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Night of Nights

“We remember with gratitude that night of nights which marked the fulfillment of prophecy when a lowly manger cradled a newborn child.”

Thomas S. Monson

About the Song

“Night of Nights” is my Christmas carol for 2022.

As usual, the words to this one came about as I was picturing that first Christmas night, and then wishing that I were a visual artist and could put what I imagined into a lovely painting. Alas, that talent skipped a generation, so I’ve tried to paint with words that night with its starlight and angel song, and the Baby so holy and fair–fair as in beautiful, not necessarily the curly-blond-headed infant of so many nativities! However inadequate my words may be, they express my gratitude for that night of nights when shepherds tended their flocks in the field, angels brought tidings of great joy, and a new star lit the world with a fire that still warms my thankful heart.

Version 1 is a higher-voice solo with viola; version 2 is a step lower and includes violin. In the instrumental part, you’ll hear a familiar Christmas melody that joins in the celebration. 🙂

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Night of Nights (feat. Rebecca Lord)
Night of Nights (Accompaniment Track)


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Was ever a baby so holy?
Was ever a baby so fair
As He who was laid in a manger,
Swaddled and slumbering there?
Was ever a baby so lovely as He?
Lord Jesus, our Savior divine!
Oh beautiful Son of the Father above,
Born to ransom mankind!

Was angel song ever so sudden and sweet,
Or starlight so wondrous and bright,
As the tidings that led to a poor manger bed,
‘neath a star newly set in the skies?
On that glorious, holy night of nights.

Was ever a time so beloved
As this, when we honor His birth
With carols of love at His cradle
To welcome the Christ to the earth?
Then come, with a heart full of wonder, and see
where starlight and angel song lead.
Come worship, and sing hymns of praise to the King,
Born the Sov’reign of peace!

Was angel song ever so sudden and sweet,
Or starlight so wondrous and bright,
As the tidings that led to a poor manger bed,
‘neath a star newly set in the skies?
On that glorious, holy night of nights.

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  1. Carol

    Thank you Sally, “Night of Nights” is beautiful! I’ve been playing and enjoying your music/arrangements for many, many years + sharing with my students as well. I always look forward to your gracious offerings – many thanks. Blessings in abundance!

  2. Rita Oliveira

    It’s this song wonderful! I appreciate it so much, because brings me the Christmas Spirit so sweet. Thank you so much for composing this song for us.

  3. Donna Sampson

    Night of Nights is absolutely beautiful!! The music is fresh and the lyrics so moving and touching! Your friend has an amazing and gorgeous voice!! Thank you for sharing your talent!! I can’t wait to play (accompany) my friend who plays violin.

  4. Ann

    Is this to be sung with the congregation?


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