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A Place in His Arms

“And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.”

Mark 10:16, KJV

About the Song

The soloist in the second recording is Timothy Jack, a fine young man who sang it for us in our 2011 Easter program here in Colorado Springs. What a voice! (His mother’s voice is in the “choir” at the end, so the recording is a bit of a family affair. 🙂 ) The lovely flute playing is by Anne Lauritzen.

Church Music Submission: Grand Prize, 2011 (Children’s song)

This song is part of the “Praise to the Lord” cantata.

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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Violin by Jana Hanni

Accompaniment track:

Violin by Jana Hanni

Recording featuring vocals by Timothy Jack and Choir:

Flute by Anne Lauritzen

Accompaniment track:

Flute by Anne Lauritzen
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Suffer the children to come unto me,
Jesus taught His disciples of old
Then he took every child in His loving embrace
And He blessed them so long ago

Bring me your little ones, Jesus said
For of such shall my kingdom be
There was room in His arms for his little ones then
There’s a place in His arms for me

Oh how the Savior loves each little child
How He smiles when I seek Him in faith
Then He gathers me close in His loving embrace
And He blesses me day by day

Bring me your little ones, Jesus said
For of such shall my kingdom be
There was room in His arms for his little ones then
There’s a place in His arms for me

So, like the children who sought Him of old,
I will come to the Holy One
I will call on His name, I will trust in the grace
Of the Father’s beloved Son
Humble my heart like a little child
For of such shall His kingdom be
There was room in His arms for his little ones then
There’s a place in His arms for me There’s a place in His arms for me

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  1. Karlyn Frost Brett

    So inspiring, beautiful….so touching. While I loved every rendition, I loved Timothy Jack’s rendition especially. It was so well done by a child’s voice! Thank you for sharing, Sally!

  2. Veronica Narvaez

    It is so beatuful, do we have letter in spanish?
    Thank you so much.

  3. Alyce Wilkins

    Did Sally DeFord,
    I have always loved this song and love hearing all of the different children you have chosen to sing this solo in the past. I’m also very blessed to say thank you for allowing me to be one of them. This song has lead to many blessings of music in my life and it is always great to hear the message it has. Thank you for all of your music you have blessed the world with.

    • Sally DeFord

      Alyce! You were so adorable. 🙂 Thanks for being one of my beautiful voices!

  4. Manette Shumway

    Our Primary children sang this song in our Primary Program today. I was so touched by the words, I went to LDS.org to see if I could find it. I did find the lyrics to the first verse, and that it was written by you! Next I went to your website so I could get the song in its entirety, and had the bonus of listening to my nephew, Tim, sing it in his angel voice. Thank you so much. I love the message in this song, and the spirit it brings.

    • sallydeford

      Hi Manette! Isn’t it fun to have such a talented family? (And I’m sure he sounds just as good as a tenor or bass these days! )

  5. Michelle

    Just beautiful! I can see why it won “Grand Prize!”

  6. Sister Jones

    My daughter had her 3 boys ages 9, 7, and 4 sing this song in a ward in Portland, OR. Not sure if they were on pitch the entire time, but they knew every word and sang with their hearts. They invited a friend and she was very touched. The spirit was so strong when they were singing. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  7. Mutya


    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and music to us. God has blessed so many hearts through you. Just want to ask where else can I get the music sheet of this song for SATB. Whenever I open the link above, nothing appears. Thanks for your reply.

  8. Margaret Christensen

    The day after her baptism my grand daughter (and her little sister for moral support) sang, A Place in His Arms, in sacrament meeting with their ward choir doing the adult part. Such a beautiful song and sung out clearly and beautifully by our sweet girls.

    May I get your written permission (or reply to this email) to print the words in our family photo book? It will only be distributed to our 6 children, if that. Or if not the whole song, how about the chorus “Oh how the Savior…”?
    Thanks, Margaret

    • Sally DeFord

      Margaret, you’re perfectly welcome to use the lyrics for your photo book. No problem whatsoever. I wish I could have heard your girls sing it!


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