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I Stand All Amazed (Cantata)

This hour-long (approximately) cantata tells of Christ’s ministry, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the last supper, His agony in Gethsemane and subsequent crucifixion, and His resurrection from the dead.

The entire cantata could be performed using just the SATB/piano score, but the contributions of the organ, flutes and violins would definitely be missed. The full score is a long, cumbersome thing–you probably won’t want to conduct from it.

My recommendation for presenting this cantata is to use a couple of flutes and three or more violins. (I know, I know… just pull them out of a hat or something?) In conjunction with the organ, it provides a full, orchestra-like sound with just a few instruments.

List of Songs Included in the Program

The titles included in the cantata are listed below. Linked titles are available separately. If a title is not linked, it is only available by downloading the full score. A few titles have audio demos available–they are marked with a “*”. The performers’ interpretations may differ from the printed score.

Who Is This Man?
I Stand All Amazed (Intro)
I Come to Him*
The Greatest Among Us*
Oh Strengthen Me
The Price Of Mercy
I Stand All Amazed (interlude)
Come and See
The Resurrection and the Life
The Shepherd of My Soul*
I Stand All Amazed


  1. Martha

    Thank you for allowing us have this music. We are a beginners choir in Uganda, East Africa. Our dream to grow and also set a music school is big. Let’s keep in touch.

  2. Sharon C Eyre

    Our Stake is planning on doing something special for Easter. I would like to use this Cantata. How long is it?

  3. Pilar J Carter

    I’m grateful for the gift of music that Sister DeFord has given us! We are performing next Sunday, singing “Who Is this Man?” and “I Stand all Amazed”. We love to sing her songs! What a great way to share our Savior’s message of Love and Sacrifice!
    Thank you

  4. Gracy D. Mantoan

    Is there any recorded performance of the “I stand all amazed” cantata? I’m trying to learn it for an Easter for our stake choir…

  5. Pam Hilton

    This so so awesome!!

  6. Jim Sage

    What you do is sweet and wonderful. As someone who can navigate around the piano but not play it, I am grateful that you have provided beautiful accompaniment scores to so many original and familiar hymns. As an unpaid soloist I have appreciated having access to interesting and unique arrangements of beautiful music. As a choir director I have found your music to consistently invite the Holy Spirit to meetings, to be generally within the limitations of amateur choirs, and to be inspiring both to performers and to the congregation. I hope it brings you joy to know that you have helped people all over the world draw closer to Jesus Christ. Thank you so much!

  7. Brenda Anthony

    Thank you so much for sharing your music. It is wonderful! Can you tell me how to find the script for the Cantata; “I Stand All Amazed?”

  8. Susie

    Just wondering where I can get the full cantata?

    • sallydeford

      Right above your comment, under “Sheet Music Downloads.”

      • Linda

        The sheet music downloads only include a 2 of the songs. Where can we find the other songs.? I know it says linked titles are available separately but I don’t see any links or way to connect to them. Where might I find those resources? We are considering this for a Stake Easter program.

        • sallydeford

          Click “Sheet Music Downloads.” You will find scores for the entire program, in several configurations, as well as a condensed version of “Hosanna” (which is a beast to play from the full score). 🙂

  9. Jerson

    is there Demo tracks for this cantata album?

  10. ChristianSing

    Thank you so much for being a blessing to this generation.
    We(ChristianSing Nigeria) have used some of your arrangements in our services and will use “I stand Amazed” during the Easter 2016 service
    God bless you.


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