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Close as a Quiet Prayer

“…for he is not far from every one of us.”

Acts 17:27 (JST)

About the Song

When my son was young, he taped a poster to his closet door. I didn’t have the heart to complain about the tape, because he had been given the poster in Primary (the children’s organization of the LDS Church), and at the bottom was a section that looked something like this:

What a privilege and blessing to know that our Heavenly Father is never far away from us, and that He will hear us pray anytime, anywhere, whether we are kneeling or standing or running or playing… or driving or studying or working or…

This song was written for my grandson, Killian, so that he would always remember that Heavenly Father is always near, and always listens.

The solo version was recorded using the obbligato for two cellos. Some(!) of us may not have two cellists at hand, so I’ve included an obbligato for a single cello, as well as the two-cello version scored for violin/cello and viola/cello. The full score includes the parts as written for two cellos.

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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Cello by Ramona McConkie

Accompaniment track:

Cello by Ramona McConkie
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Moment by moment, by night or by day,
My Heavenly Father is not far away
And He will be near when I whisper His name,
He is close as a quiet prayer
Close as a quiet prayer.

When I am thankful for blessings He sends,
He smiles as I offer my praises to Him,
And when I’m alone and in need of a friend,
He is close as a quiet prayer
Close as a quiet prayer.

I can pray to my Father above anytime, anywhere
When I call, He will always be
Close as a quiet prayer.

Whether I’m kneeling to seek Him in words,
Or silently praying, my heart will be heard.
His love will enfold me, His promise is sure
He is close as a quiet prayer
Close as a quiet prayer.

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  1. Alexis

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful song – may you be blessed as I am by it – will definitely make sure to share ^_^

  2. Bonnie

    So beautiful. I think I am going to teach it to my 9 yr old granddaughter who has the sweetest voice and have her sing it in Sacrament meeting.

  3. Susan R Smith

    Thank you, You never cease to amaze me at your talent.

  4. Noelle Gosnell

    You are awesome for writing a cello obbligato. I guess now I have a reason to get my cello out of the closet and start practicing! Thank you.

  5. Gary Denniss

    In view of a new grandson on the way in early July, this beautiful song will be a wonderful melody to sing at his dedication to God.


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