used to have an arrangement of this song that was one step lower (or maybe its a half). I believe it is has 2 sharps (I’m terrible with naming key signatures). I cannot find it in that key here. Do you still have it available?

  48. Rolf J Moan

    I hear a different intro and accompaniment on the sung demo of the duet??
    Where might that be hidden? lol or was it just ad lib by the accompanist? You?

    Totally enjoy your compositions. Have sung a few myself as well as had members of my church choir
    sing them for various parts of the service.

    • Amanda Allen

      I have the same question! I am trying to learn this song, but the sheet music sounds totally different than the downloadable sound track. Some chords in the sheet music sound off. Now I can’t tell if this is even going to sound like what I’m hoping for as I’ve not practiced it with vocalists yet.

      • Sally DeFord

        As mentioned in the recording link, the sheet music for that version is found on Allyse’s website here: http://www.allysesmithtaylor.com/

  49. Hugo Luna

    I need this Sing in the E b

  50. Joshua


    To cite from another post, the duet piece had three different versions of this song based on high, medium and low voices. Currently I can only see the High (E-flat Maj) voices duet on the page. Is there anyway that you can post the other two? (Only one that I know of is the D-Maj key).

    Thank you.

  51. Janice

    In the box where you can download the songs it says to just click on the download button to do so. but there is no download button for any of this songs versions. I desperately want this song to listen to during this hard time in my life right now and want to sing it with the accompaniment for my fiance too. How can I download (the duet James Loynes and Allyse Smith Taylor version, and the accompaniment version)? It says that it is free.

    With much gratefulness

    • sallydeford

      If there are no free downloads available, it’s because of copyright restrictions, usually because the songs were taken from commercial albums. There are only a few songs here on the site with this restriction–this, unfortunately, is one of them.

  52. Ken Montgomery

    Hi Sally,

    I have sung this beautiful song as a prelude duet with my choir director. We had an organist accompany us but she has since retired and now we want to sing it again, this time with the accompaniment recording. However, it is on SoundCloud and I am not able to download to my phone. Besides playing from my phone’s web browser, how can I obtain the music?

    Thanks for all the beautiful music; it has greatly enhanced our liturgical celebrations!


  53. Zach Wixom

    Hi Sally!
    You used to have two or three versions of this music each in a different key (low, medium, and high). My wife and I have used the High version in the past but have misplaced it and can’t seem to find it on the site any longer. Is there any way I can get a copy of the high version? Thanks so much!

  54. Bonnie Granger

    Our Key Center (Gig Harbor Stake, Washington) Ensemble uses your wonderful arrangements with great results. We also enjoy having both piano and organ on the accompaniments or as stand alone duets. How we would love to see more piano/organ duets. Anything in the works in that regard?

  55. Elmer B. Gopez

    Thank you Sally for this wonderful song .

  56. Alan Gottenbos

    Hi Sally.

    I was wondering if you still have a copy of “Because He Lives” duet in the lower key? I saw last year that you had 3 versions available: low, medium, high. However, I can only find the medium copy of the arrangement on your site now.


    By the way – I LOVE your website! You have an incredible selection and great arrangements.

    • Shineah

      I am also looking for the lower key arrangement and am unable to find it. I would love to be able to print it out!

  57. Jereza

    Hi Sally DeFord, Thank you very much for sharing us your music. I really love your compositions they are indeed faith promoting and helps us increase our love of the Savior. May God bless you always and continue to give you strength to inspire more people with your music.

  58. Lee

    I haven’t written to you for perhaps fifteen years. Today I awoke singing you music so I thought it was time to say hi again. Your beautiful music strengthens my testimony and my determination to live worthy of my Savior’s sacrifice for me. This Easter I sang in my ward choir, “Because He Lives”. I even managed to get through it singing most of the words, without causing my directory to lose it too. It took supreme concentration, though. I love how enduring your music and lyrics are.

    These years I get to sing, which, if I have a talent in music, is mine, not directing, as I have done in musically challenged wards. Fortunately there are many in my ward with real talent and training to lead. Still, I count it a personal blessing when they turn to your site as I so often did.

    Well, I know you’re busy, but I had to say thank you for your ministry. I pray the Lord be as generous with you as you are with those who love Him.

    Lee Middleton
    Sherwood Ward
    Tualatin Stake, Oregon

  59. Becky

    Thank you so much, Sally DeFord, for your generosity in sharing your beautiful compositions with churches free of charge. I am the choir director for a small parish, and we do not have a budget for acquiring new music. Thank you for helping to keep my personal costs down, and for providing our choir with deeply inspiring pieces. We plan to sing Because He Lives the third Sunday of Easter this year. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

    From the readings for that day: Jesus addresses Peter: “Feed my sheep. Amen, amen, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.” He said this signifying by what kind of death he would glorify God. And when he had said this, he said to him, “Follow me.” Acts, chapter 13.

  60. bjs

    Your music is LOVED and listened to and felt. In this troubled world it brings hope and peace when one can listen to inspired words and music.
    Gratitude and appreciation with many thanks for the unselfish sharing of your talent and time without asking for compensation… may blessings of prosperity and peace be yours. Merry Christmas

  61. Lolo

    I am doing this song in Choir!

  62. Rose Argumedo

    Dear Sally,
    This morning I heard Becouse He lives on a Duet at my Church, it is beautiful, using your music, when I went to Thanks them for the beautiful they sang,and the great talent God has giving them, I ask when they they get the music and there where they mentioned our name, I never thought that could be a great musition that could share their music, when I got home I went to the computer and start looking for the beautiful song and Thanks God, for you, what a great talent he has giving you, and your big heart, your generosity, your heart full of humbleness, I know the more you give the more you recieve. I love music so much, I like to sing and I like to play, butit is heard sometimes to find the music, but THNAK YOU FOR BEING SO OPEN TO the hold world.
    I wish I could live close from you so, I could take some classes and become a great musition for Parise God, and be a great pianist or organist at church with your music nad sing also.
    May God continue giving you strenght, health, and more wisdom with talent in your music. May Our Great God always BLESS YOU.
    Rose Argumedo

    • Rose Argumedo

      What a great talented woman, humble to open to the hold world, MAy God Bless you. I wisj I could you close f rom you, to learn more, and play, sing for the Lord. May God continue giving you wisdom in your carrier, health and strenght to keep helping others.
      God Bless you always

  63. James

    I am so grateful for your talent. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It is very humbling to share a song with so such great meaning. He does Live. Thank you for this wonderful song.

  64. Candace

    Dear Sister DeFord, You are an awesome example of Christianity. Your music is so beautiful but your heart even moreso, for sharing your music and encouraging others to do so. I’m a local ward member (not a professional) who happens to have a decent, untrained voice and you have quite literally ‘afforded’ me the opportunity to share your beautiful music with many worship service congregations over the years from Georgia to Alaska. I could seldom afford to buy sheet music but due to your generosity that was never a problem. Thank you for your beautiful work and your wonderful heart!

  65. Fredd

    Thank you for providing free music like these.. May God Prosper you more!!

  66. Abraham Kou

    Hi: I am a Chinese American Christian with CCIC (Chinese Christian In Christ) in Cupertino, CA. I came across this hymn some time ago, touched and loved it so much that I wish to try to provide a Chinese translation version for our church choir to sing during worship (non-commercial use). May I win your favor of approval? I hope there is no copy right issue. I also have put these into music sheet form (just like the Finnish and Spanish translation verisons). If you deem necessary, I can e mail to you for your review as well. Please let me know your response at your convenience.

    Thanks you so very much. Abraham

    Below is my attempt:

    1)因衪活著, 墳墓已空衪勝了死亡的權勢,
    2)因衪活著, 懼怕時祂使我的心中得安寜,

    1)我信靠衪全心用我的生命去跟隨, 因衪活著.
    2)在茫茫黑夜裏讓我依靠祂能穩妥, 因衪活著.

    1)因衪活著, 衪賜我力量能勝過罪惡誘惑,
    2)因衪活著, 任何挑戰臨到時我都能承擔,

    1)在狂風大浪時候衪是我的避難所, 因衪活著, 因衪活著.
    2)我所有傷痛祂以恩典憐憫來醫治, 因衪活著, 因衪活著.
    因衪活著, 我在任何風浪中都能穩妥, 衪用大愛的膀臂隨時來扶助,
    因衪活著, 因衪活著 ,
    因衪活著, 衪必除去所有痛楚的陰影,
    所有憂慮衪能使我得釋放, 衪愛手撫摸使我心靈得安慰 , 我知道, 因衪活著 .
    因衪活著, 我能面對眀天,
    因衪活著, 我在光中行,
    因衪活著, 我要讚美主愛,
    因衪活著, 我満有盼望, 因衪活著, 我誠心求祂的義,
    因衪活著, 我跟隨主引領. 因衪活著,我甚致勝過死亡.
    面對明天因衪活著, 因衪活著, 在主內我要高歌讚美衪的名,
    萬分的感恩要衷心向衪訴傾 , 因衪活著,
    因衪活著, 衪必除去所有痛楚的陰影, 所有憂傷衪能使我得釋放,
    衪愛手撫摸使我心靈得安慰, 我知道, 我知道, 因衪活著. 因衪活著.

  67. Dora Gay Anderson

    I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for all the wonderful music you have created for us to us to enhance my spiritual life and that of my choir members and those who are members of our congregation at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Alamosa CO 4th ward. We have used a number of your beautiful arrangements and enjoyed them so much. The last one we performed was “Because He Lives”. What a wonderful experience this was. Thank you for all your time, energy, talent, love of the Savior, and all free to us.
    Thanks again!!

    • Sally DeFord

      How kind you are! And you’re very welcome.


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