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He Sent His Son

About the Song

Words: Mabel Jones Gabbott; Music: Michael F. Moody; Arrangement: Sally DeFord

It was such a pleasure to receive the assignment to arrange this lovely song. Michael Moody is one of my favorite musicians, and what’s even better, a wonderful person.

The two SSA arrangements posted here are almost identical. The original (without obbligato) was done for the March 2003 YW General Broadcast, then the obbligatos were added for the March 2009 YW Broadcast, and the piano part was modified slightly to accommodate them.

The Solo and SATB versions use a different accompaniment, and include a violin obbligato. The SATB is very easy, and should work well for smaller choirs.

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Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Violin by Jana Hanni

Accompaniment track:

Violin by Jana Hanni
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How could the Father tell the world
Of love and tenderness?
He sent his Son, a newborn babe,
With peace and holiness.

How could the Father show the world
The pathway we should go?
He sent his Son to walk with men
On earth that we may know.

How could the Father tell the world
Of sacrifice, of death?
He sent his Son to die for us
And rise with living breath.

What does the Father ask of us?
What do the scriptures say?
Have faith, have hope, live like his Son,
Help others on their way.

What does he ask?
Live like his Son.

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  1. Bob George

    On Easter, we used this SATB arrangement and violin to accompany the Primary children singing this. Had to eliminate rhythm changes that the children wouldn’t be able to follow. It was beautiful. Thanks for your arrangement.

  2. Chuck Allison

    I need it ASAP, though, since our meeting is next Monday. I understand if this is too short notice.

  3. Chuck Allison

    Do you have a Music XML version of He Sent His Son? I’d like to make a melody-only version transposed down a minor 3rd and with guitar chords. I can do the work if I have the electronic file. I’m going to teach this to a bible study group at a memory care facility near me in Illinois.

  4. Susan Baker

    Is there a cello obligato? We would love to have a violin and cello play! I love this piece so much.

  5. Fernanda M.

    Hello Sally!
    I love your arrangements so much! Thank you for sharing such beautiful music with us!
    I have a question… I really want to do this song for a Christmas musical at my ward, but it’s a little too high… do you have this arrangement in another key, for lower voices?
    Thank you so much!!

  6. Stephen Jones

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful arrangement of a very lovely piece. It’s really moving and reaches the heart. May God continue to richly bless you.

  7. Judy West

    Thank you for this arrangement of “He Sent His Son!” I loved it from the first time I heard it. Our Ward Choir of about 16-20 sang it yesterday in Sacrament Mtg. I’m so fortunate to have a great accompanist, and we added a violinist who majored in violin performance! So you can imagine how beautiful it sounded. At first the meter changes were daunting to the singers, but as soon as I was confident with the meters and adding the violin, I might add, actually held it all together!! It just began to flow. I sent each one the recording with your album soprano, and I knew it would help them become acquainted with it, and it did. I loved directing this one! It always gives me goose bumps or tears! You are one wonderful woman to share your work. You’ve blessed so many of us. 02/13/23

  8. Marcie Baker

    I love this song and this arrangement is beautiful. I’m hoping my ward choir can sing it this year for Christmas. Do you happen to have a simplified accompaniment for SATB? Our ward is lacking accompanists.

  9. Kathleen Anderson

    Dear Sally, I want to thank you for the new SATB arrangement of “He Sent His Son” Because we have not been able to have a ward choir this last year I have been using some of your arrangements for our ward string group. We used O Holy Night at Christmas and it worked well. Today we performed “He Sent His Son” with piano and 4 strings ( 2 violins, 2 violas). It it such a beautiful arrangement with the obligato( I played it on the viola). Thank you for making this wonderful music accessible for us to play and enjoy.

  10. Rachael Perrenoud

    in General conference He sent his Son was sung by a choir of YW and Primary girls. I am looking for that arrangement. Could you help me find it? I would like to teach it to our primary.

  11. Deborah Crossley

    Do you have a TTBB arrangement of He Sent His Son? It is for the Oakland Temple Visitor’s Center Christmas Program sung by some of the elders and sisters in our mission.


    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift of music. We are hoping to use this arrangement (and your O Holy Night) for a Christmas Devotional here in Mexico City that will be televised to all the church employees throughout Mexico. Thank you for making your creations accessible for all! May God bless you with His choicest blessings!

  13. Julie A.

    Dear Sally, I have loved and sung your arrangements for many years.Now I am a Senior missionary serving in Sendai, Japan. I am going to start a ward choir and would like to use your hymn arrangements. May I insert the Japanese texts from the hymnal and childrens song book into your arrangements, specifically, “He Sent His Son,” “There is a grren Hill Far Away,” as well as your other hymn and primary song arrangements? Your music deserves to be sung and heard in sacrament meetings all over the world and in the native tongue of those who sing and hear it! It would be a tremendous blessing to the Japanese saints here!

    • sallydeford

      Of course!

  14. Susan Hawkins

    Words seem very inadequate to tell you how much I love your music, your arrangements, and how easy you make it to use your “stuff” Thank you so very very much. I am currently our ward choir director and primary chorister and you are a great blessing to me! The sweet song in the Friend this month is beautiful!

  15. Lourie Rabe

    I am so beyond grateful for your beautiful work and your wonderful contribution to the work of the Lord. Your gift is inspiring and so appreciated. I’ve used many of your arrangements through the years – in the Tab Choir, for personal use, ward and stake use, and now for our mission choir use here in Birmingham, England. Thank you. Sister R

  16. Cheryl

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful arrangement!

  17. sharlene lundy

    My mother and I thought the song is very beautiful and touching, we even copied the lyrics. We thank you very much.


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