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Come Unto Christ

About the Song

You’ll notice that the accompaniment for the solo version differs from the choral versions. The choral accompaniments start out a bit grand, and I wanted something more peaceful and soothing for the first two verses of a solo rendition. (If you want the grand accompaniment, just use one of the others.) I played and recorded this one before notating it, so there are places where it was difficult to match the rhythms. Hopefully it’s close. 

Church Music Contest: Relief Society division–Award of Distinction 1995 (SSA version)

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Recording featuring vocals by Heather Prusse:

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Come unto Christ ye penitent and meek
Seek this Jesus of whom the prophets speak
Seek this Jesus whose mercies never cease
Come unto Christ, and find in him eternal peace

Come unto Christ, who bore our griefs alone
Who will carry our burdens as his own
Seek this Jesus, and by his love be blessed
Come unto Christ, and find in him eternal rest

Come unto Christ ye sorrowful and frail
Seek this Jesus whose comfort cannot fail
Seek this Jesus and triumph in his might
Come unto Christ
Come unto Christ!

Come unto Christ, abide in him and live
He will bless you with every perfect gift
Seek this Jesus amid a world of strife
Come unto Christ and find in him eternal life.

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  1. Amanda Barnes

    The cello part is in the same key as the SSA, and so will probably work fine with it. I imagine if BYU used it, that’s probably what they did.

    Beautiful song Sally! Thank you for sharing so much beautiful music for free personal use. It is truly a gift.

  2. Lorna Skinner

    Hi Sally, where can I find the score for SSA piano and cello for ‘Come Unto Christ’? It’s on YouTube sung by the Brigham Young University-Idaho Women’s Chorus, conducted by Nikki Green; cellist Karsen Williams; pianist Diana Angulo.
    Lorna Skinner – cellist – Scotland

  3. Sister Amy Willis

    Do you have a transposed version of the 2 part a little lower? Maybe starting in the key of F? Thank you so much. Our Filipina Sisters in Hong Kong have a lower range in their voices. we love you beautiful and incredible music

  4. Heather Wright

    This is a beautiful piece. Does the Cello part on the solo version work for the SSA version? Thank you!

  5. Natalie / Germany

    Dear Sally,

    I contacted you some two years ago about whether I could use this song in a choir concert of woman composers’ sacred music; my feedback is late, though…
    We did use it. I found this piece of music gave people – in the choir an in the audience alike – a lot of joy.
    Thank you, for your music and your permission!

  6. Tara Haglund

    My parents recorded this when they presided over the Brasilia mission in the early 2000s. I love this song!! Here it is in Portuguese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzMYosGyJiY

  7. Norman William Wright

    Thank you.
    Wondrous piece.

    Very best to you and yours.

  8. Jepthé Luévanos

    Here’s a choral version in Spanish from 1996 I think, recorded by a church choir in Jalisco Mécico. It’s not so good though, but It was made with so much effort of everyone involved.


  9. Marlinda Garbin

    Thanks for your inspiring songs, Madam. I just love them, so much

  10. Elizabeth Wilcox

    Sally, thank you for this glorious piece. A stake music chair had me (cello), a vocalist, and her mom present this for a women’s conference. The Spirit LOVES this piece and attends in abundance. In my current ward, another trio of us presented it, with the same result. We’ll present it at an AMCAP conference this year and expect that it will invite the Spirit as before. I wish for everyone to have these words and music in their minds. I’m a better person when I do.

  11. Celeste from New Zealand

    Hi Sally, is there any chance that you might have the bass part recorded on it’s own somewhere that you are willing to share? Looking forward to hearing from you. And thanks for sharing such a beautiful song!

  12. Emily

    “Come Unto Christ” is a long-time favorite and I saw that now you have a cello part written in as optional for the vocal solo version. I would like to perform the song in it’s SATB version but with the cello–is this possible?

    Thanks in Advance,

    • sallydeford

      Emily, I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say for sure. It might work, but the measure numbers definitely wouldn’t match, and the chord structure may be different. If you try it, let us all know! 🙂

  13. Sharon

    Thank you for this beautiful song. It inspires me and uplifts me and helps me feel closer to my Savior. We will be singing this song for our upcoming Easter program.

  14. Daniel Hinojosa

    Es hermosa esta canción, cuando la canto me lleno de mucho amor por las personas y cuando la canto a mis hijos, duermen felices. Gracias por esta música.

  15. Evan Baker

    This has been one of my favorites ever since we sang the Easter Cantata, when I was first introduced to it. I love the low notes from the piano that give it such depth. I look forward to hearing the Cello part, because my wife plays the Cello. How blessed I am. Thank you Sally for following my advice to put mp3s out there so we could hear this beautiful music that touches hearts with such power. I also love your vocalists. Many are my favorites. I play them for my daughter so she has something beautiful to learn from. I shared your website with many others, because your inspired music touches souls, (Very deeeeeeeply). Thank you for the Spirit your music brings. (just a note- your music has captured my heart so much that it is, almost exclusively, the only music I listen to, nothing else satisfies as much, you have raised the bar.)

  16. Delaney P.

    This Song truly is amazing, Every time I sing it I feel the love of Christ around me. I feel like i should try even harder than i am to get closer to my Heavenly Father, so thank you.

  17. Judith LaRock

    this song truly moved me

  18. Jjjacq

    Beautiful song


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